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United’s Social Media Team Goes Straight Gangster and we are chuckling…

In a slightly humorous Twitter exchange a passenger on a recent United Airlines flight expressed some frustration about the seating policies United employs for it’s various classes of economy seating…. Read more »

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. involved in plane crash and escapes with minor injuries

NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his family have been involved in a plane crash near Bristol, Tennessee from which Dale, his family (and two pilots) apparently walked way from… Read more »

U.S. DOT: Unlimited Pit Bull Service Animals allowed on planes

The United States Department of Transportation issued updated guidance regarding the use of service animals on airplanes. This guidance, known as the Final Statement of Enforcement Priorities Regarding Service Animals,… Read more »

To help or not help with a woman’s suitcase on a plane. Sexism? Manners? You decide

A recent Twitter exchange from writer and poet Caroline Rothstein has set the internet on fire and folks on both sides of this “issue” are weighing in. We are not… Read more »

SFO bans plastic water bottles…will other airports follow suit?

As has been widely covered, the San Francisco Airport Authority has banned the use of single-use plastic water bottles at the airport. This first-of-its-kind prohibition is sure to send shockwaves… Read more »

Crazy Travelers: Woman smashes boyfriend on head with laptop for looking at other women

In a now viral video two travelers were involved in an altercation on a recent flight that got violent. Apparently the dispute started when the boyfriend was caught checking out… Read more »

Marriott gets Bonvoyed as DC sues Marriott for deceptive resort fees (Travel News)

In a surprise announcement today, the Washington, DC Attorney General Karl Racine has sued Marriott for deceptive resort fees claiming that Marriott has violated consumer protection laws. The AG notes:… Read more »