United's Social Media Team Goes Straight Gangster and we are chuckling...

United’s Social Media Team Goes Straight Gangster and we are chuckling…

In a slightly humorous Twitter exchange a passenger on a recent United Airlines flight expressed some frustration about the seating policies United employs for it’s various classes of economy seating. Here’s the initial tweet, before United’s social team went straight gangster on @Krunasty:

Seems like an ok gripe at first. Sure, it’s sucks when you that boarding door shuts and you are crammed into the cheapest seat you can afoord only to stare longingly at a few empty seats in the Economy Plus area that are unfilled. But you didn’t pay for that seat…you went the cheapo route. You try to switch, you know, cuz the door is shut. Ain’t no one coming. That seat DID NOT get sold…and you are thinking…hellsya.

But then the FA swoops in and is like…yeah, no bueno. You didn’t pay for the seat…you can’t sit in it. And then you get pissed.

And then you tweet about it thinking that will help.

At first, United’s tweet response is fairly benign:

Ok, cool. It’s a fair response. Note that United must have multiple people managing their Twitter accounts and uses the moniker ^BA to indicate which person actually sent the tweet.

Well, this response doesn’t sit well with Krunal who fires back and escalates.

Then it gets interesting. ^BA, the person handling this particular interaction feels that an analogy might make the point a little better:

Wait, what? This may be the first time that Economy Plus seats where compared to a Lexus. I mean, sure, they are BETTER than straight economy…but Lexus? Nah man. Also, it’s just a funny analogy in general and I am sure the United team is probably doing some internal “coaching today” with old ^BA.

We found ^BA’s response simultaneously appropriate and inappropriate. Yeah, they could have used a different analogy, but we love the chutzpah on this person who went straight gangster on the entitled (in our opinion) Kunal.

Our response? Read it below:

Sure, ^BA could have went a different route, but our opinion is it’s clear that Kunal is a tad entitled. And yes, we also get the point that the seat’s there and all and not sold and maybe United could do a little better with the seating situation, but how do you govern that really? It’s a no win situation. Is it first come first served? Do you charge people ON the plane to make the move? No…you can’t do any of that. Instead, you let the seat go empty.

But, not everyone agrees. In fact, there’s wide disagreement. We’ve highlighted a few interesting tweets here for you:

Final Thoughts

So, how about you? What do you think about United’s policy? How could it be improved? How do you think the social media manager handled it? Could ^BA have done better?


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7 comments on “United’s Social Media Team Goes Straight Gangster and we are chuckling…

  1. Franz

    Agreed with United. Unless you PAID for that seat, you just need to STFU. Loved that snark btw even though i’ve heard it before

  2. Debit

    Marketing is all about putting into people’s mind something as inevitable. It was white plantation owners telling blacks that it was divinely pre ordained that they be property of whites, it is the water companies that make it normal that we have to pay for water when it is capitalist pigs that polluted the water in the first place, soon it will be normal to have to pay for air the way these capitalist pigs are burning down forests. Similarly united has been successful in putting in our minds that we are stealing if we don’t pay for sitting in an empty premium economy seat.

    Here is my contribution: white republican males are committing premeditated murder with their unequivocal focus on taking away people’s health care.

  3. Sheesh

    This is why we can never have nice things. The whining d-bag has a Twitter filled with his fancy shoes and cars and can’t/won’t pay $20 for more legroom. Pathetic poseur. Wants it all and willing to pay for nothing.

  4. derek

    The answer should have been very simple.

    Although there is no divider between Economy Plus and Economy, these are separate cabins. Switching seats between cabins are not permitted, just as one would not be allowed to switch between Economy Plus and First Class. Consider treating yourself on your next United flight and purchase an Economy Plus seat!


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