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We love guest posts! If you are a blogger (and not representing a company or major website) and interested in guest blogging for us, please review the details below and hit us up with a pitch. Please follow the instructions carefully.


  • if your pitch doesn’t have anything to do with business travel it will be ignored 
  • if you are a company (or a content writer representing a company), please see our Sponsored posts section and contact us for a pricing structure

In particular, we are looking for guest bloggers on the following topics:

  • Destination Guides for major business travel cities (e.g. 5 things to do in Cincinnati while on business travel)
  • Drones for Travel – e.g. drone reviews, how to take pictures, traveling with it, etc
  • Women’s business travel – tips, tricks, hacks, etc from the perspective of a female business traveler, travel safety, etc
  • Travel Horror Stories
  • Places to eat while on business travel
  • Things to do while on a business trip
  • Healthy Travel Tips – workout ideas for traveling, healthy food, etc.
  • Hotel Rewards Program Overviews (that haven’t been published on our site already)
  • Rental Car Rewards Program Overviews (Specifically: Budget, Hertz, Dollar, Alamo, Avis)
  • Airlines Rewards Program Overviews (specifically: Frontier, Virgin, United)
  • Travel Jobs / Expat Jobs (how to get a specific travel job, etc)
  • Business Travel Trends
  • Just about anything business travel related (that we haven’t covered– pitch me!

If you can assist with any of these, please let me know.

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In your initial email, please ensure you include your pitch! Be patient – it might take me a few days to respond (or you email might have got flagged as spam). Feel free to hit me up on Twitter. 

If your list of article pitches is not related to business travel in some way your email will likely be ignored. 

Additional Requirements for Guest Post Submissions:

  • Business travel related
  • Greater than 1000 words
  • Not previously published anywhere
  • Topic is not already covered on CBoardingGroup (new keywords)
  • Well written (although it will be edited)
  • We reserve the right not to publish your submission
  • 2 Images minimum per article (must own images or they must be public domain) – this is negotiable
  • Sponsored posts are available as well – read the rules and then contact for pricing structure
  • Email me at jeremy a t cboardinggroup dot co m.

I also have a travel bloggers list for link exchanges and lists of interesting travel bloggers I follow: The Ultimate List of the Best Travel Blogs 2019 Edition.

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