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Traveling during the Holidays – insanity? Yes. (Plus Thanksgiving travel memes and more!)

The second busiest day of the year for travel this year is Wednesday Nov 21 – or the day before Thanksgiving. So says CNN who predicts that 2.93  million people will be in the airport the day before Thanksgiving.

CNN notes the worst day to travel this year is the Sunday after Thanksgiving – the 25th which is predicted to be even worse!

Travel Meme - Thanksgiving Meme

If you’ve ever traveled during the holidays you know how insane it can be. Whiny kids, stressed parents and an abundance of people who have NO IDEA how to travel. It’s chaos.

Never Travel on Thanksgiving Meme

That’s why I wrote the article 8 Holiday Travel Tips: Your Recipe for Better Travel During the Holidays. In that post I provide some practical suggestions on how to travel a little smarter and a little less stressed this Holiday season.

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For example, my family traveled to Utah this year. However, I tied it into a business trip which saved me money and allowed me to get here a little earlier than the chaos. I used points to fly my family up and we are all heading back on one of the BEST days to travel…Black Friday.

So…here’s to better travel these holidays (enjoy the thanksgiving travel memes, below). And if you are traveling today, Nov 21st…better luck next year, sucker!

PS…if you are looking for some great gifts for this Christmas season, here are some suggestions:

Travel Meme - Orlando Thanksgiving Meme

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