Steam Clothes in Shower to Avoid Ironing

Steam Clothes in Shower to Avoid Ironing (Travel Tip Tuesday #22)

Today’s Travel Tip Tuesday is an oldie but goodie. When traveling, you can use your hotel shower to help get wrinkles out of your clothes and keep that annoying iron in the closet.

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Ok, back to our tip for this Tuesday. As noted in the intro there’s an old trick some of us savvy travelers use from time to time to deal with wrinkles. Rather than pull out that janky old hotel room iron you can simply turn on your shower – full heat – and then hang your clothing item in the bathroom. Shut the door and let the steam do the trick. Usually in about 10-20 minutes the wrinkles will be gone.


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This trick does not work very well on stubborn or deep wrinkles which makes it better suited for relatively minor wrinkles (unless you are willing to steam them for a longer time and even that may not do the trick). And, if you have to steam it for longer than about 10 minutes or so it’s probably starting to get a little long and wasteful.

That’s really the downside to this trick. Water waste. This is why I try to minimize the number of times I use this trick and if I can time it with a regular shower that’s better. Letting your shower run for 20 minutes to save you from the hassle of ironing isn’t really a great idea, IMO. While we are not tree hugging environmentalists here…it’s just wasteful…ain’t nobody got time for that.

That said, we still use this trick from time to time and as noted, on minor wrinkles and if I can coordinate an actual shower with my de-wrinkling activities, all the better.

If you are completely uninterested in ironing and don’t want to waste the water a portable travel steamer might do the trick. For example, the PurSteam Travel Steamer is a popular choice (check the price!).

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Travel Tip Tuesday # 22 - Steam Clothes in Shower to Avoid Ironing

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