5 Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Business Travel

5 Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Business Travel (Guest Post)

For many of us, travelling for business has become a way of life and something that is part and parcel of the modern working environment. But, it can take its toll and cause extra stress that we just don’t need in our lives. If you have to regularly travel due to your job or business, then it’s important to be able to make it as stress-free an experience as possible.

Note: this is a guest post from Stuart Cooke, a Digital Marketing Manager at UniBaggage.com.

Business Travel Stress: How to Reduce it in 5 Easy Ways

So what steps can you take to ensure that your net business trip is a less stressful experience? Let’s dig in!

Hotel Location Is Everything

The hotel or B&B that you choose for your business trip plays a big role in how straight forward or stressful your trip might end up becoming. When it comes to choosing a hotel, location is vital as you will need to be close enough to your meeting/conference so that you can be confident of arriving in time and you won’t be worrying about getting lost or getting caught up in traffic and arriving late.

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Close proximity to the airport or train station that you will be arriving at is also something to consider as you ideally don’t want to be travelling too far from there to your hotel.

You should spend some time getting to know the nearest train and train routes of the area. Having this knowledge in advance and knowing the best routes to take instead of trying to get your head around it on the morning of your meeting will save you an enormous amount of stress.

Book Ahead

Find out as early as possible when you will need to travel and make sure to book your flights and hotels as early as possible.

If you travel at the same times throughout the year or perhaps you attend the same annual conference, then you will know exactly when you will be travelling and where to.

It will save you a lot of money to book well in advance and it will leave you feeling a lot more relaxed in the days and weeks leading up to your trip knowing that everything has been organised in advanced.

Travel Luggage-Free

Business travel is stressful enough without the added weight of hauling heavy baggage through train stations and airports. Did you know there is a way to avoid having to haul your heavy suitcases around while you travel?

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By using a luggage shipping service, you can simply send your suitcases and bags ahead to your destination, allowing you to travel hands-free, all whilst avoiding any pesky excess baggage fees along the way.

They will pick your luggage up from your house and transport it so that it’s waiting for you at your hotel.

Technology Is Your Friend

Given that most of us are pretty much glued to our phones most of the time these days, its surprising why more people don’t embrace travel apps to help them ease their travelling experience.


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Travel comparison apps like SkyScanner, CheapAir, and Google Flights will help you find the cheapest and shortest flights in a matter of seconds and most train lines have their own apps to give you the latest updates on the running of their services.

You are probably already aware of Uber but a lot of people might not use it in their own town or city as they have their own local taxis and services that they know and trust but when you are in an unfamiliar city Uber is a great service that you can trust to get you around and on time.

The apps don’t end there, you can download translation apps to help you communicate on your journey and work out signs, there are apps that help you keep track of your luggage, apps for finding last minute accommodation, advice on walking routes to take through cities and much more.

Use technology to your advantage and it just might make your trip a whole lot more enjoyable.

Eat Right

Eating right when travelling can be tricky, you’re rushing from place to place and at awkward times so often a can of Coke and fast food can seem like the best option.

This however, can leave you feeling lethargic and generally rubbish which isn’t what you want when you are trying to have a calm and enjoyable trip.

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When travelling there are going to be unavoidable delays and hiccups along the way so it’s not always going to be easy to get a good meal. Therefore, it’s important that you plan ahead and take your own snacks along with you.

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You have already sent your luggage ahead to meet you at your hotel so you will have room to take some healthy food such as nuts, wholemeal muffins, sandwiches, cereal bars etc. with you to give you lasting energy throughout your journey.

Final thoughts on Reducing Business Travel Stress

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guest post on how to reduce stress while traveling for work. Put these 5 tips in place on your next business trip and travel stress free!

Author Bio: Stuart Cooke is the Digital Marketing Manager at UniBaggage.com, a door to door luggage delivery service that helps travellers all around the world.

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5 Tips to take the stress out of business travel







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