Coming Soon: Product Review Onli Travel Bag Suitcase (+Kickstarter link)

We’ve just received our Onli Travel Bag in the mail and are excited to start an exhaustive product review of this new brand of luggage (currently raising money on Kickstarter) that’s focused on frequent travelers. We are taking it on the road next week and putting it through it’s paces.

Update: Please see our completed review of the Onli Travel Bag, here.

The Onli Travel Bag is the brainchild of fellow business traveler Dave Logan who developed this interesting all-in-one travel bag (think of it like a swiss army knife for business travelers) after spending years on the road and finding most business traveler luggage unsatisfying.

They are currently have a Kickstarter Campaign underway which you can visit here where they are already 4x over their desired fundraising goal. 



The Onli Travel Bag

The folks at Onli have graciously provided their product for me to conduct a detailed review of (with no strings attached).

Note: I was not compensated for this post, nor for conducting a review of the Onli Travel Bag. Nor were any strings attached. The folks at Onli Travel Bag did graciously provide the suitcase to me to review.  

Stay tuned for our product review of this intriguing piece of luggage. We are taking it on the road next week. 


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