3 Critical Blog Tips for Greater Blogging Success

3 Critical Blog Tips for Greater Blogging Success

There’s no shortage of blog tips floating around the ether. But what should you REALLY focus on? What are the things that will drive the most value for your blog? What are the critical blog tips you need to grow your blog faster and smarter?

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That’s the question I answer in this blog post. I cull through the plethora of blog tips to give you the 3 most important blog tips you need to get your blog back on track. So, get your notebook out, pay attention and enjoy the read.

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3 Blog Tips for Greater Blogging Success

The 3 critical blog tips for greater blogging success are:

  • Focus on your SEO
  • Improve your content
  • Get on Pinterest

Let’s dig in.

Blog Tips #1: Focus on your SEO

Blog Tips# 1 - Focus on your SEO

The single most important of all blog tips ever created is probably the hardest: focus on your search engine optimization (SEO). By getting the SEO game right you will supercharge your blog for the long term. It’s absolutely critical that continually focus on your blog’s SEO tactics.

But what does that really mean? First, let’s define SEO. Search Engine Optimization is defined by SearchEngineLand as “…the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.” In other words, when people search for key phrases…they find YOU!

SEO remains the most difficult part of successful blogging, but here are some things to focus on:

If you focus on SEO early and often your blog will grow faster. It still will not that fast as SEO takes time (sometimes 3 months or so!) unless you are already a well established website. SEO is a long-game, but like I mentioned above, it’s THE most important game you can play while blogging.

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Blog Tips #2: Improve your content

Blog Tips #2 - Improve your content

This plays into the first blog tip (improving your SEO), but also gives your viewers a reason to stay, come back for more and even share your content to their networks. In other words, write better. Write content that is actually valuable and useful.

Typically, this means longer content with images. The best SEO experts in the game suggest articles greater than a 1000 words with images (and optimized, of course, to a few key words or phrases).

Let’s be honest, people are really not that interested in a running public diary (maybe, and that’s a big maybe!) your friends and family are, but unless you are literally a celebrity no one cares about your daily life. When’s the last time you searched for “Sally Jones’ thoughts on waking up with a hangover?” Yeah…exactly. Never.

Blog Tips - Keyword Search

By the way, if you are wondering how I got those cool little search volume stats to show up don’t worry I will tell you. I am using Keywords Everywhere, a free Chrome Browser plug in tool that helps you uncover search volume for your key words and phrases. 

But people ARE interested in things that solve problems or answer questions. Like the reason YOU are here. You want to get better at blogging. You want to achieve greater success. So you searched for “blog tips” or something like that and you landed here – searching for ways to improve.

And that’s the idea. Create content that people want to find. That they are looking for. Make that content better. Easier to consume. Visual. Hone your writing skills.

One way to do that is by reading. For my money, the greatest book on writing non-fiction was written by William Zinnser. His book, On Writing Well, will change your life.

Although writing content is somewhat easy to learn, gaining mastery in it could take a considerable amount of time. In cases where time is of the essence and you want to get your content out there as soon as possible, you can always hire companies who offer content writing services to get your blog up and running. This could provide you the time required to learn and improve your writing skills.

Blog Tips #3: Get on Pinterest

Blog Tips #3 - Get on Pinterest

As a guy, I’d always thought Pinterest was not my cup of tea. But, the popularity of this visual social search engine has exploded with some 250 million monthly users. Yes, MONTHLY users! And, yes, it’s demographic is primarily women. But with numbers like that, who cares.

CBoardingGroup on Pinterest - Blog Tips

Getting onto Pinterest has (and remains) a key part of my blog’s success. Each month it drives a tremendous amount of traffic directly to my site. These days, serious bloggers need to be on Pinterest.

Like Google search, there are specific Pinterest strategies you can and should employ to maximize your success on the platform. Here’s a few I recommend (with links to expert articles who explain how to do this):

  1. Convert to a business account
  2. Enable rich pins
  3. Design highly attractive pins
  4. Create multiple boards around your theme
  5. Employ Pinterest SEO techniques
  6. Pin consistently

By the way, don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and if you are interested in joining a few of my group boards (like Travel for Life), DM me on Pinterest and I will add you.  

The “blog tips” I didn’t talk about…

Notice what I *didn’t* point out as THE most critical blog tips.

  • Ads – Making money is likely a key part of the reason you have a blog in the first place. But, early on anyway, don’t get too focused on monetizing your blog and cluttering it with ads. I am not saying don’t have ads (like Google’s AdSense, etc), but without real traffic you won’t make much money and it will likely be discouraging. Focus on your content, your SEO and Pinterest and then once you have regular traffic start focusing on monetization and advertisements.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a little money on your blog and you SHOULD do it. Just don’t get too carried away at. Both Amazon and MagicLinks are good programs. Use my referral links to get started!
  • Build your email list – don’t get me wrong an email list is a powerful thing. But for it to BE powerful you have to get some decent traffic first. Then it starts to snowball exponentially. So, yes, please do a mailing list, but don’t focus on it immediately.

I use MagicLinks for all my ready-to-shop product links. Check it out here: https://www.magiclinks.org/rewards/referral/jeremylsmi/

Note – these ideas are important – don’t get me wrong and I am not saying don’t do them. I am, however, saying make sure you intentionally focus on the 3 critical blog tips you need to know first.

Final Thoughts on the 3 Critical Blog Tips for Greater Blogging Success

By now you should reformulating your daily blogging activities! I trust that these blog tips have been helpful in reorienting your thoughts on how to grow your blog. I encourage you to employ them immediately! Thanks and please join the conversation by leaving a comment or sharing to Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest (using the pins below).

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blog growth 3 practical tips

3 Critical Blog Tips to Grow your Blog

3 Critical Blog Tips for Greater Blogging Success 2

3 Critical Blog Tips - for Greater Blogging Success

real blog growth 3 practical tips

So, if you are struggling to either generate new content or write great content, consider outsourcing some of it. Neil Patel actually does this regularly when building a new site – especially at first.

If you are still struggling to write fresh, original content (or just keep up!), you might consider hiring a content writer. There are numerous content writing services available.

The benefit of using content writers are many:

  • They go fast
  • They are usually well written (depending on who you use)
  • Keyword friendly
  • Usually relatively affordable

For example, Fivvr has many freelancers who will help you generate content as does scriptd and upwork.

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