Category: Travel Tip Tuesday

In our Travel Tip Tuesday series, readers are treated to a new critical, must-know, life-altering (ok, that’s probably too dramatic) travel tip each and every Tuesday. Check back each Tuesday for a new travel tip designed to help you travel better!

Do you need a mileage run to top you out for the year? Here’s what to do (Travel Tip Tuesday #45)

It’s that time of the year. No, not Christmas, silly (well, it’s that too, but we don’t care about that, haha). It’s the time of year where we are putting… Read more »

What to do if you forget a toiletry while traveling (some tricks of the trade) – Travel Tip Tuesday #42

It happens. You leave a toothbrush at home, or maybe that new travel size shaving cream bottle (you can picture it sitting on your kitchen counter). Dangit! Now what? It’s… Read more »

Travel Tip Tuesday #38 – Set 2 Alarms so you don’t oversleep (when traveling for work)

This week’s Travel Tip Tuesday is a simple one and it has to do with waking up on time while traveling for work. Always set two alarms to make sure… Read more »

Travel Tip Tuesday #36 – Keep your Travel Loyalty & Rewards Programs Safe!

As we continue our focus on safety and the traveler we are examining an oft forgotten part of travel safety: making sure you keep your travel loyalty and rewards program… Read more »

Travel Tip Tuesday #34 – Why frequent travelers should drop everything and buy a laptop screen protector

If I tried to count on one hand the number of times I’ve observed fellow passengers working on the plane on some important slide deck or updating a spreadsheet I’d… Read more »

Travel Tip Tuesday #33 – Be Careful with Public Conversations on Work Trips

Once, while traveling to a popular trade show in my industry, I happened to being sitting directly behind my competition in the first class cabin on my plane. As the… Read more »

Travel Tip Tuesday #32 – Get a Discounted Lounge Pass and de-stress

This week’s travel tip Tuesday advice is about easier and less stressful travel. Yup, the airport travel tip for this week has you investing in an airport lounge pass –… Read more »

Travel Tip Tuesday #31: Skip the People Movers (and Escalators) to Burn a Few Extra Calories at the Airport

Staying healthy while on a trip can be a challenge at times. It takes concerted effort, consistency and occasionally a little creativity. This week’s Travel Tip Tuesday is about creativity… Read more »

Travel Tip Tuesday #30 – Get a Boarding Pass before you get to the Airport

It’s Tuesday again (funny how that works) and we have another Travel Tip for our readers. This week’s travel tip Tuesday advice focusing on the use of mobile boarding passes… Read more »

How to get through Airport Security Faster with these practical TSA Tips (Travel Tip Tuesday #29)

There are several tricks of the trade that travel pros use to make their airport security experience easier and quicker. We reveal all in this article by sharing several TSA… Read more »

Travel Tip Tuesday #28: Always Sign up for the Frequent Flyer Program (and then stick with that airline!)

In this month’s final Travel Tip Tuesday post we are highlighting the value of frequent flyer programs. Airline loyalty can reap you big rewards (and not just in points/miles). I… Read more »