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The life of a blogger is hard. Especially when you are starting out. But it’s also a bit funny in a twisted sort of way. That’s why I’ve created these blog memes. So, take a break from checking your adsense balance of $.09 or hitting refresh on your blog views page and enjoy these funny blogging memes!

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Blogging Memes - Starts Blog 6 Views

Blog Memes - Yoast SEO Plugin

Blog Memes - SEO

Blog memes - Me waiting for blog views

Blog Memes - I should buy a boat

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Blog Memes - Violation of Amazon Rules

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Blog Memes - Permalinks

Blog Memes - Holiday Gift Guides

By the way, what is a blog meme? The definition of a blog meme (at least in my opinion) is a meme that lampoons some silly or frustrating aspect of being a blogger. And there are no shortage of things to make fun of…lol!

Blog memes - Amazon

Enjoying these blog memes? I hope so…because us bloggers can take ourselves too seriously sometimes. We need to chillax a bit sometimes. Here’s some more blog memes to wet your whistle.

7k a month blog meme

Blog Meme - My first sale

Blog Meme - Pinterest MVP

Blogging Memes - AMP

Blog memes - what is AMP

Blog Memes 10 Views a Day

Yoast SEO Blog Meme

Blog Memes - New Blog Tips

Blog Memes - New Affiliate Programs

Blog memes - Mediavine

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Zinnser - on writing well

Ok…ad’s over. Let’s get into some more blogging memes!

Blog Meme - 7k a month

Blog Meme - SEO my blog nah

Blog Memes - 50 Views a Day

Blogging Memes - 8k a month

Blogging Memes - Blog SEO improvements

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Blogging Memes - Mediavine

Blogging memes - Pinterest Stealer

Yoast SEO Configuration Blogging Meme

Let’s do some more blogging memes…

Blog Memes - Changing My Permalinks

Blog Memes - Learning Gutenburg WordPress Editor

Blog Memes - Pin goes viral

Blog Memes - Starting a blog is easy

Blog Memes - Taxes

Blog Memes First Affiliate Sale

Blogging memes - first affiliate sale

Blogging Memes - Gutenberg editor wordpress

I hope you’ve enjoyed these blog memes as much as I did. Check back often for more new blog memes and share some on social media. Don’t forget to check out all of our great content while you are here too! Including some of our travel memes and of course our travel hacks & tips and gift guides.

PS…check out my blog tips section!

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