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Ontario Airport Parking - find the best ONT parking

Ontario Airport Parking – find the cheapest and easiest parking options [Updated for 2020]

by Jeremy B

Planning to fly in and out of Ontario Airport? Here is a detailed guide to the Ontario Airport Parking situation. Find the cheapest and easiest parking options for this outstanding Southern California Airport.

In this article you will learn the following:

  • How much is parking at Ontario airport?
  • What is the best place to park at Ontario Airport?
  • Is there cheap parking at Ontario Airport?
  • What are the Ontario Airport parking rates?
  • Where is the Ontario Airport Long Term Parking?

In this article, we share exactly what you need to know about the Ontario Airport Parking situation so that you can find the cheapest and easiest parking at this great airport. Plus, we share some general information about the ONT airport, including the terminal configuration, airlines that serve Ontario Airport and other useful information to help you prepare for your journey from the ONT.

Ontario Airport – an Overview

The Ontario Airport is one of the best airports in Southern California. And by best, we don’t mean fancy, or luxurious, or glamorous. Ontario Airport (ONT) is none of those things.

Ontario Airport is a very convenient airport for many Southern California travelers. Its central location in SOCAL puts it basically no more than an hour from most parts of Southern California (save maybe the ultra southern parts of CA like San Diego County).

Parking at Ontario Airport
Parking at Ontario Airport

Ontario Airport (ONT) is a small airport with moderate traffic, but it’s also exactly suited for the regular business traveler. It’s also great option for pleasure travelers with direct options to major cities like Las Vegas (39 minutes or so), or Phoenix (55m), or Salt Lake City, etc.

There used to be a United flight from LAX to ONT…14 minute flight. I’ve done it…pretty cool. And if your flight gets delayed or canceled they just bus you to ONT (I’ve done that too…weird). I don’t know if this flight is still offered, but it’s got to be one of the shortest flights in the country. 

Ontario Airport has a storied history regarding its ownership. It was owned by LAX (yeah, the big airport) for a while (and that kinda sucked as LAX cut the flight options out of ONT. It’s now back on its own and flight options have started to return and several upgrades have started (like adding Rock N Brews to Terminal 4).

Another fun fact about Ontario Airport is that it is a common filming location for Movies, TV Shows and Commercials. If a show has an airport in it, there is a VERY good chance it was filmed at the Ontario Airport. Shows like Mad Men and 24 movies like Argo and Mission Impossible, and man other popular shows have been filmed here.

Movies aside, Ontario Airport is a great Southern California Airport. It’s easy to get in and out of.  It’s flight options are reasonable, and it’s in “ok” shape for an airport. Even the rental car facility is “close” – technically offsite, but not really (see the map, later).

Parking at Ontario Airport is pretty straightforward too – as we will see in a moment. Traveler’s would do well to consider Ontario Airport as a viable option for their flight needs.

Getting to Ontario Airport

Ontario Airport is conveniently located in the middle of 3 major California Freeways: the 15, the 60 and the 10. Keep that nugget of information in the back of your mind for a minute.

Ontario Airport is located…wait for it…in the City of Ontario, CA. Ontario, CA is a beautiful city, chock full of touristy things to do…oh wait, that’s Ontario, CANADA. Ontario, CA…well, it sucks. Think warehouses, traffic, car dealerships, and well, and an airport.

Here’s a pic of where it’s located in SOCAL:

Image of Major Airports in Southern California - Focus ONT Airport (Ontario Airport Parking)

As you can see from the map, Ontario Airport is in a great location. No matter where you are coming from there’s probably more than one way to get there which is a BIG DEAL given how crazy California Traffic can be.

For example, if you are coming from, say Temecula, you can usually take the 15 North to Jurupa. But if the 15 is bogged down near Jurupa you can jump off on the 60, exit on Haven and bam, you are right where you need to be.

Terminal Configuration for Ontario Airport

Ontario Airport has two terminals: Terminal 2 and Terminal 4. When parking at the Ontario Airport it’s important to understand what terminal your airline flies out of as it could make your ONT parking experience even simpler.

There is actually a Terminal 1, too, but it’s not well known. It’s also where a lot (although not all) of the Movies and Shows are filmed.

Terminal 2 at Ontario Airport

Terminal 2 hosts several major airlines including: Delta, Alaska Airlines, China Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, United and Volaris.

Terminal 4 at ONT

Terminal 4 hosts two airlines: Southwest and American Airlines and in particular a LOT of Southwest flights.

Are you flying Southwest? If so you might be interested in this Guide to Getting the Best Seat on Southwest Airlines

Here’s a helpful map of the Ontario Airport terminal configuration:

Ontario Airport Map - Overview including ONT Parking Lots
Ontario Airport Map – Overview (Source: FlyOntario.com)

Ontario Airport Parking Situation

One of the great things about the Ontario Airport is it’s easy parking situation. Frankly, the parking in Ontario Airport is about as easy as it gets.

Parking for Ontario Airport is super easy, reasonably priced and plentiful. Unlike other airports where parking will cost you your left kidney or you have to take a shuttle for 30 minutes to pay less than $20.00 a day, Ontario Airport makes it simple. Very simple.

Let’s start with birds eye view of the ONT Parking options (see the pic, below):

Ontario Airport Parking Overview - Best Options
Bird’s Eye View of the Closest Parking Options at Ontario Airport via the Ontario Airport Parking Map

On-Airport Parking at Ontario

Normally, on-Airport Parking is c-r-a-z-y expensive. Not so much here at the Ontario Airport. There are three classes of on-airport parking lots at Ontario Airport: Economy and Daily Parking.

  • Ontario Airport Daily Parking (lots 2 and 4) is the easiest to get in and out of and is comprised to 2 separate lots that are directly across from Terminals 2 and 4. Easy in and out for walking. Price is a reasonable $21.00/day (or $3.00 for 30 minutes). Lot 2 Premium is $8.00 for an hour or $27 for the day.
  • Economy Parking at Ontario Airport (Ontario Airport Lot 3) is also pretty reasonable in terms of price and location. The  economy lot is sandwiched between Terminal 2 and Terminal 4’s Daily Lots (or in other words smack dab in between the 2 terminals). You can walk from your car to either terminal, but in my opinion it’s a tad long to walk. There are free shuttles that run to both terminals. This is a VERY attractive price of $16.00/day.
  • [Best Choice] Value Parking (Parking Lot 5 Ontario Airport) is the 3rd option for parking at Ontario Airport and it’s appropriately named as it definitely provides the best value. The Value Parking lot is sort of adjacent to the Terminal 4 Daily Parking Lot on John Bangs Road. It’s in between the Rental Car facility and Terminal 4. While a shuttle runs to either terminal, this parking lot offers WALKING access to Terminal 4 (the Southwest terminal!). This is often business travelers favorite parking spot at Ontario Airport. They can quickly park and easily walk to the Terminal and vice versa. No shuttles needed. And it’s a very reasonably priced $13.00/day. If you are looking for long term parking at Ontario Airport, this is your best bet.

Of course, like most airports, Ontario Airport offers a Valet Parking option which runs you $28.00/day. Just pull up to the curb and follow the signs. It’s not covered parking though…

There is actually another parking option (Lot D, below), for International Arrivals as well (Volaris and China Airlines).

Here’s a map of the parking options at Ontario Airport (source: flyontario.com):

Ontario Airport Parking Map - Overview

Off Airport Parking

For off-airport parking there are only two options: The Park n Fly and Sunrise Parking.

  • Ontario Park n Fly. The Park n Fly Ontario Airport is located on the corner of Jurupa and Haven. It’s $9.95/day and they offer a free shuttle. I’ve used this parking lot many times over the years. The shuttle is fast, and it’s not “that” far off the airport. You will, however, likely need to call them to come pick you up if you arrive on a flight later in the evening.
  • [Cheapest Parking!] Ontario Airport Sunrise Parking. This parking facility is the farthest away from Ontario Airport (it’s west of the airport on Jurupa) and it’s also the cheapest at $8.00/day. It’s safe and not more than a few extra minutes away. They offer a free shuttle, and if you visit their website they have a few coupons for even further savings.

Other Important Information about Parking at Ontario Airport California

Here are some other important pieces of information about the Ontario Airport Parking Situation worth noting:

  • Covered Parking at Ontario Airport. One of the drawbacks to parking at the Ontario Airport is there are no covered parking options nearby. It’s not the end of the world but don’t wash your car before you leave it in dusty Ontario, CA for a week.
  • Ontario Airport Parking Shuttle pick ups. The Ontario Airport shuttles run pretty frequently, but not nearly as frequently as you might see at bigger airports. Make sure you grab the phone # off your parking ticket in case you need to call the shuttle company for a ride. Additionally, the shuttle pick ups are right out the doors from each Terminal’s baggage claim in the “island” area (it’s obvious).
  • Terminal to Terminal Shuttle. There is a shuttle that runs from terminal to terminal if you need to get from one terminal to another, or you can walk. It’s a little bit of a walk, but you could use the exercise (this is one of my favorite tips on how to travel healthy – walk whenever you can).
  • Park at a Grocery store and take an uber…whaaaaattt?. If you are dirt cheap, you could park at the Stater Bros which is 2.2 miles away and take an Uber to the Ontario Airport. Buyer beware here (and check local laws)…but we’ve heard it being done before.

Thanks for stopping in to learn about Parking at Ontario Airport

Parking at ONT Airport is easy, plentiful and affordable. The Ontario Airport car parking prices will have you smiling with joy as you waltz through the normally light security lines without a care in the world. The easy parking at Ontario Airport is simply one of the many reasons to pick this airport when flying in and out of SOCAL.

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Reminder, we covered a lot of ground here including:

  • Ontario CA. Airport Parking
  • Parking at Ontario Airport CA
  • Parking at Ontario International Airport
  • Parking near Ontario Airport
  • Long Term parking Ontario Airport (remember, use Lot 5)
  • Why the parking for Ontario Airport is so great!
  • The Ontario Airport Parking fee and why it’s so reasonable
  • How to find cheap parking at Ontario Airport
  • And much more?

Sold yet? You ought to be!

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