How to use Amazon's little known coupon section to score deals on travel gear

How to use Amazon’s little known coupon section to score deals on travel gear

We all love a good deal. And most of us shop at Amazon (many of us several times a week). Amazon’s wide ranging selection and fast shipping make it’s convenience worth the few extra bucks that a Prime deal might cost. But, did you know that travelers can save extra money on travel gear in the coupon section of the Amazon website?

It’s hard to say this area is truly “little known” but at the very least it’s not widely known (I asked around my friends and family and there were about half of them that knew about it…and half that did not).

You’ve all probably seen a coupon added or available on items you are researching for purchase. To me that’s sort of a “sweet, I get an extra 10%” kinda thing. But, savvy travelers can search out the coupon section itself and find some great deals for travel related gear along the way.

Just like the old days when you were clipping coupons from the local daily rag that landed on your porch every day.

So…how do you access Amazon’s Coupon Section?

From the Amazon home page…do this:

  1. Click on “Today’s Deals
  2. Then in the left hand menu, find “Coupons
  3. You can sort by “active” deals if you want to refine it only coupons currently available

(note: those links may not actually work). 

Here you will a somewhat disorganized list of items that have coupons available for them. If you have some time on your hands you can click through page after page and perhaps, just maybe, find a great deal.

For example while writing this post I found the following travel related items which each featured a coupon for an extra X% off the list price. Discounts are all over the place with the lowest I found being only 5% and some as high as 30% (which is not bad at all).

SUENANCY Travel USB Hub Charging Station

RavPower 0000mAh 18W Portable Charger

Admoz Mini Travel Sewing kit

Admoz Travel Computer Bag

LKXC Travel Makeup Cosmetic Case

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella 


The downside to Amazon’s coupon section is that you have to basically scroll through page by page of the deals. That’s ok though because, if you think about it, that’s kind of like clipping coupons from your local pennysaver.

Happy shopping!


Note: The links above are affiliate links which means I may earn a tiny commission if you purchase something. This comes at no additional cost to you and is greatly appreciated by me! See my Disclosures Page for More Information. 


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