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Hotels are invested in providing an exceptional sleep experience and hotel pillows are a key ingredient in that formula. So, what pillows do hotels use? Why are hotel pillows so comfortable? Can I buy one? What is the best hotel pillow? These questions (and many more) are often asked by folks who want to replicate that fabulous night of sleep they had in a luxurious hotel.

27 Great Hotel Pillows – The Best Hotel Pillows You Can Buy

by Jeremy B

Hotels are invested in providing an exceptional sleep experience and hotel pillows are a key ingredient in that formula. So, what pillows do hotels use? Why are hotel pillows so comfortable? Can I buy one? What is the best hotel pillow? These questions (and many more) are often asked by folks who want to replicate that fabulous night of sleep they had in a luxurious hotel.

Here’s how to find the best hotel pillows – including popular brands like the Hilton Pillow, Holiday Inn Pillow, Marriott Pillow, and yes, even the Westin Pillow.

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Best Hotel Pillows You Can Buy This Year

A good pillow is the foundation of a good night’s sleep. And sure there are other factors too, but a bad pillow? It’s a bad dream. We’ve assembled a fabulous list of hotel pillows and hotel-style pillows for you here.

In fact, some of the most frequent questions we see are things like where do hotels get their pillows? Or, can I buy a hotel pillow? Often, the questions are more specific to a brand, like: what pillows does Marriott use? Or, I liked the pillow I used at that Holiday Inn I stayed at – can I buy one just like it?

Best Overall Hotel Pillow: Marriott Pillow

Most Affordable Hotel Pillow: Holiday Inn Pillow (aka IHG Pillow)

Most Luxurious Hotel Pillow: Westin Pillow

Editor’s Pick: Hilton Pillow [no longer available]

Why do so many folks want to find hotel-type pillows? Or even the exact same hotel bed pillows they loved so much on their last hotel stay? It’s simple: hotel pillows are typically made from high-quality materials and are often incredibly comfortable.

Why? Because hotel chains want consumers to have a memorable experience all around and this includes the sleep experience (which is so incredibly important when traveling). It is in a hotel’s best interest to invest in quality pillows and most (although not all) do exactly that. 

Marriott Pillows – the most comfortable hotel pillows

What pillows does Marriott use? Marriott Hotel Pillows are, in fact, where we start first. Marriott Pillows are some of the most sought-after hotel pillows around.

Travelers often rate Marriott’s Pillows as some of the best hotel pillows. They are renowned for their comfort and are highly sought after by customers who want to experience that same great night of sleep at home. 

In fact, the pillows used by Marriott Hotels are often referred to as the most comfortable hotel pillows. We’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we’ve thought about stealing a Marriott Hotel Pillow a time or two.

Setting aside throw pillows or accent pillows, pillows used in Marriott hotels come with two fill options:

  • Natural Fill
  • Synthetic Full

For those with allergies, the synthetic fill may be the preferred choice, but both are equally comfortable. So, if you are trying to figure out what pillows Marriott uses, then keep reading because we tell you and show you where to buy them.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. We may also earn commissions from other affiliate programs as applicable. Click here to read our privacy & disclosure page.

Where to buy Marriott Pillows

If you are trying to find where Marriott Hotel Pillows for sale are offered, you are in luck! Marriott Hotel Pillows can be purchased in two places, primarily: Amazon (which has a more limited selection) and from directly Marriott itself (which has a broader selection).

Alternative Down Marriott Pillow from Amazon (Check Price):

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Marriott Feather & Down Pillow from Marriott Direct:

Image of Marriott-feather-down-pillow - best hotel pillows

There are rumors (unconfirmed) that this pillow, below, is one of the pillows used at Marriott Hotel properties in some cases but that’s just a rumor: Envirosleep Dream Surrender King Pillow Set. (2 Pillows) – check price

Marriott Accent Pillows / Marriott Throw Pillows

If a Marriott Accent Pillow or a Marriott Throw Pillow caught your eye on a recent Marriott stay, some of these pillows are also for sale.

Marriott Pillow Bolster (these are the round tubular pillows):

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And Marriott’s own bedding store sells these:

Marriott Pillow Cases, Shams & Other Bedding Products

Marriott sells a few other elements from its bedding collections including Marriott Pillowcases, Marriott Shams, and Marriott Sheets. Here are a few ideas to inspire you from their Amazon.com store:

As usual, they have a few more products for sale on the Marriott direct bedding store. Like these:

JW Marriott Pillows

Yes, consumers can, in fact, purchase JW Marriott Pillows. The JW Marriott, of course, is the more upscale and luxurious Marriott hotel named after its namesake. JW Marriott Pillows can only be purchased directly from the JW Marriott Store:

The bottom line is this: if you want Marriott Bedding – be it Marriott Pillows, Sheets, or even the bed itself, you can likely find it and buy it!

Hilton Pillows

What pillows do Hilton Hotels use? Everyone wants to know because Hilton Pillows are pretty darn great. Hilton is one of the largest and most iconic hotel brands in the world.

Featuring properties like Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn, Embassy Suites, Home 2 Suites, DoubleTree Suites, and many more, Hilton’s attention to detail on their hotel bedding and pillows, in particular, is noteworthy.

Hilton Pillows follow a similar trend as other hotels in offering both firm and softer options as well as traditional feather-down pillows or alternative down pillows.

Hilton Pillows are known for having the perfect combination of firmness and fluff – always a hard balance to strike.

Here are 3 popular Hilton Pillow Options travelers can buy (below). Hilton, as is the case with all of their bedding, sells most of their bedding direct from their Hilton To Home website (sorry Amazon friends!).

However, they have partnered with Wayfair and do sell some of their products direct to consumers. We’ve listed a few options below:

Hilton Feather & Down Pillow (Buy from Hilton) (buy from Wayfair)

Image of hilton feather down hilton-pillow-top hotel pillow

Hilton Down Pillow (Buy from Hilton):

Image of Hilton Down Pillow - a Top Hotel Pillow

Down Alternative Pillow (Buy from Hilton) (buy from Wayfair)

hilton-down-alternative-pillow-Hilton Hotel Pillow

As noted above, the Hilton Family of Hotels does not sell their bedding anywhere else (e.g. Target, Amazon, etc) with one exception: Wayfair. To help our readers find the pillow that matches the hotel they slept in we’ve added links to all of the Hilton Bedding stores:

Speaking of Pillows…you may be looking for an amazing luxury hotel pillow, but what about a travel pillow? Check out our analysis of the top travel pillows – including the very unique (and highly ranked!) Trtl Pillow Plus

St Regis Pillows

Famous hotel chain St Regis features a curated collection of various pillow shapes, sizes, and fillings. Travelers can purchase St Regis Pillows directly from the St Regis Boutique or purchase a few selections from their collection on Amazon.com

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St Regis Hotel Pillow – Down Alternative (Check Price)

Westin Pillows

Westin Hotels are some of the nicest you’ll ever stay at and their bedding is typically top-notch. Westin Pillows (including the Westin Heavenly Pillow) can be purchased both directly from Westin and online at stores like Amazon. Their feather & down pillow is known for comfort and coolness and the hypoallergenic version is just as great.

Westin Heavenly Pillow – Feather & Down (Check Price at Westin Store):

westin-hotel-feather-down-pillow-top hotel pillows

Check the Same Pillow on Amazon Here

Westin Hotel Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Pillow (Check Amazon Price):

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See what Westin is selling it for here

Actual Photo of Westin Pillow
Photo of Westin Pillow from our recent stay at a Westin in Mammoth, CA

Ritz Carlton Pillows

You can purchase Ritz Carlton Pillows directly from Ritz themselves including these:

And we just have to say that Ritz Carlton Pillows are absolutely delightful! Listen to how they describe their popular Ritz Carlton Pillow:

“A luxurious and innovative replacement for traditional down that is perfect in every season, our signature pillow is composed of allergen-free natural materials. An extra-warm blend of down, feathers and Lyocell fibers combine for plush support that pleases all. For optimal loft, the cotton cover, encasing a triple-chamber design, keeps the fill fluffy and full throughout.”

We are ready to take a nap right now!

Hyatt Pillows

The North American branch of Hyatt uses Downlite bedding in their properties. The only pillow, however, for sale is the DOWNLITE Medium Density 230 TC White Goose Chamber Hotel Pillow which you can buy directly from Downlite.

It’s too bad because Hyatt Hotel Pillows are actually extremely comfortable and we wish they had a broader collection for sale.

Sheraton Hotel Pillows

The pillows at Sheraton Hotels are renowned for comfort along with most bedding at this iconic hotel chain. Sheraton Hotel Pillows can be purchased by consumers who want to bring this unique sleep experience home with them. In fact, Sheraton Pillows can be purchased directly from the Sheraton Home Store or on Amazon:

Folks looking to buy Sheraton Pillows can use the two options listed below:

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Sheraton Hotel Queen Down Alternative Pillow (Check Price)

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Sheraton Hotel Queen Feather & Down Pillow (Check Price)

Choice Hotels Pillows (Incl: Comfort Inn Pillows, Cambria Inn Pillows, Quality Inn Pillows, Clarion Hotel Pillows, etc)

Choice Hotels features well-known hotel brands like Comfort Inn, Cambria Inn, Quality Inn, Econolodge, Clarion, and more. Despite their notoriety for focusing on the affordable lodging segment their pillows are fairly well regarded.

Each Choice hotel features a hard and soft pillow from Restful Nights. Specifically, these are known as:

  • Restful Nights Green Label (soft)
  • Restful Night Blue Label (firm)

Unfortunately, the exact Choice Hotel Pillows are a little more difficult to get your hands on. While Restful Nights does have an Amazon.com store, they don’t appear to carry these specific models. Although they do have similar models (know at the Restful Nights “hotel pillow”) and another company appears to be selling a Choice Hotel Pillow knock-off.

Pillows.com, however, does appear to sell the exact Choice Hotel Pillow Models:

If you are looking for Comfort Inn Pillows, Cambria Inn Pillows, Quality Inn Pillows, Econolodge Pillows (although, why would you!?), as well as Clarion Pillows give the folks at Pillows.com a glance. 

IHG Pillows for Sale

World-famous brands like Kimpton, Crowne-Plaza, Holiday Inn, Staybridge Suites and so many more form the IHG family of hotels. The pillows used in IHG properties vary quite a bit so we’ve shared what we currently know, below.

It’s also worth noting that some of the IHG properties use the same collection of pillows. This collection is formally known as the IHG Bedding Collection and not only can pillows be purchased but much of the entire IHG Bedding Collection itself can be purchased directly off Amazon

Be sure to check in for more information as we continue to help readers find the best hotel pillows – including more IHG pillows for sale (and where to buy them!).

InterContinental Pillows

The Intercontinental Hotel chain uses chamber-style pillows from Downlite which you can get directly from Downlite or on Amazon. See the links, below:

Kimpton Pillows

You can purchase Kimpton Pillows directly from Kimpton and it appears that the pillows from Kimpton are suspiciously close to the Marriott Pillow. Compare for yourself:

Buy Holiday Inn Pillows

The Holiday Inn uses Downlite bedding. This includes the Holiday Inn Pillow which can be purchased here:

Holiday Inn Pillows are, surprisingly, quite comfortable. Moreover, they are durable and made from environmentally friendly materials. Holiday Inn has invested heavily in its bedding line and made a point of improving the sleep experience of its guests at both Holiday Inns and Holiday Inn Expresses.

Alternatively, you can purchase something similar to Holiday Inn pillows here.

Holiday Inn Express Pillows

Holiday Inn Express Pillows can be purchased from Pillows.com including these links:

Crowne Plaza Pillows

The Crowne Plaza uses Downlite bedding which you can purchase here:

EVEN Hotel Pillows

EVEN Hotel Pillows can be purchased from Pillows.com here

Staybridge Suites Pillows

Staybridge Suites Pillows are made by the Downlite Bedding Company including the Downlite Medium Density 230 EnviroLoft AAFA Certified Alternative Down Pillow.

Candlewood Suites Pillows

Candlewood Pillows are from the Loves to Be Washed Pillow Collection which is part of Candlewood’s “Comforts of Home Bedding Collection.” They cannot currently be purchased by consumers.

Four Seasons Hotel Pillows

Four Seasons is known for having luxurious bedding and so getting your hands on one of these pillows might be a coup! In fact, the pillows at Four Season’s hotel locations are sumptuous and luxurious and worth using in your own home. 

Four Seasons Hotel Pillows can be purchased directly from Four Seasons via their luxury store.

Here are a few examples:

Fairmont Pillows

Fairmont Pillows can be purchased directly from Fairmont or via Amazon. Fairmont Hotels is a popular Canadian hotel chain with around 75 properties worldwide. Their bedding and pillows are quite comfortable. Buy Fairmont hotel pillows here:

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Best Western Pillows

Best Western pillows can be purchased directly from Downlite Bedding company here:

Aria Pillows

Las Vegas Casino Aria is a once-in-a-lifetime hotel experience. This casino delivers on its promises on all fronts including the sleep experience. Guests can actually purchase Aria Pillows directly from the hotel itself using this link

Premier Inn Pillows

The Premier Inn Pillows are a custom-made offer for Premier Inn hotels, however, guests can purchase a set of the microfibre pillows for their own homes directly from the Premier Inn Home Store here.

Hotel Pillows on Sale

Amazon routinely puts items on sale including hotel bedding but if you are looking for amazing hotel pillows for sale (and ON SALE) here are a few ideas:

Hotel Quality Pillows / Hotel Grade Pillows / Hotel Like Pillows / Hotel Type Pillows

If you are the kind of shopper who always looks for the knock-off or the better deal here are a few hotel quality pillows or hotel-grade pillows that might do the trick. Finding a hotel-like pillow can be just as rewarding as buying an actual hotel pillow itself and it can save you some money!  Here are a few ideas on where to locate hotel-type pillows. 

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COZYDREAM Hotel Quality Pillows for Sleeping [Set of Two]

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In Style Furnishings – Luxury Set of 2 Gel Fiber Bed Pillows

Frequently Asked Questions about Pillows Used by Hotels

In the following sections, we answer a few frequently asked questions about pillows and hotels.

Where do hotels get their pillows?

Where do hotels get their pillows? Typically, hotels will purchase their pillows in bulk from name-brand pillow companies. Often, the pillow manufacturer will custom make a pillow specifically for that hotel. 

What type of pillows do hotels use?

What type of pillows do hotels use? It varies by hotelier, but generally speaking, hotels use higher quality pillows designed to provide a memorable sleep experience for their guests. In many cases, guests can purchase the actual pillow itself or a hotel-like pillow. 

Where do hotels buy their pillows?

Where do hotels get their pillows? Inquiring minds want to know, right? Here’s the deal. Hotels often purchase their pillows directly from a pillow manufacturer, and usually in bulk. In many cases, these pillows are custom-made for the hotelier. Most importantly, most hotel-grade pillows or actual pillows used by hotels can be purchased by consumers. 

Where can I buy hotel pillows?

Use this buying guide to find where to buy a hotel pillow and take that amazing sleep experience home with you. Most hotel chains offer their pillows for sale either via places like Amazon or directly from their own bedding stores. 

What pillows do Hilton hotels use?

The pillows used in Hilton hotels are part of a custom collection sold only on the Hilton Home Store website and via Wayfair. 

What are hotel pillows made of?

Hotel pillows are made from a variety of materials including down, feather as well as a mix of hypoallergenic and memory foam options. Hypoallergenic synthetic down pillows are most popular with hotel guests. 

Can you take pillows from hotels?

Be honest. You’ve thought about this. Maybe the desk clerk wouldn’t notice as you casually stroll out of the hotel with a pillow under your arm. Not a great idea… 

Can you take hotel pillows? Sure, you can, but you might be charged for the pillow. Maids will report stolen pillows or towels to the front desk who is almost certainly going to charge your bill. Instead of stealing pillows from hotels, you stay in, use our pillow buying guide and purchase one!

What are the pillows in hotels?

Several high-quality bedding companies have partnered with hotel brands to place their pillows into hotel properties. Unsurprisingly, hotels want their guests to have a great sleep experience and so the pillows in hotels are often high quality and durable and in many cases, can be purchased for use at home.

Conclusion – Best Hotel Pillows in the World and where to buy them

We hope you enjoyed this exhaustive list of Hotel Pillows to Buy! Be sure to check back in as we continue to build out this massive collection of hotel pillows – including the best-rated hotel pillows.

To review, we’ve answered the following questions:

  • What kinds of pillows are used in hotels?
  • What are the best hotel pillows?
  • Where can I buy hotel pillows?
  • What hotel has the most comfortable pillows?
  • Where can I buy Holiday Inn Pillows?
  • What pillows does Hampton Inn use?
  • What pillows does Marriott use?
  • What pillows do Hilton hotels use?
  • Can I buy Kimpton Pillows?
  • Where can I buy Hyatt Pillows?
  • Where do hotels get their pillows?
  • What are the pillows at the Sheraton hotels?

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