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Welcome to my business travel blog! #TravelHacks. I travel a lot for work (some years more than others) and I’ve done so since 2005-ish (I think). With as much time as I spend in hotels or stuck on planes I’ve figured I should share some of my business travel tips and business travel hacks.

In this blog you will find some of my business travel hacks, experiences and recommended products that I use (via my affiliate links), and some business travel memes that I’ve created. Some of this may even be funny. Or not. Whatever.

I’ve also written 101 Travel Hacks for the Business Traveler which is packed full of great tips on #LevelingUp your business travel game.

Airplane Memes, Airport Memes, Travel MemesAirport Memes - when I booked a flight with two connections travel memeAirport Memes, Airplane Memes, Middle Seat MemesAirplane Memes - Southwest Airlines Meme Travel MemesHotel Memes, Airport Memes, Travel MemesOne Does Not Simply Check their bags Travel MEME
One Does Not Simply Check their bags Travel MEME
TSA Memes - trying to get my family through TSA Airport MemesTravel MEME: TSA Precheck - you the real MVP TSA Memes
Travel MEME: TSA Precheck - you the real MVP
TSA Memes - when the TSA Line is empty Airport Memes Travel MemesFlorida Airports in the Summer Airport Memes Travel MemesWhen you leave your water bottle in the bag and TSA doesn't catch it TSA Memes7 Habits of the Highly Effective Business Traveler They never check a bag!Airplane Memes - Upgraded to First Class on 45 Min FlightTake seat please travel memes, airplane memes, airport memes

Click the blog link for all the gory details and learn how to avoid the C Boarding Group!

More About Me:

I am…

  • A Traveling Business professional (travel jobs I’ve held: sales, consulting, sales engineer, general manager, product manager) in the cyber security, public safety and telecommunications universe
  • A father of 4 kids (2 young and 2 in college)
  • A husband (married since 1996)
  • A Generation X kid. Just barely – 1977! No millennial here. We know how to work, baby and we like our grunge music.
  • A pretty good soccer goalkeeper and terrible golfer (but totally hooked by the golf bug). And occasional runner. The only way to make sure you day can’t get any worse is to start it w/ a run.
  • A guy who likes to fish! (I’ve recently tried fly fishing. Totally been missing out!)
  • A Marine (1996 – 2000). Semper Fi! #KMFK. General Kelly promoted me to Sergeant in 1999 – so there!
  • A writer who has been professionally writing as a side gig since the early 2000’s.Magazines, articles, blogs. Mostly technical stuff, but a little poetry from time to time and now some travel tips. I do all of my blogging on my personal time – in the

    hotel after work, or on the weekends, or early in the AM over a cup of coffee when I am home.

  • A professor. I have been an adjunct faculty member since 2002. Love teaching. My retirement gig will be teaching full time. I plan to get a pipe and plaid jacket w/ patches on the sleeves.
  • A dude w/ 3 degrees (BS in IT, MS in IT and an MBA). Basically, that means I have a giant college loan.
  • A son who’s mom writes children’s books!
  • The oldest sibling of 3 (one brother and one sis).

My travel preferences:

  • I tend to fly Southwest (#1), Delta (#2). I did fly Virgin once. That was pretty cool. And I wish I could fly Alaska more. I dig that Airline. Just no consistent flight options for me.
  • I stay in Hilton hotels (for no real reason other than I started w/ them and just stayed. Also, they’ve been really good to me!)
  • I prefer to rent National rental cars (although for some reason I am being punished by the universe with Avis at my current firm #CurseYouAvis).
  • I’ve been elite status on two airlines in one year (although I am not elite presently after slowing my travel down for a few years. It’s amped back up again now though so I am on the hunt!)
  • I mostly travel domestic (occasionally Canada – if you can call that international).

Don’t forget to check out my 101 Travel Hacks for the Business Traveler.


Enjoy that middle seat!



I also have been toying w/ Affiliate Marketing so many of the product links reflect that. This is done to keep the site running, not to take vacations to Burma. And besides, if you are gonna click, I might as well get paid that $.04!

Check out some of favorite travel pro items here.

All content is my own and doesn’t represent the opinions of my employer. Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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ankitjnv August 31, 2018 - 1:11 pm

ENJOY IN middle SEAT ..woww its look like how much u r enjoying .
you have great achievements great performer
good luck bro

Image Earth Travel September 11, 2018 - 12:29 am

Great blog and look forward to reading more in the future.
Many thanks for stopping by my travel and photography blog. 🙂 https://imageearthtravel.com/

J Smith - Biz Travel Blogger September 11, 2018 - 6:17 pm

Wow, just checked your page out. REALLY good photos. Clean, Simple design that really makes the pics pop. Really really nice.

Image Earth Travel September 13, 2018 - 1:05 pm

Thank you for your feedback.

Image Earth Travel September 13, 2018 - 1:07 pm

Forgot to mention, I did a lot of customisation on my theme but sadly, Wordpress has reitred the theme so no longer supported. I have to change to another theme. I am trying to find something that is similar and that I can customise to look almost identical – what a pain!

Joan E Wilder September 15, 2018 - 12:46 pm

I love Southwest – they are great ! Their flight attendants are usually very funny too! Enjoy the .04! LOL Best of luck to you!


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