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Best Hotel Style Sheets & Hotel Sheets: where to find them!

Crisp, cool hotel sheets are an amazing feeling and one that can be replicated in your own home if you know where to look. In our Best Hotel Style Sheets and Hotel Sheets Buying Guide we tell you exactly where to buy the best hotel sheets as well as the best hotel style sheets (for those who can’t afford a luxurious name brand hotel bed sheet set (like Sheraton Sheets or Hilton Sheets).

An interesting travel pillow to help you actually sleep on the plane (Travel Tip Tuesday #10)

For many people, myself included, it’s incredibly difficult to sleep on a plane. I am a tall person and it’s hard to get truly comfortable on a plane – comfortable enough to sleep? Not likely. In most cases the best I can muster is the takeoff nap (which you can read more about here: The Takeoff Nap – my favorite business travel hack ). However, I was asked to review an interesting travel pillow a few months ago and I’ve found that I really like this fella AND it helped me actually sleep a little better on the plane.

Did you enter? Win a free Knack Bag here

One-Bag-Lifers! Where you at!? We’ve partnered with the extremely clever & popular One-Bag maker Knack Bags to bring our readers an opportunity to win a free Knack Bag. But, the contest ends today so you’ve got to get your entry in today or it ain’t happening. A winner will be announced shortly after March 8th, 2020.

The 20 Best Travel Purses for 2020

Finding the perfect travel purse can be quite challenging. But, it doesn’t need to be if you use our detailed guide on the 20 best travel purses for 2020. In this article we provide an in depth analysis on 20 of the top travel purses for 2020. From basic purses to anti theft travel purses to small travel purses, large travel purses and even cute travel purses we cover the entire spectrum of travel purses for women. In fact, we guarantee you will find something you like!