SFO bans plastic water bottles…will other airports follow suit?

As has been widely covered, the San Francisco Airport Authority has banned the use of single-use plastic water bottles at the airport. This first-of-its-kind prohibition is sure to send shockwaves through the travel community and we are curious how many (and when) other airports will follow suit?

SFO Water Bottles Banned

Sorry…not shocked here

This move is both an interesting and completely unsurprising one for SFO. After all, SFO is located in one of the most progressive (read: liberal) cities in the country. Specifically, the SFO policy states the following:

“Airport tenants, vendors, and permittees may not provide or sell bottled water in containers that contain plastic or aseptic paper packaging, including in vending machines. Reusable water bottles, recyclable aluminum, glass and certified compostable water bottles can instead be provided or sold.” 

The effective date of this ban is August 20, 2019 (so…like a few weeks from now…).

From my point of view we really don’t care one way or the other…and frankly if we had to pick a side, we’d come down on the ban (but not for the reasons you think):

  1. I don’t drink that much water when traveling anyway. I know…bad on me…but dangit, when you get into your 40’s that bathroom becomes a friend that you don’t want to see too often. So, I tend to drink up the night BEFORE I travel…and keep my liquids to a minimum while actually traveling.
  2. Airport Water Bottles are basically highway robbery. $4.00 for a bottle of water? I’ve even seen 7 bucks. I mean, come on…that’s got to be a crime.
  3. I run a travel blog and can get commissions off of affiliate link purchases…so that means I can shamelessly share more links of reusable water bottles (see below) for you, my lovely readers, to buy! 🙂

In terms of the validity of the ban, again, I am ok with it for the reasons listed above and even though I trends toward the moderate conservative side of the universe, I think this is actually a reasonably decent move on SFO’s part and better for the environment (and my wallet) – but don’t me started on straws…..

I fully expect other airports to follow suit and I am taking bets for the following airlines:

  • A major European airport (probably in Scandinavia)
  • Locks: JFK, LAX
  • Upset Pick: DEN
  • Wild Card: AUS

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Shameless Plugging of Reusable Travel Water Bottles

Since the tide is coming and I predict that single use bottles will be banned at more airports, you might as well get a jump start on the trend and get your hands on a reusable, collapsible travel water bottle. We’ve actually covered this subject a few times recently (links below).

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Final thoughts

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