Top 10 Travel Memes – the readers have spoken!

Regular travel, heck, any kind of travel, can bring out the worst in humanity sometimes. Flights get delayed, bags get lost. We don’t get the upgrade. We do get the upgrade. We are stuck in a middle seat, the lady next to us won’t zip it, etc…you get it!  It’s a nutty crazy experience sometimes! And sometimes all we can do is shake our head and laugh (or lose our minds…).

This is precisely why the meme was created (which, by the way, after the wheel, the Internet and sliced bread, is, in our opinion, the top invention of mankind). And, we’ve been creating travel related memes since our beginning and it’s been wildly successful for us (on any given day we are in the Top 3 for Google Searches).

So, while we have several hundred travel related memes up on this site, our readers have spoken and here are the Top 10 Travel Memes of All Time!

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The Top 10 Travel Related Memes of All Time

Here are the top travel memes of all time, as chosen by our readers! Plus some honorable mentions as well.

10. Cost of Food Items at the Airport

10_TSA Memes - Cost of food at Airport Memes.jpg

I am surprised this one didn’t land a little higher, because it’s so popular, but seriously though. What is the deal with airport food prices? Someone should look into that!

9. When someone brings a carryon that’s too big for the overhead bin

9_Overhead Bin Travel Meme.jpg

People who do this should be forcibly removed from the plane and given a Greyhound bust ticket. I am sorry ma’am, you can’t travel today. Or ever.

8. Traveling with your family can be rough

8_Traveling with Family Meme.jpg

Ever tried to get through a TSA checkpoint with 4 kids under the age of 13? #Insanity

7. Yeah…love getting that first class upgrade when my boss doesn’t

7_Airplane Memes - I get the Upgrade.jpg

Basically this just means I travel too much. But it’s a nice win (although short lived because we both know his driver’s picking him up when we land while I schlepp out to the bargain parking lot and drive my Chevy home).

6. Good for you little buddy – glad you hit Gold.

6_Airline Memes - when someone tells you they are Gold Medallion.jpg

Gold you say? How cute. If you could not talk to me, that’d be great.

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5. For the love of all humanity. Stow your bags and SIT DOWN.

5_Sit down already Travel Meme.jpg

I don’t get it. How frickin hard is it to stow your bags and take your seat. We’d love to stand here for 7 minutes while you realize you have to take some stuff out of your bag so it fits in the overhead bin. It’s cool man. No worries. #bloodpressurerising

4. It’s cool, I forgot to go to the bathroom before boarding now it’s another 45 minutes before take off. #Awesome

4_Takeoff Memes.jpg

JFK airport anyone? I just love taxiing so long that we have to refuel for gas before we take off.

3. Dear Lord. Please help me not be like this person who I am sure checks her carry-on.

3_Travel Memes - I check my carryon AOC Meme.jpg

Opportune AOC jokes aside (and there’s no shortage of these…lol), what is the deal with folks who check their carry-on sized bag? Huh!? Methinks you don’t understand something here…

2. Good luck with that Flight Home there, traveler. Good luck…

2_Travel Memes - Flight Delays.jpg

It’s Friday. You are about to head home after a long week on the road. That first class seat and a nice gin and tonic are calling your name. Maybe catch the latest episode of Game of Thrones on your iPad. Oh, I am sorry…what was that? A travel delay? BAM!

1. It. Hurts. So. Much.

1_Travel Memes - Middle Seat Memes - 5 Hours.jpg

This travel meme has, BY FAR, been our most popular travel meme. Because we’ve ALL been there. Brutally stuck in the middle seat for a long flight. It hurts!


Honorable Mention

There were a few funny memes that didn’t crack the Top 10, but they are still hilarious (and popular). Here they are:

Final Thoughts on the Top 10 Travel Memes of All Time

There you have it. Plenty of laughs to go around. I hope you enjoyed them! If you liked this content, please share it on social media and click the “like” button below and don’t forget to follow us on social media including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

And for the bloggers among us you might enjoy these blogging memes

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