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About Us!

by The C Boarding Group

Welcome to the CBoardingGroup, your home for travel, staycationing and working from home tips. Here you will find information, guides, best practices, news, and deals related to these three topic areas.

As of 1Q 2019, we joined the BoardingArea.com network of travel bloggers. Here you will find 40 or so amazing travel bloggers with the power and backing of a great brand: Boarding Area. We retain editorial freedom and ownership of our blog, but split the ad revenue with them (along with a few other benefits). Pretty cool!

Who am I?

I travel a lot for work (some years more than others) and I’ve done so since 2005-ish (I think). With as much time as I spend in hotels or stuck on planes I figured I should share some of my business travel tips hacks. Hence, the creation of this blog. In the wake of the pandemic, we’ve pivoted our blog a bit to include stayactioning and tips on working from home (something we know quite a bit about!).

I tend to write a with a sarcastic edge – but that’s probably just due to some deep seated bitterness about being behind a family in TSA Security checkpoint one too many times.

I also run a separate, but related travel blog: BestTravelDrone.com. Check it out for detailed comparison & analysis of the best drones for traveling.

These days we are outsourcing much of the content to other writers as we are too busy with our days jobs!

Disclaimer: All content is my own and doesn’t represent the opinions of my employer

More About Me

I am…

  • A Traveling Business professional (travel jobs I’ve held: sales, consulting, sales engineer, general manager, product manager, operations leader)
  • Someone who also knows how to work from home like a boss!
  • A father
  • A husband
  • A Marine
  • A writer who has been professionally writing as a side gig since the early 2000’s. Magazines, articles, blogs.
  • I do all of my blogging on my personal time – in the hotel after work, or on the weekends, or early in the AM over a cup of coffee when I am home.
  • A professor. I have been an adjunct faculty member since 2002 (a great side hustle, btw). Love teaching. My retirement gig will be teaching full time. I plan to get a pipe and plaid jacket w/ patches on the sleeves.

My travel preferences

  • I tend to fly Southwest (#1), Delta (#2). I did fly Virgin Air once. That was pretty cool. And I wish I could fly Alaska more. I dig that Airline. Just no consistent flight options for me.
  • I usually stay in Hilton hotels (for no real reason other than I started w/ them and just stayed. Also, they’ve been really good to me!)
  • I prefer to rent National rental cars (although for some reason I am being punished by the universe with Avis at my current firm #CurseYouAvis).
  • I mostly travel domestic (occasionally Canada – if you can call that international).

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Enjoy that middle seat!

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All content is my own and doesn’t represent the opinions of my employer. Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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