Miles - the frequent flyer app for ground transportation - closes another investment round

Miles – the frequent flyer app for ground transportation – closes another investment round

Walk, run, ride a bus, you name it, Miles, will deposit reward points into your account which you can redeem for cool stuff. Last week, travel startup Miles, which bills itself as the “Frequent Flyer app for ground transportation,” closed another investment round worth around $2.25m.


This round of investment was lead by JetBlue Technology Ventures and also included Sony’s Innovation Fund, Porsche Ventures, and SAIC Motors.

JetBlue Technology Ventures is an arm of the Airline and has invested in other travel related startups like: 30 Seconds to Fly and Mozio.

Quick Overview of Miles

This round of funding brings their total venture haul to north of $5m.

For those unfamiliar with Miles they have a stated Mission:

“To deliver value for every mile traveled across every mode of transportation.”

In it’s simplest form, the Miles App allows you to earn “miles” (aka rewards, if you will) that you can redeem for services (like coffee, etc). The difference, it appears, is that Miles helps your earn “miles” for things you might not ordinarily earn them (like you taking a walk or a jumping in a cab).

They’ve partnered with a variety of prominent companies to offer rewards for use of the App.

Here’s a quote from their website:

“I spend nothing to earn miles and redeem them for products I love. Simple and easy to use.”

They have a version of the app for iOS and Android.

Sounds like a clever idea – but we’ve not yet tried it out yet. Stay tuned because we may do a product review of the Miles App in the future.

Final Thoughts

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