Enterprise Rebrands Rideshare Program as Commute with Enterprise- commuter program is worth looking at

Enterprise Rebrands Rideshare Program as Commute with Enterprise; commuter program is worth looking at

Enterprise Holdings, the largest rental car company in the world, has re-branded its vanpool ridesharing program to “Commute with Enterprise.” In their press release, Enterprise, which manages the rental car brands Enterprise-Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent a Car, noted that the name change speaks to a key mission of the service formally known as Enterprise Rideshare:

“…creating solutions that not only immediately lower transportation costs for commuters…”

Enterprise presently operates over 11,000 vanpools in 45 states. They claim this helps eliminate 1.4 billion commuter miles each year and removes around 65,000 cars off the roads and parking lots (not to mention a massive reduction in carbon emission that’s greater than 1 billion pounds).

Commute With Enterprise logo

Enterprise’s Commute program speaks to and targets the larger problem facing American workers these days: lengthy commute times. In their press release, Enterprise references a Bloomberg report where commuters in places like Washington, DC, NYC, Chicago and Philly spend around an hour or more each day commuting to work.


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Two Offerings: Companies Can Sign Up, or Individuals Can Self Organize

Commute with Enterprise offers programs for both companies and individual employees. Under the company-focused program, firms can offer ridesharing / vanpooling as a perk or benefit to their staff by patterning directly with Enterprise.

Aside from the intrinsic benefit to the company of making it easier for employees to get to/from work, their are other benefits to the company including less parking problems at the company office (less spaces being used / needed), and tax benefits that help firms lower their FICA payroll taxes.

The Commute with Enterprise website has a calculator that allows firms to see the impact of implementing a ridesharing program. We tooled around with it a little (see below).

Image of Commute with Enterprise Calculator

For a company of around 500 employees Enterprise suggests that 41 parking spots could be freed and over 300k in employee savings might be had. Not to mention the large amount of carbon emissions saved.

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Commuters can also enroll in the program by self-organizing. Enterprise will assist commuters with identifying fellow coworkers who live nearby, provide a vehicle and then help split the commute costs. This saves time and money for the commuter.

The Commute with Enterprise program also offers a “Guaranteed Ride Home” program where they will assist in getting you home if your day goes sideways (e.g. an emergency).

Final thoughts on Commute with Enterprise (formerly known as Enterprise Rideshare)

The Enterprise Commute program is definitely worth a look by both companies and employees facing lengthy commute times. Their focus on mobile technology combined with practical money and time saving benefits could lead to a happier workforce, money savings all around, and a better environmental footprint.

Read the full press release here.

Visit Commute with Enterprise site here.


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