Best Hotel Style Sheets & Hotel Sheets: where to find them!

Crisp, cool hotel sheets are an amazing feeling and one that can be replicated in your own home if you know where to look. In our Best Hotel Style Sheets and Hotel Sheets Buying Guide we tell you exactly where to buy the best hotel sheets as well as the best hotel style sheets (for those who can’t afford a luxurious name brand hotel bed sheet set (like Sheraton Sheets or Hilton Sheets).

Space Travel Tips – A humorous look at business travel 200 years from now

Since none of us our traveling right now, I present a humorous look at Space Business Travel. Imagine for a moment it’s the year 2220, and space travel is prevalent. What will it look like? What are the gripes business travelers will face then? Will ThePointsGuy still be hawking credit cards? These questions and more are here for your reading pleasure. Enjoy and be safe wherever you are.