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Krakow Day Trip What to see if you have only one day in this great Euro city

Plan a Krakow Day Trip – what to see in Krakow in one day!

by Jeremy B

Krakow Poland is easily one of the most underrated European cities. However, travelers often quickly fall in love with it’s impressive architecture, great food and friendly people. This city deserves a full week of your time to really get the most out of it, but if you are pressed for time, here’s exactly what to do on a Krakow Day Trip!

A Krakow Day Trip

During a recent business trip to Krakow I found myself with a little extra time to explore this fascinating European city. However, I didn’t have much time…really not much at all. What amounted to a roughly 1 day spread out over a few days (a couple hours here and there) meant that I had to pick and choose what I wanted to see carefully.

Surprisingly, there’s a good deal you can see on what amounted to a Krakow Day Trip.

By the way, I use the Bleisure travel approach as often as possible. When I am traveling for work…it’s always nice to get out see a little something! Learn more about Bleisure travel here.

Wawel Castle

Krakow Day Trip - Wawel Castle
Wawel Castle – easy and quick to see on a Krakow Day Trip

First on the list for your Krakow Day Trip is Wawel Castle. Who doesn’t love castles? The Wawel Castle is a masterpiece from the 1300’s that has endured many wars and many modifications over the years. It’s vast grounds can be explored fairly quickly making it perfect for a quick 1 day visit to Krakow.

Don’t forget to look for the dragon…hehe!

Learn more about Wawel Castle Here

Rynek Główny (Main Market Square)

Rynek Główny Main Market Square - Krakow Day Trip
Rynek Główny Main Market Square – A must see on a Krakow Day Trip

Allegedly, the Rynek Główny is one of the largest (perhaps THE largest) city square in all of Europe. This massive town square is simultaneously cavernous and quaint at the same time.

Ringed by beautiful buildings (including the St. Mary’s Basilica) the city square features an impressive building known as the Cloth Hall which is lined with vendors hawking various goods.

From music, to vendors and horse carriage rides, this square is bustling with character, people and is a one of a kind experience. On a one day trip to Krakow a person could easily burn an afternoon here. Best of all, it’s a short walk from Wawel Castle!

Learn more about Rynek Główny here

Visit the Jewish Quarter (Kasimierz)

Krakow Day Trips - the Kazimierz
Krakow Day Trips – visit the Kazimierz (aka Jewish Quarter)

The Jewish Quarter of Krakow is outside the main city square, south of Krakow and across the river (but still walking distant Old Krakow). It’s proper name is the Kazimeierz and it was a popular Jewish district for many many years.

Be sure to walk along the Ulica Szeroka which is the main road in the quarter. Old buildings with unique and quaint architecture dot this road along with many tasty eats. Give yourself 2 to 3 hours to really get the most out of the Kazimierz.

Be sure to visit Oscar Schindler’s Enamel Factory on your visit.

Learn more about the Jewish Quarter here

Where to eat on a Krakow Day Trip

Where to eat on a one day trip to Krakow
Where to eat on a one day trip to Krakow

Polish food is surprisingly delicious. During my stay I ate at several interesting restaurants but the two that were most memorable were:

  • Morskie Oko. This authentic, wood lined restaurant is tightly packed but full of tasty aromas, traditional polish food and excellent service. Try to Potato Pancake. So good! Location: Plac SzczepaÅ„ski 8, 31-011 Kraków
  • Szara Ges. Eclectic decor unique to each dining room treats diners to a one of a kind experience and the food is delicious. The best part is their “goose egg” dessert, a unique white chocolate egg on a cotton candy nest. Insane. Location: Rynek Główny 17, 31-008 Kraków

And of course, have some Polish vodka! Warms you right up!

If you have more than one day

If you find yourself with more time than a single day there’s much more to see and do in Krakow. This beautiful city is chock full of amazing sights, great eats, beautiful art and much more. Here’s a few ideas for a longer stay.


Auschwitz - what to see in Krakow

This somber reminder of some of the deepest horrors inflicted upon the human race is something you need time for. First, it simply takes a good amount of time to get to, see, and get back. Secondly, given the subject matter, it’s the kind of place you need to decompress from afterwards.

If you have more time, however, it is definitely a place worth visiting and I highly recommend it.

Plan your trip here

Wieliczka Salt Mines

See the Salt Mines on a Krakow Day Trip
See the Salt Mines on a Krakow Day Trip

The Wielicza Salt Mines are a sight to behold. You will need a little more time to fully experience this vast underground cavern. Salt mining was a huge source of industry for the region and this incredible mine is so vast it’s hard to really fathom. You just have to experience.

Bored miners carved exquisite reliefs into the walls including in the chapel pictured above. Well worth the visit!

Schedule your Salt Mine Visit here

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A day trip to Krakow may be one of the best adventures you can set out on. No time? No problem. There’s plenty to do and see in Krakow in 24 hours or less. Happy Traveling!

Krakow Day Trip What to see if you have only 1 day in this great Euro city
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A Quick Day Trip to Krakow Poland
What to do on a Krakow Poland Day Trip

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Eden May 19, 2020 - 6:08 pm

I’ve got plans to visit here for the first time this October, fingers crossed we’ll all be able to travel by then. I think I’m most excited about the food, but am looking forward to exploring the city as well. I’ve read a lot about Schindler’s Factory, so I’m really hoping to visit that as well.

The C Boarding Group May 19, 2020 - 6:33 pm

It’s such a cool city! I hope you get a chance to visit!


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