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About Us!

by The C Boarding Group

Welcome to the CBoardingGroup, your home for travel, staycationing and working from home tips. Here you will find information, guides, best practices, news, and deals related to these three topic areas.

As of 1Q 2019, we joined the BoardingArea.com network of travel bloggers. Here you will find 40 or so amazing travel bloggers with the power and backing of a great brand: Boarding Area. We retain editorial freedom and ownership of our blog, but split the ad revenue with them (along with a few other benefits). Pretty cool!

Who are we?

We are travelers. We are remote workers. And, we write.

We used to travel a lot for work (some years more than others) but, in the wake of the pandemic, we’ve pivoted our blog a bit to include staycationing and tips on working from home / remote work (something we know quite a bit about!).

These days we are outsourcing much of the content to other writers as we are too busy with our days jobs!

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  • And our new Travel Satire Blog, TheTakeoffNap.com [You can write for us there, too!]

Disclaimer: All content is my own and doesn’t represent the opinions of my employer

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