A Daily Blogging Checklist – 10 Things to Do Every Day for your Blog (in 2 hours)

If you are struggling to keep it all together while running your blog, this daily blogging checklist is just for you. If you are like me, you are a part time blogger – squeezing it in when you are not working your day job. That means early mornings and some late nights (like tonight, as I write this!).

How can you stay organized while running your blog? This is a question I asked myself as I got farther along with my business travel blog. The tasks start piling up and it is easy to get distracted with shiny objects (ooh…snapchat…wait, nvm).

Here are the 10 Things to Do Every Day for your Blog in 2 hours or less. This Daily Blogging checklist can be used to help keep you focused each day on improving your blog. #GetWorkDone!

So sit back, relax and………get organized.

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Daily Blogging Checklist 10 Things to Do Every Day for your Blog - Infographic

The Daily Blogging Checklist – 10 Things to Do Every Day For Your Blog

As soon as I wake up my checklist begins each day:

  1. Get your coffee & Check your blog stats: We both know your gonna do it anyway…so put it on the list and you get the satisfaction of crossing something off! If it was good day, pat yourself on the back. If not, bear down and keep working.
  2. Get your Pinterest Pinning done (10 minutes): Pinterest has been a game changer for most of us and daily, consistent pinning seems to be important. So, whether you use Tailwind or manually pin, take the time right away to get this important task done. If necessary, spend some time with tools like Canva creating stunning graphics and/or adding Amazon Affiliate Links or MagicLinks affiliate links to drive revenue (I use both).
  3. Facebook Group participation (10 minutes): Like Pinterest, Facebook groups have been a real traffic booster for many of us. Massive blog share threads, or repin posts, etc, all get your blog in front of eyeballs. Make participation in FB groups a part of your DAILY routine.
  4. Write for 15 minutes: The best way to write is to simply write. Sounds stupid, but it’s true. Unless I force myself to write every day (even for a little bit) I will get behind. So, grab that next post you are working on and starting chugging away – even if it’s crap.
  5. Research for 10 minutes: Research is a CRITICAL part of any bloggers success. Maybe it’s researching your competition. Or keywords that might be the right fit for your next article. Or maybe its researching what products are selling on Amazon’s Best Seller’s list.
  6. Learn for 15 minutes: By learning I don’t mean more research. I mean more actual learning. Like how do to make better Pinterest images. Or what you should be doing differently on Instagram to drive engagement. Or what specifically do I need to do with YoastSEO. Or improve your writing (my favorite writing book is “On Writing Well” by Zinnser. This is subtly, but importantly, different than research.
  7. Get more coffee: actually you probably did this after step 3, like I usually do – and it’s probably Death Wish Coffee – my fav. 😊
  8. Write for 25 more minutes: Round 2! Go for it. Push yourself a little longer this time. Fight through the blog and let it flow. You can edit it later. Just get ideas to paper. By the way, if you are looking to improve your blog writing skills you need to get William Zinnser’s Book, On Writing Well. It will change your life.
  9. Minor blog maintenance (10 minutes): Maybe it’s some fonts, an image that’s a little off (or needs to be Smushed), or some URLs that need redirected. Do some basic, minor maintenance on your blog. I think of this as my daily “tidying up” that I might do around the house. If I let this build up it will become unmanageable. But, a little bit of maintenance a day will go a long ways towards keeping you ahead of the game.
  10. Knock out the rest of your social media activities (10 minutes). A key part of any blogger’s success is maintaining consistent steady. So post your latest Instagram pic (or schedule it, if that’s what you do), engage with your communities on IG or Twitter, or Facebook.
    1. Pro tip: guess what you…you are going to go to the bathroom throughout the day, probably multiple times. Use this time to engage with your community. Not scroll endlessly through happy pictures of places you will never see, but actually engage with them. #TimeNotWasted.
  11. Daily SEO Task (10 minutes): I like to rotate through my SEO tasks daily, otherwise it might just be too much to keep up. So maybe, Monday is Blog Comment Day, Tuesday is reach out to higher Domain Authorities to get a backlink, maybe Wednesday is go back and edit an old blog for keyword optimization. Whatever your schedule, don’t tackle it all every day. Spread it out, consistently.
  12. Planning & Ideas (10 minutes): You have to plan to plan. In other words, take time, daily, to think about what’s next. What articles could you write next? What freebies should you give out? What topics do you need to brush up? What are you going to focus on tomorrow?

Yeah, I know, the list goes to 12…but hey, getting coffee really doesn’t count, and checking your stats doesn’t either (besides, you are gonna do that like 63 more times each day…lol). So, yeah, you get 10 real things to do every day for your blog…plus a reminder (like you needed it) to over-caffeinate your brain!

BTWhave you considered using MagicLinks for your affiliate program? I just started (having been using Amazon so far) and I am impressed – so far. Seems like higher commissions, longer cookies (which means a bigger window to get paid when the person buys something) and they are just as easy to use as Amazon. 

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Practical Suggestions on How to Implement this Daily Blogging Checklist

Ok, here’s some practical suggestions on how to best use this Daily Blogging checklist. First, you may not have 2 hours every day at the beginning of the day. I know I don’t. That’s why with my travel blog, I break this up into chunks. An hour in the morning. And an hour in the evening (after the kiddos go to bed). Every day.

Pin This:

A Daily Blogging Checklist – 10 Things to Do Every Day for your Blog

Some days, often weekends, I may spend more time on certain things. Or if I get in a groove writing (we’ve all been there when it’s FLOWING)…I will just push a few tasks to the next day, or stay up later! You know who you are…I am sure I am not the only one that’s been up at 1AM in the morning working on their blog.

The point is, customize this schedule to your behaviors, schedule and habits.

And to help simplify things for you, I’ve created a cheat sheet chart of the Daily Blogging Checklist for you here:

Daily Blogging Checklist - 10 Things to do Every Day for your Blog

Conclusion – final thoughts on blogging checklists

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Daily Blogging Checklist. As you can see, for 2 hours a day you can keep your blog on the right path. My business travel blog has been a blast – most of the time anyways. It’s hard to squeeze in the time to work on it while doing my daily job.

But with the right time management, organization, preparation, and this Daily Blogging Checklist, you can get yourself organized and start your daily blogging regime.

And if that doesn’t work…just laugh at yourself a bit with our funny blog memes. Here’s a preview:

Join the conversation! I’d love to hear what works and doesn’t work for you. Please leave a comment (I reply!) and/or join me on Twitter.

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Daily Blogging Checklist - Infographic

A Daily Blogging Checklist

The Daily Blogging Checklist 10 Things to do Every Day for your Blog - in 2 hours

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16 comments on “A Daily Blogging Checklist – 10 Things to Do Every Day for your Blog (in 2 hours)

  1. Vox

    Wow! I’ve been running our blog for almost 2 years now and I thought I knew exactly what you’d say, but there were a few surprises—Smushed and MagicLinks—and your writing was super entertaining, which made this bit of learning even that much more enjoyable! Thanks for enlightening while teaching! 👍🏽

  2. Julie G

    Thanks for this advice. Can I be REALLY stupid and ask what you mean by reaching out to higher Domain Authorities to get back links. I am sure I have a HUGELY long way to go with my own blog, Pinterest etc but I am trying SO hard!!!

    1. J Smith - Biz Travel Blogger Post author

      Hi Julie – not a stupid question! It’s a great question. Here’s an article from Moz that helps explain what a DA is. You can also use some of Moz’s tools to figure out what your’s is and what other folks are. Hope that helps!

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  8. whatsoeverish2@gmail.com

    When you say to pin for 10 minutes a day do you mean for me to repin my own pins or to pin related pins? I have been making 2-3 pin ads and pinning photos from my posts. Also, for Facebook groups does that mean to find groups that have my niche and join? Thanks for your ideas. Been blogging for 10 months and make about $75 a month but I know with better strategy I can grow this. Thanks.

    1. The C Boarding Group Post author

      Really just work on Pinterest in general. Could be creating new pins for existing content, repinning other pins, joining group boards, etc. The point is, really, to focus on Pinterest every day – and especially to make sure the first 5 pins you pin every day are YOURs.


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