DEAL ALERT: Best Selling LifeStraw is on sale today and it’s worth snagging

One of the coolest inventions I’ve ever seen is the LifeStraw which is currently on sale on Amazon today (19% off). If you are not familiar with this little fella it’s a pretty straightforward invention but darned clever.

The Lifestraw is a portable water purifier that cleans the water as you, well, suck it up like a straw. It is often used by campers or hikers and can function as an emergency water purifying solution as part of your home emergency or disaster kit.

19% off Sale!


According to the folks at LifeStraw they use a hollow fiber membrane to trap bacteria and even heavy metals from reaching your lips. You can read more here, but this little device is one of the most useful and functional inventions in a long time.

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1 comment on “DEAL ALERT: Best Selling LifeStraw is on sale today and it’s worth snagging

  1. Emily

    Different lifestraw products do different things. This is only rated for bacteria, viruses, and bad taste. So drinking out of a river in the US or Canada, fine. Drinking out of a river in India. Not fine. Anywhere that may have viruses or heavy metals this won’t do so it’s not great for international travel.


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