Fit Travel Tips Great Airplane Exercises

Fit Travel Tips: Airplane Exercises

Many travelers do a bit of exercise before long flights and even occasionally during will do in-flight exercises. If you are wondering how to exercise on a plane read on. Exercises on plane are easy as we find out in this guest post from Randolph Ray.

This is a guest post from Randolph Ray of Gym Expert. We are not responsible for the content of this post. 

You might look forward to your flight for that vacation, but did you know sitting for long periods can be dangerous to your health. Long flights cause dehydration, jet lag, and even Deep Vein Thrombosis. This is why you end up feeling discomfort and having swollen legs. Instead of sleeping and binge-watching the entire journey get in some periodic exercise. The folks from Gym Expert share some useful information concerning airplane exercises and your flight may never be the same. 

Airplane Exercises

To keep your blood flowing during a flight you can try exercises on plane like stretches that do not interfere with other passengers. You can repeat these exercises for an enjoyable and comfortable trip. Many of the following workouts can be done while seated on the plane.

Ankle Circles

Ankle circles are a simple form of exercise that can get the blood flowing and joints loosened. It can easily be done while seated. 

Start by raising your foot, but be careful not to disturb the passenger in front. Place one knee close to your ribs and intertwine your fingers then rest your palms on the ankle. Point out your toes in a ballerina pose and ensure that they point the roof.

Turn your foot in a circular motion and ensure that the leg remains stationary so that the activity is only in the ankle. As you do this, you will feel a tug in your calves and laps. Try 10-15 circles then switch to the other shin.

Knee Lift

Travelers can do knee lifts while sitting. Elongate your legs partially but mind the other passenger. Clasp the edges of the seat for support. Lean slightly on your spine and elevate your feet from the floor. Keep your legs stretched and in contact.

Remember to breathe out as you move on front and bring your knees closer to your ribs. Breathe in when you incline back and return to where you started. Redo the steps and remember to keep the spine upright.


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Foot Pump

The foot pump is an excellent way to deter numb legs. This exercise is easy and painless. You only need to flex and spread your foot repeatedly at the ankle.

Ensure that your spine is upright and spread your feet. Point your toes upwards to your calves. Push down your toes slowly as you elevate your heels. Ensure that the balls of your feet stay on the carpet. Do this periodically during the journey.


There are numerous airplane exercise benefits; for instance, they reduce jet lag and prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis. Walking is a convenient way of exercising the whole body. Try strutting in the aisles whenever they are clear. You can walk from one side to the end while maintaining an upright stance and remember to take deep breaths.

Walking is beneficial because it promotes blood flow and prevents blood clots as well as swollen feet. Instead of sleeping throughout most of the flight, take this chance to walk around and stretch yourself.

Forward Bend

The best thing about seat exercises on plane is that you don’t have to inconvenience other people. Ensure that your spine is upright, stretch your legs before your seat, and pull down your shoulders.  Bend from the waist and pull towards your toes. Take a deep breath and maintain this position for at least 10-20 seconds. Remember to stop if you feel pain and to relax your shoulders. To make this exercise less intense, arc your knees slowly.

Shoulder Roll

The shoulder roll is a unique but simple activity. It increases shifting on your neck and shoulders and back.  Sit at the edge and keep your spine from the backrest. Extend your legs under you and arc your knees partially.

Ensure that your seat bones press on the seat by moving and adjusting your pose. Maintain an upright posture and ensure that your shoulders align with the spine. Maintain this position and raise your shoulder steadily back then raise it towards the ear lobes. Roll the shoulder in front then downwards. Then attempt the same with the other shoulder.

Calf Raises

Use the balls of your feet to press on the floor and suck in your abs. Ensure that your knees are over your legs. Your knees should not turn in any direction. Bend forward and place your palms on your laps. Exert a little pressure on your thighs to elevate the intensity of this activity. If you have an ankle or knee injury, consult with a physician if you can do calf raises.

Toe Raises

This simple exercise is suitable for people of all ages as it promotes blood flow. Start by raising your toes from the floor, but your heels should remain firm on the floor. Maintain this posture for at least 3 seconds and lower your toes. It is easier to exercise both feet at the same time.

Tri Lift

You can try to exercise before long flight, or you can do seat exercises on plane. To do a tri lift place your arms on your seat. Mind other passengers and ensure that your elbows don’t point outwards. Elevate yourself slightly from your seat using your triceps and lower yourself. Repeat this several times. Remember to keep your feet firmly on the floor for support. However, you ought to use your triceps to lift yourself.


Long flights can cause dehydration, stress and Deep Vein Thrombosis which happens when clots form in your legs. However, you can prevent this by doing simple exercises which make the flight more enjoyable. Although planes are not always stable, there are safe to exercise just like on the ground. You don’t have to worry about people looking at you because most are either asleep or tired. Most of these exercises are simple, like walking and toe raises which are beneficial for people of all ages.

This is a guest post from Randolph Ray of Gym Expert. A man who’s dedicated his entire life to studying nutrition habits and the impact of sport on healthy living, Randolph Ray has been working as a nutritionist and a fitness trainer for years and can explain the nutrition contents in food to help you resolve eating disorders and help you to obtain knowledge about right fitness habits, including the best fitness tips for those who like to travel a lot. We are not responsible for the content of this post. 


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Fit Travel Tips Airplane Exercises



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