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Best Packing Cubes – find the top rated packing cubes for 2020

by Jeremy B

Packing cubes have grown by leaps and bounds both in popularity and use. In this article we identify and compare the best packing cubes for travelling on the market today. Readers will find a summary table that compares and contrasts several top packing cubes by highlighting elements like size, overall value, weight, utility, material and washability.

Our packing cube comparison reveals the top packing cubes in four different categories:

  • Best Overall Packing Cube
  • Most Luxurious Packing Cubes
  • Highest Rated Packing Cubes
  • Most Affordable Packing Cube

We also examine why packing cubes are so popular, the benefits of packing cubes and why travelers across the world have started using them more and more. 

Why do people use packing cubes? What are the benefits of packing cubes?

The popularity of packing cubes has mystified me. Personally, I have struggled to see a a use for them. But, that may be because I learned how to properly pack whilst serving in the Marine Corps. I also travel for work on a regular basis and have developed (like many frequent travelers) a routine focused on speed, efficiency and traveling light.

Yet, despite my resistance to use them they are still wildly popular! Why!? Well, I dug in and as I researched this a bit more a few things became apparent about how people pack and why packing cubes may have some benefit after all.

  1. Few People Really Know HOW to Pack. Most people simply have no clue how to actually pack for a trip.
  2. Many folks don’t know WHAT to pack. Often, people pack far too much stuff when going on a trip and it’s usually much more than they really need.
  3. People tend to be disorganized. In general, it seems that people are disorganized which is exacerbated when traveling.
  4. Most people really don’t travel that much. Fact is, in reality most people may only travel once or twice a year – if at all! Therefore, they really don’t have any meaningful opportunities to hone their travel (and packing skills).

This is where packing cubes have stepped in. With a Marie Kondo sense of organization, packing cubes provide a practical solution to a real problem. Specifically, we’ve identified the following benefits of packing cubes:

  • They help you compartmentalize your gear
  • Allow you to find categories of items quicker (e.g. all my socks are in one container)
  • Save space (if you are compressing them, anyway)
  • Make unpacking much simpler
  • Minimize overpacking (if it don’t fit in the packing cubes, you don’t bring it)

The verdict is in. Despite my personal resistance to use packing cubes, they are here to stay, more popular than ever and continue to solve practical problems for travelers ever single day.

Other names Packing Cubes go by (ever heard of “suitcase organizers?”

Before we go any further, let’s touch base on a few other names that packing cubes often go by:

  • Suitcase organisers
  • Compression cubes
  • Travel cubes
  • Compression packing cubes
  • Packing organizers

Alright, now lets look at a detailed comparison of the best suitcase organisers (ahem, packing cubes).

How to pick a top rated packing cube

To answer this question it’s important consider what you plan on using the packing cube for. You might think that’s an odd question, but allow me to explain. Do you intend to use your packing cube on a backpacking trip? A vacation? For only one trip? Do you travel a lot? The answers to these questions will help you understand what packing cube features you will come to value and will inform your decision making process.


Most packing cubes are made of lightweight material, although not all of them. The lighter the material the better in most cases because you still want to travel light. Many packing cubes are made from lightweight nylon that uses ripstop fabric (it’s cross hatched and less like to tear or rip).


A durable packing cube will last longer. If you are a frequent traveler or intend to use it backpacking or some other adventure travel use case be sure to pick a material and cube that is designed to deal with the rigors of recurring travel.

When it comes to durability the quality of the cube’s stitching is a key element. Be sure to look closely at any pictures when buying online – especially any packing cube reviews that may be available.

Zipper quality is important too. Your zippers need to last for a long time if you plan on using your suitcase organiser for a long time.

Size & variability of packing cube configurations

How many packing cubes do you get when you buy a set? And are they different sizes? How will those sizes actually fit into your suitcase or backpack? Grab a tape measure and do the math. Measure the inside of your bag and then compare that to the dimensions of the packing cubes you are evaluating. Make sure it will work!


Your individual budget is always important. If you plan to use your suitcase organisers pretty regularly then a durable solution is going to be important and if so, it might be worth investing the extra money in a higher quality cube.

If this is a one and done kind of purchase and/or maybe you are using it for your kids consider going with a more affordable packing cube instead.


Consider your suitcase organiser’s warranty as well. How long will the manufacturer allow you to replace it if its’ damaged. A more reputable firm, one that sells top rated packing cubes anyway, will have no problem standing behind their product and offering an extensive warranty.

Best Packing Cubes for Travelling – Comparison & Analysis

The table below analyzes several top packing cubes by highlighting elements like size, overall value, weight, utility, material and washability. We’ve identified top packing cubes based on four different categories:

  • Best Overall Packing Cubes
  • Most Luxurious Packing Cubes
  • Highest Rated Packing Cubes
  • Most Affordable Packing Cubes

Top Rated Packing Cubes – who makes them?

In this section we do a deeper dive into each of the packing cubes noted in the table above highlight a few things you need to know about each of them. Here are the top rated packing cubes:

The Industry Leader

Bagail is a Chinese company that specializes in luggage, bags, umbrellas and related sorts of goods. In particular, however, they’ve become noteworthy for their packing cube solutions.

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Check the Price

Their 6 piece packing cube set (pictured above) is a #1 Best Seller and continues to dominate much of the packing cube space largely because of their perfect combination of price and quality.

The Innovator

Shacke is a small but rapidly rising company that provides a variety of different products in and around the travel space. For example, you can buy mini Shacke Luggage Tags or a Shacke Duffel Bag for your Shoes.

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See all Color Options Here

But, it’s their Shacke Pak Packing Cube set that’s been the big hit for this small company. People simply love it helping land this product on Amazon’s Top Travel Accessories list now – behind on Bagail.

Luxury Brand

Vasco Bags is also a newer company, but they have separated themselves from the pack in that their focus is more of a luxury experience. Launching back in 2016 with successful stints on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo their products feature clean, elegant looks, modern stitching and a higher price tag.

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Check the Price of this Hipster Set of Packing Cubes

If hipsters bought packing cubes (I am sure they do!?) they would buy these.

Entry Level

There is not a lot of information about these fellas floating around the Internet. But, their products sell nicely on Amazon and other places and that’s because it’s simple, useful and super affordable.

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This color is kinda ugly…but TravelWise has other colors (take a look)

A few other options for packing cubes – if these aren’t doing it for ya

Before we close, here are a few other options that might tickle your fancy is the aforementioned few haven’t done the trick. Like we said, if you can’t find a top packing cube for your situation then we got nuthin’ for ya!

eBags Packing Organizers for Travel

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Check Price on this popular (although slightly more expensive) option

The Insider Packing Organizers – from Away

Stylish luggage mfr Away has got their own set of packing cubes and it is, as you’d expect, pretty sweet.

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Luggage Pack-it Specter Cube Set

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Very Popular Eagle Creek Set – Check the Price

Final Thoughts – Top Rated Packing Cubes

We trust you were able to find a packing organizers that works perfectly! Thank you for visiting.

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