Traveller Safety Tips and Travel Self Defense Gear for Road Warriors (Sponsored Post)

Traveller Safety Tips and Travel Self Defense Gear for Road Warriors (Sponsored Post)

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Abstract: Learn key traveller safety tips along with important travel self defense gear designed for the road warrior.

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This month the CBoardingGroup has been focusing heavily on safer travel. During the course of the month we’ve featured several new articles that have unpacked different elements of traveller safety as well as reminded readers of some of our more popular travel safety post from past months. In case you missed them, here’s a quick list of our traveller safety articles, to date:

In this final post on the ever popular subject of traveller safety we feature a 2-part sponsored post from self defense gear company

  • Part 1: Traveller Safety Tips for Road Warriors
  • Part 2: Travel Self Defense Gear

Let’s dig in!

Part 1: Traveller Safety Tips for Road Warriors

The first rule of traveling is be safe. When traveling there are several important steps road warriors can take to avoid scenarios where self defense gear or methods may be necessary. A quick review of these traveller safety tips is worthwhile:

Traveller Safety Tip #1: Do your research before you travel

Always make an effort to spend some time learning about your destinations – especially if you are unfamiliar with it. This is probably more important if you are traveling internationally, but could still apply if you traveling unsafe areas of major domestic cities in the US.

When researching, learn about ethnic norms, safe / unsafe locations, safe lodging, political situations, crime reports and even the weather. Prior planning always provides better performance. Go smarter.

Traveller Safety Tip #2: Get Travel Insurance

If traveling for pleasure travel insurance may be worth the investment. While this is entirely unneeded for work travel – leisure travelers may find it comforting and practical.

Travel insurance can help protect you against lost baggage or canceled flights which definitely save you big bucks in the long term and provide you peace of mind.

You can visit and browse various travel insurance options.

Traveller Safety Tip #3: Keep Your Head on a Swivel – Stay Alert

You are less likely to be caught off guard if you maintain a high degree of vigilance at all times while traveling. Moreover, by keeping your head on a swivel and staying alert, it’s far less likely you are targeted. This means you might have to stick that phone in your pocket every once in a while and pay attention to your surroundings.

Traveller Safety Tip #4: Be Aware of Your Money

It’s important to keep a small amount of cash on hand along with the copies of your credit cards and important documentation. Also, remember to notify your bank that you are traveling to avoid any troublesome situations.

Don’t flash your cash. If you are showing off your cash (or expensive travel gear) you will become more appealing to scammers and burglars. Another trick is to carry a dummy wallet with little money which can be really useful in case you are mugged.

Traveller Safety Tip #5: Be Health-Conscious

If you happen to get a bug bite or a scratch while traveling, make sure to clean it carefully and quickly. If you neglect the minimal of flesh wounds, it might probably lead to serious harm and health issues.

Always carry the health essentials like painkillers, bug repellants (where needed, of course), and motion sickness pills. If traveling internationally, consult your doctor and get suitable vaccines before traveling.

Bringing a traveller’s first aid kit might also make good sense.

Traveller Safety Tip #6: Blend in with your surroundings

Avoid drawing unnecessary attention while traveling. No need to make yourself an attractive target.

Make an effort to blend in to draw less attention. Moreover, make sure not to disrespect or offend with inappropriate dress or manners (especially important for international travel).

Part 2: Travel Self Defense Gear

At some point your travel safety tips may fail you and you might find yourself in a situation where self defense activities are necessary. Consequently, preparing yourself for self-defense is essential – and this extends to travelers.

Self-defense doesn’t necessarily mean carrying a gun or becoming a Karate Black Belt (although learning a martial art – even just basic levels – is a useful and recommended life hack). There are several non-lethal self-defense products that may assist in protecting you during an attack. This world is an unpredictable and dangerous place so keeping the right self-defense equipment will help you defend yourself in any circumstances.

Note: Always consult with the TSA to verify what items travellers are allowed to travel with and/or what conditions might be required to travel with a specific piece of self-defense gear. 

Travel Self Defense Gear Idea #1: Stun Gun or Taser

Stun guns and tasers are pretty effective tools to resist an attack. Though you need to keep in mind that there is a major difference between these two. You can hold a stun gun requiring a direct contact which means that you need to be closer to the attacker for effective use.

On the other hand, a taser looks quite similar to a pistol and fires wires that immediately attach to the attacker and stun them from a distance.

Definitely consult the TSA to verify what / how to travel with these devices. You may be required to check them in your bag.

Travel Self Defense Gear Idea #1: Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is an affordable and easy to use self-defense equipment. Many people love to keep pepper spray as a self-defense product for its simplicity, efficiency, and ease of usability. It can be a great diversion if you know how to properly use it. We recommend you to choose a high-quality pepper spray with a mechanism that prevents any accidental discharge such as Potent Pocket Defense.

Obviously, you don’t want your pepper spray spread all over your purse or pocket. In addition to that, there are certain state laws regarding pepper spray so it’s important to keep yourself updated. Also, keep in mind that some weather conditions such as rain can affect the usefulness of the spray so keeping an alternative is a wise decision.

Travel Self Defense Gear Idea #1: Self-Defense Keychains

At times the best way to get out of danger is to let others know that you need help. A loud noise can fear the attacker and alert the people nearby. In that case, a self-defense keychain can be a practical means to bring attention to your situation. They are usually small and easy to carry. Most criminals intend to do quick work without letting anyone notice so here an alarm can cause them to immediately run off.

Travel Self Defense Gear Idea #1: Pen Knife

A pen knife is a knife masked in a pen body. Typically, they have a working pen on one end whereas the top can be removed to reveal a deadly knife blade. A pen knife is something that your attacker may not be probably expecting.

Make sure to comply with TSA rules when attempting to travel with pen knives. 

Travel Self Defense Gear Idea #1: Pocket Knife

We all have seen in Movies and TV shows the real power of a pocket knife to make the enemy scared of attacking. Though remember not to flash your pocket knife. Hide the blade by holding the punch towards your attacker while keeping the blade’s back outboard from your hand and wrist.

Holding the knife in this way will keep the blade in a position where your attacker may not be able to see it. Consequently, you can make some sideways cuts and shocking wounds to exposed areas.

Make sure to comply with TSA rules when attempting to travel with pen knives. 

Last words on Traveller Safety and Travel Self Defense Gear

We know that every journey comes with its own set of concerns. This applies equally to business or leisure travel. Hopefully this refresher on traveller safety tips and practical suggestions on travel self defense gear helps reader understand their options for improving traveller safety.

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