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The Ultimate List of the Best Travel Blogs 2019 Edition

If you are looking for the best travel blogs to follow (besides mine of course!) we’ve assembled the definitive list of the Best Travel Blogs 2019. This massive travel blog directory is sure to inspire!

Traveling is a passion for many, a job for others, and somewhere in between for most. As I’ve started my own journey into the world of travel blogs, I’ve been amazed, awed and inspired by some of the great travel blogs out there. I don’t really view them as competition, but rather as inspiration and I want to share some of the best ones with you.

By the way, I publish a weekly roundup of the best travel articles I read each week. We are voracious readers here at the CBoardingGroup and we like to feature a few really good articles from every week. If you’d like the chance to get featured, tweet your blog URL to me and use the hashtag #BestTravelArticles. I will start following your blog…and maybe…just maybe…feature one of your articles in my roundup. 

Believe me, there’s no shortage of great travel bloggers to follow on the Internet. So, I’ve culled the list down creating a list of the most interesting blogs I’ve found. I’ve arranged this list of the Best Travel Blogs 2019 by category, as noted below:

  • 3 (Overall) Best Travel Blogs. In this category, I’ve included all types of travel blog. The very best of the best travel blogs. Some of the very top travel writers land here. Ranging from pleasure, to business travel to something in between, I’ve picked out the 3 Best Travel Blogs.
  • Best Business Travel Blogs. Here, we find the grinders. The road warriors. Those who travel almost every week for their day job. This is me. There are not many folks blogging about this experience, but I see my fellow business travelers every week as I head out for my next work trip.
  • Other Great & Interesting Travel Bloggers you NEED to follow (aka the best of the rest of the travel blogs). This is a list of other travel blogs that have great content, interesting posts, and more. Some of these are tourism blogs, others adventure blogs, some fit the category of “personal travel blogs,” but, all are REALLY good travel blogs.
  • Best Solo Female Travel Blogs. A list of the best and most interesting solo female travel blogs you ought to be following!
  • Best Couple Travel Blogs (or duos). A collection of the most interesting couples and duos who’ve taken their lives on the road. Couple travel blogs are pretty neat and we have some good ‘uns  here.
  • Best Family Travel Blogs 2019. Get out there with your kids and more! A fun list of the best family travel blogs I’ve discovered.
  • Best Video Logs (aka Best Vlogs). Video all day, every day.
  • The Up and Comers. A list of new travel blogs that I’ve not only exchanged links with but who I think are worth following – they might just have a bright future travel blogging!

So let’s get to it. Without any further ado, here is the ultimate list of the best travel blogs 2019 edition.

Best Travel Blogs 2019 Edition

Drum roll…and here they are:

3 (overall) Best Travel Blogs

I have spent a LOT of time looking at travel blogs. Asking questions like how do they do cover a certain topic, or use images in their posts or what social channels seem to be working. Even what kinds of products they might be offering to their readers. I’ve looked at personal travel blogs, tourism blogs, adventure blogs, solo female blogs, family travel blogs – and of course business travel blogs. SO. MANY. TRAVEL. BLOGS. LOL…

During that time, I’ve discovered 3 travel blogs that everyone should be following. These travel blogs, in my opinion anyway, are the best of of the best travel blogs. They are the tip of the spear, the creme de la creme. I think you will like them too.

Here are the 3 (overall) Best Travel Blogs:

  1. Nomadic Matt. Matt, in my opinion, sets the standard for all travel blogs on the internet. He meets all the criteria: Useful content, attractive website, highly popular, and his authenticity comes through. Plus, he’s a fan of Pinky & the Brain, which honestly is all that was really needed here. He is also one of the most successful travel blogs out today. His blog is literally one of the most read travel blogs around.
  2. YTravelBlog: I found the YTravelBlog by accident, while searching for ideas on how to structure my blog and boy am I glad I did. Their travel blog is more of a general travel blog, that’s a bit more focused on family travel blogging. Their site is clean, well organized, and they offer well written, engaging, and authentic content. My family has used their site when planning family vacations! #MustFollow. If I was building a Top 10 Family Travel Blogs list…they’d be #1.
  3. Everywhereist. Geraldine DeRuiter is an acclaimed author, world-renowned public speaker, and the voice behind the award-winning Everywhereist blog. She writes about dessert, feminism, and Jeff Goldblum’s entire filmography (which honestly should be enough to lure you in at this point). Her personal travel blog has a unique and fun design that is both clean and visually appealing and the stories are rich and descriptive. These are all of the reasons why I consider her to be one of the best travel blogs to follow and on the top travel bloggers in the world.

Honorable Mention:

  • A Dangerous Business Travel Blog. Despite the name, this is NOT a business travel blog. It is, however, a wonderful collection of wonderful spun travel tales told by Amanda. They are full of vibrant pictures and an earnest voice.
  • On The Grid: This is an interesting choice for the best travel blogs list, because it’s really a collection of hundreds of localized travel bloggers providing their feedback and reviews of local eateries and neighborhoods. But the content is stellar, and written from a local perspective which is always best. You need to check these guys out.
  • HandLuggageOnly. We just recently discovered these guys and their awesome travel blog. Here are two buddies from college who travel the world. Their blog is clean and well organized, and highly visual. Great stories, hacks and more. They also have a MASSIVE following on Social Media. Worth adding these fellas to your regular reading list.
  • Expert Vagabond. Matt Karsten runs a beautiful travel blog with a heavy emphasis on photography and adventure. He’s an American Expat living in Italy – but still traveling all over this beautiful planet.

Keep reading, because we’ve only just scratched the surface on the best travel blogs around. There are more great and popular travel blogs ahead!

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Best Business Travel Blogs

As noted in the intro, there are not a lot of business travel blogs out there today.

I don’t know why that is, because there are certainly a lot of us business travelers out there every day. Believe me, I sit next to them every week on my Southwest flight.

With that said, here’s a list of the best business travel blogs in the game today (IMO!):

  1. The Boarding Area is really a suite of business travel blogs (and other good frequent traveler blogs, in general). It is a platform that houses somewhere (at last count) around 40+ best travel blog sites around – some good, some great, some not so much. Lots of experienced travelers here though and lots of great content. [March 2019 update: We just joined the network of great travel blogs and are very excited about it!]
  2. Business Travel Life: Business Travel Life offers competent biz travel information. They feature a clean, simple site, loaded with useful practical information that every business traveler can benefit from – with particular focus on healthy travel.
  3. Road Warriorette: The Road Warriorette is run by a serious business professional, Sarah, and she knows what she’s talking about. She offers great tips, practical advice, and excellent dining ideas for those who spend more nights in the next Hampton Inn than they do in their own bed.
  4. (me!): I am including my new blog in this list, because, well…it’s my blog directory. Haha! But also, there are really not that many business travel blogs. I’d like to think that my focus on topics like Travel Hacks, Travel Tips, Healthy Business Travel and of course Gifts for Business Travelers are actually useful for my fellow business travel brethren. Time will tell though. LOL!
  5. Stuck at the Airport. This business travel blog is probably my favorite in terms of aesthetic appeal. Harriet Baskas has done a tremendous job with her sight. It’s like Pinterest, but a travel blog. Pretty sweet looking. It’s also, FULL of wonderful content that the business traveler can use on their daily grind.


Curious where to find those hotel pillows from your last stay? Check out our guide to finding the best hotel pillows: 27 Amazing Hotel Pillows – the Best Hotel Pillows You can Buy


Honorable Mentions:

  • Frequent Business Traveler: This is an established business travel blog with excellent and consistent content. But it’s in need of a paint job. Looks aside, it has wonderful, useful content, which frankly is more important. Let me be clear. This is a great travel blog.
  • The Military Frequent Flier. The Military Frequent Flier is run by a couple of vets who know how to travel. While they are no longer actively serving, their years of travel during their service have given them unique perspective on travel. Definitely worth a follow.
  • Travel After Five. A fellow business travel blogger I discovered that puts out great content about life on the road. Clean site. Good pics…and great guides for what to do AFTER 5pm…which is a real problem for us regular business travelers. She also has a Road Warrior Handbook you might want to check out.
  • Business Travel News: These guys should be the gold standard for business travel blogs and I would have named them so, if they were not SO polished. In my view, a travel blog is run by 1 or 2 people and it’s a side hustle, not the main squeeze. BTN is a great site, don’t get me wrong. SOLID advice, business travel news, ideas on points programs, etc. But it’s also a full blown business. Still, add it to your business travel blog feed.
  • Travelling for Work. Another work travel blog that shares ideas on how to step up your travel game while on the road.
  • The Points Guy. This is a travel blog that’s all about points and miles. Really good stuff here!

Did I miss your business travel blog? Do you belong on this list? You probably do, so hit me up on Twitter and let me know!

Other Great & Interesting Travel Blogs you NEED to follow (aka the Best of the Rest in multiple travel blog categories)

Here is a fun list of some of the best and most interesting travel blogs worth following. Some are just personal travel blogs, others are more lifestyle blogs with a travel angle, some focus on food blogging while traveling. Think of this section as a giant “honorable mention” list! Check em out! These are great travel blogs!

Note: the list is not in order. 

  • Diana’s Healthy Living. Diana’s Healthy Living blog is a balanced lifestyle blog that covers everything from travel, to food, to healthy lifestyle. She has a huge following and that’s probably because she puts out great content – stuff worth reading! For example, the Top 5 Things To Do in Tempe, Arizona contains solid suggestions on what to do in this interesting town (and I know Tempe, my in-laws live there). Most compelling though, are her pictures which are I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E.
  • Bald Thoughts. These fellas show readers how to take amazing vacations using noting more than points and miles. Use their travel hacks and tricks as you plan your next trip! For example, their post 11 IMMEDIATE steps you must take when getting a new credit card is contains solid advice on how to get the most out of a credit card rewards system.
  • Tim Foolery. A super great name for a travel blog if you ask me! Been around a long time (since 2011) and is consistently pumping out solid content. And except for the fact he’s a United guy (ugh!) he’s pretty swell. 🙂 Check him out!
  • The Down Lo. Cool name and logo but better content. Lauren has a massive blog with a huge social media following and it’s justified given all of the exciting places she’s been and solid content
  • Stuck in Customs. An insanely visual photo blog from a world renowned photographer with accolades from folks like JJ Abrams and Hans Zimmer, Trey is one of (if not THE) best photo blog sites in the world. If you are looking for tips on photography, cameras and gear it’s all here. Or if you just want to look at some beautiful travel photos, he’s got that too.
  • View from the Wing. Gary Leff is a travel expert who’s been in the points, miles and travel hacking game for a long time. Excellent advice, well written and organized. People refer to him as the Air Genius and regularly appears on TV, etc.
  • Luxury Columnist. Major players in the high-end travel blogging sphere. Suze and Paul are more than just travel bloggers though…they drop some luxe fashion on you too. But the travel content is really the good stuff here. For example, they have an entire section on hidden gems (which I’ve been poring over).
  • Rolandomio Travel. Try saying that 3 times fast! While I have no idea how to pronounce the name of his website, there is really good content destination related travel content here. But, what I like most about the Rolandomio Travel folks is they are super engaging with their audience. Leave them a comment? You will get a response.
  • Nerd Nomads. I love this couple because they are in the IT industry which is my background and they love travel. Really nicely done site and they often focus on movie ties in (e.g. where something was filmed, etc) during their travels.
  • The Unusual Traveler. What I like most about Christian’s blog (aside from his funny blog title) is that he blogs about beer (I mean, who doesn’t love that!). He also has an extensive live of travel tips and tricks about life as a backpacker!
  • The Creative Travel Guide. The Creative Travel Guide is a vivid travel blog with exceptional pictures and great advice (like their article Do you know what is really covered by your travel insurance?)
  • Live & Let’s Fly. Long term travel pro and blogger Matt shares travel news, frequent flyer programs/updates and travel tips and tricks.
  • Hopping Feet. First off, I love the name of this blog. Very creative. But more importantly, they have great travel content. She notes: “My itineraries are usually activity-heavy and my ideas are best suited for those looking to maximise their limited time.” And that’s exactly the case with articles like 8 places in Oahu, Hawaii that’ll make your jaw drop which is full of great suggestions on what to do on that fun island.
  • Trip and Trail. A great backpacking focused travel blog written by Chris. Follow him on each adventure as he mixes the trail with the journey!
  • Cranky Flier. A great name, first of all! But also, great content. The Cranky Flier is run by a gentleman who’s been in and around the airline industry for years. His unique perspective on the industry with a healthy dose of “crank” (which is hilarious). Check out his section on the “worst airline ever” and watch him lambaste some bonehead moves by some big name airlines.
  • It’s all Bee. Bianca, or Bee, as she goes by, is a London-based IT consultant that loves to travel. She writes destination guides and shares great travel tips – including some packing tips worth checking out!
  • Continents and Condiments. Cedric is a freelance journalist from Canada blogging about food and travel. But it’s his food blogging that is out of this world!
  • Orange Wayfarer. A culturally immersive and responsible travel focused blog. Learn tips on how to integrate into the local culture for a better travel experience!
  • Career Gappers. Learn how to refocus your life for a travel focused career Gap. Alex and Lisa teach you how to intentionally take time for travel in their career break advice section.
  • Gastrotravelogue. A blog about foodies and for foodies who travel. Yum! This is on the top rated travel blogs around – check it out and you will see why.
  • Wanderous Affair. The Wanderous Affair is a travel magazine and blog that provides vivid pictures and accounts of some of the most fascinating places in the world, book reviews. For example, their article on All-Inclusive Caribbean Trips is full of useful advice for the warm-water bound vacationer!
  • Fill My Passport. First off…we love, love, love, their logo. Pretty sweet! Secondly, really solid blog here. Strong content!
  • CKanani. I have no idea how to pronounce this, but this is a great travel blog that’s been around for a while. They focus on luxury travel and adventure all over the world. Oh…and lots of pictures.
  • Jones Around the World. Bam…visually brilliant. The imagery smacks you in the face (in a good way) when  you land here. Clearly Dave knows what he’s doing! Also a bit of a party guy…so lots of fun being had all around on his adventures.
  • Traveling Honeybird. An Australian based adventure blog with great content. They’ve been doing this for 6 years!
  • Extreme Nomads. Another fantastic adventure blog worth following. Grace and Jim have been doing this for a while and their blog is chock full of great photos and lots of exciting adventure ideas.
  • The Travel Bunny. I just like this name, first off, but Suzanne’s been doing this a while and has built up a solid blog with great content – and a unique focus on architecture (which is what really caught my eye)
  • The Winged Fork. This blog could have been titled Abby Eats Worms becasue that’s the first thing I saw when I visited this blog…of course Abby does more than eat worms. In fact, her blog has been in the travel blogging game for a while and has lots of compelling stories and adventures. Well worth an add to your favorite travel blog list!
  • Traveler’s Universe. This interesting blog is for post backpacking millenials who want to discover their world but do so in a responsible way without sacrificing the finer comforts of travel. They emphasize the experience over money.

I’d love it if you’d go check out this great content (and them come back to the best travel blogs directory…we’ll still be here!): 47 Best Travel Books of all Time – the Ultimate List of Books to Read while Traveling

Since we are talking about traveling…let’s talk about packing. I’ve covered the subject of packing extensively in my 11 Packing Tips Every Traveler Needs to Know

Best Female Travel Blogs – the top female travel bloggers

Solo female travel bloggers. Fierce. Badass. Wanderlust.

This is a category that would describe my 22 year old daughter if she weren’t still plugging away at college. Here’s a list of some of the best solo travel blogs / best female travel blogs to follow in 2019:

  • Be My Travel Muse. Kristen is a SOCAL native and video game nerd who loves to travel solo. She is, by far, one of the best female travel bloggers around.
  • GlobeTrotterGirls. Dani lands on just about any and ever top 10 travel blog list because she’s #fire. Adventurous, creative and full of fun, her blog is full of useful and amazing travel information. In our opinion, she is one of the top travel writers around and no doubt one of the best female travel blogs.
  • Luggage and Lipstick. Patti, aka the Boomer Blond, is a professional writer, who’s won dozen’s of awards for her blogging and photography. She hosts a MASSIVE blog that is full of great content from the perspective of a Baby Boomer. For example her. She also has a book, Girls Go Solo: Tips for Women Traveling, which is, in her words, “is chockablock with Patti’s own tested and proven tips wrapped in her witticisms.” Haha! Highly recommend adding this site your regular reading list.
  • Dreams in Heels. Latina influencer Olga’s award winning Dreams in Heels blog documents her extensive travel journey (including What to do in Quito, Ecuador). She also provides solid travel tips and advice (including some great tips for solo female travel). Highly recommend following this top rated travel blog. You might also dig her YouTube channel.
  • Tiffany’s Travels. Since 2016 Tiffany has been published great content documenting her travel journey’s. From adventures in places like Ghana and more, she consistently puts the good stuff out.
  • Travels with Talek. Talek is widely traveled and has documented her adventures, advice and tips in her excellently structured blog. For example, if you are looking for Wildlife Adventures in Africa, she’s got it! She’s written a book about Traveling to Cuba!
  • Paulina on the Road. Paulina is a slow travel and sustainable travel enthusiast from Luxembourg. She blogs in both English and Spanish (how cool is that!). Oh, and she explains how to go Boat Hitchhiking (which apparently is a thing – who knew!?).
  • Travel Like a Prince. Jennifer’s been traveling since she was 14 and has got a serious case of wanderlust. Keep on eye on her travels by following her blog!
  • Bye:Myself. A creatively named solo female travel blog. Follow Renata as she updates us on all of her interesting travel adventures!
  • Explore with Lora. A solo backpacker trekking across the world. Follow her and her adventures on this intriguing blog.
  • Rayner en Route. Follow New Hampshire based Rebecca as she travels this world and shares her journey with all of us.
  • The Adventurous Feet. Esther, born and raised in the Eastern part of Uganda, has a burning passion for travel. Her blog, the The Adventurous Feet, shares stories from the road, travel advice and travel tips on what to in Africa and other places. For example, check out 10 Best African Countries to Visit in 2019 (an African Safari) for great advice on visiting Africa.

Did you enjoy this list of the best girl travel blogs? We hope so. But, if you need a break from this list of the best travel writers and best travel blogs to read check out How to get over jet lag while you travel – 11 Tips every traveler needs to know

The Best Video Blogs – aka Best Vlogs or Vloggers to Follow

Here we go…a fairly new category for us, but here are the best video blogs, aka best Vlogs. Enjoy (and help us build out this list!)

  • Delightful Travellers. A Canadian couple with a LARGE Vlog and big following on YouTube.
  • theRTWguys. Two dude who travel and post a lot interesting videos – especially about scuba.
  • We need more! Send them in to us!

If you are looking for the Top Travel Vloggers to follow here’s a great video on YouTube that gives you 19 Travel Vloggers you oughta be followin’:

Best Couple Travel Blogs

Love on the road. How cute. 🙂 Here’s a fun list of the Best Couples Travel Blogs or just duo’s.

  • Executive Thrillseekers. A cute couple that’s taken their love on the road. Budget travel tips, exciting destinations (like Scuba Diving the Red Sea!), and more. Try to keep up if you can!
  • Travels with Mei & Kerstin. Mei and Kerstin have been traveling this world as a Lesbian couple since 2002 and they’ve got the evidence. Their  extensive blog is full of great slow travel stories, smart travel tips, and they’ve been featured as one of the 33 LGBTQ blogs Travelers to follow on IG.
  • Mumpack Travel. Not your typical couple. This mother / daughter combo has been traveling the world for several years. The cutest family ever! They blog about their adventures while sharing practical travel tips (Like using a VPN on your trip!).
  • The Globetrotter Guys. Two dudes out on the road (see what I did there). Sion and Ben showcase LGBTQ adventures and attitudes from across the globe. You can check out some of their Gay Travel Guides here for more information.
  • Expedition Wildlife. A great duo that specializes in bird identification and wildlife photography. They aim to bring our wild encounters to readers through their travels, blog, photos, and videos. They use drones extensively and talk about the impact of drones on wildlife.
  • Time to Go Everywhere. Renos and Maria are young couple traveling the world and sharing their adventures and travel tips
  • Cultures Traveled. Culture’s Traveled is a Slow Traveling Couple sharing their journey around the world with particular emphasis on Latin America & Mexico.
  • Life of Doing. Follow Jackie and Justin as they adventure through life and journey this world.
  • Our Kind of Crazy. Sara and Bart are lovely couple – recently engaged – and travelers extraordinaire! Their socal based travel blog focuses on a couple’s travel/lifestyle with emphasis on Life, Love & Adventure.
  • A Couple for the Road. This duo markets themselves as a cultural travel blog that celebrates international art, history, architecture, music, language and culinary traditions. They offer travel tips, food recommendations, and destination guides. Definitely worth a follow!
  • Dream Big Travel Far. This interesting couple brings a unique perspective to their travels. Cazzy and Bradley are digital nomads who focus on helping travelers who also suffer from diabetes.

Best Family Travel Blogs

Families who travel together, stay together. How much fun would it be to travel the world with your kids! Find out with this list of the top family travel blogs 2019:

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The Rising Stars – new travel blogs / new-ish blogs!

The best of the NEXT. A great list of some of the best up and coming travel bloggers that are blogging hard and putting out solid travel blog content. These new travel blogs have all sorts of promise! Keep an eye of them as they might just break through!

  • Kuddel Muddel Travel. Really good photos, neat destinations and a ton of promise. Add the Kuddel Muddel to your travel blog follow list.
  • Let’s Go Somewhere Else. Interesting destinations, great photos, and vintage postcards!
  • Insatiable Travel. Julie is a solo female traveler helping women find their inner wanderlust. Check out her site for solo female travel tips and adventures (like her visit to the Paradise Cave in Vietnam).
  • One Savvy Wanderer. This travel blog is run by a full time working mom with a serious case of wanderlust. Her and her husband (an accountant, so you know you he’s focused on traveling affordably!) share their adventures (like Argentinian Beer!) ) and airfare travel tips. Give ’em a peek!
  • A Teaspoon of Adventure. The name reminds me of that great Mary Poppins movie I watched growing up and I love it! I also like their pragmatic view of travel adventure. They note: “This is the travel blog for you if you crave adventure, but you still have to deal with things like your fear of heights, your limited wallet and your job that’s waiting for you on Monday morning.” Totally get it. Like…we have a job and stuff here. Also, we are not bungee jumping. I am so right there with ’em.
  • Traveller by Birth. These folks must be my soulmates. Since the day I was born I’ve always felt the need to travel…and these folks have too. Check out Hiral’s great adventures and trips as she vagawanders (vagabonding+wandering) across the world.
  • Lena On the Move. Lena is a divemaster! And her blog offers practical travel tips for the budget minded traveler. She also shares some great ideas on, you guessed it, diving!
  • Up and Gone. This is a great title for a travel blog – love it! Gabrielle is a writer, photographer and ad-creative who’s caught the travel bug in a bad way. You can read some of her travel tips here.
  • Uncovering New York. A solid New York destination blog from someone who’s actually been there. Strong content. Lots of promise here!
  • Leah Little Travel Fashion. Travel+Fashion = fire. Leah and her husband are mid-westerners who’ve caught the travel bug. She also blogs about fashion (e.g. How to Look Like a Million Bucks for under $100).
  • A Trip with a View. Nicole (which, btw, is my favorite girls name of all time…so many girlfriends named Nicole in my past…haha) shares her love of all things travel and chocolate! She also covers and interesting travel blog niche: pet travel!
  • Adventures of a Wanderluster. Heather is a Canadian living in London and traveling the world. If you are looking for the best IG Spots in London she’s got you covered.
  • Travel in Time Now. A new couples travel blog sharing their travel stories and tips. Keep an eye on ’em.
  • The Voyaging Teacher. My mom’s a teacher so this blog had me intrigued. I was not disappointed. It’s a new blog, but plenty of promise!
  • Around the World in 18 Years. A *great* name for a family travel blog. I also love how they often write from the perspective of a child which is super creative. They also share great travel tips, including Top 18 Budget Travel Tips.
  • The Roaming Nanny. The Roaming Nanny is a well organized, clean and professional looking travel blog. Retha shares destination ides and lifestyle tips.
  • The Adventures of a Panda Bear. Besides a really cool name, it was their logo that really struck as SOLID. Seriously – it’s a great logo. The couple behind the Panda Bear also share great destination guides and foodie articles (yum!).
  • Poor in a Private Plane. Poor in travel luxury but rich in travel adventure describes Taima’s blog about her journey’s around the world.
  • Non Stop Family. Fun new family based blog w/ focus on Kid’s Travel Tips.
  • Tia Does Travel. A Greek gal who travels the world – and apparently does a lot of suntanning :-). Give her a look.
  • A Not So Young Woman Abroad. I like this blog because it gives me hope that I can still travel the world when I am little older than I am now. Julie is a solo traveler who can’t see enough of this world!
  • More Passports and Stamps. Ran by fun-lovin Alan who frequents castles and islands. Check out all of this travels and travel advice!
  • Worthy Go. These folks focus on the weird, the not so popular and the unique. Of course, they also cover some of the more traditional stuff, but we love that they march the beat of a different drum!
  • Where Life is Great. Marta is a turtle lover and compulsive shopper. Check out how she intertwines this with her love of travel.
  • Raulerson Girls Travel. A story of an Aunt and her niece and their travels (how fun is that!).
  • The Travelling Writer. Jodie runs a practical and well organized travel blog sharing interesting tips, tricks, and stories.
  • The World of a Wishful Wanderer. Well organized blog heavy on great pictures. Keep an eye on this blog.
  • Freedom 56 Travel. Lesley is a travel enthusiast, mother, grandmother, partner, friend, avid motorcyclist and aspiring retiree! She retired from traditional work at 56 years old and started traveling, hence the name Freedom56!
  • Rachel’s Ruminations. A US expat living in the Netherlands sharing travel tips on independent travel!
  • Wandering Core. Aka Shivani’s travel blog for the part time traveler who has a full time job!
  • Amaixico. Follow former flight attendant Luisa as she blogs about the great country of Mexico!
  • A World In Reach. Great title for a blog! Follow Sidney who, in what is now her second blog, shares her travel journeys (on a budget).
  • Discover World Places. Priscilla is an art therapist (who even knew such a job existed!) with a passion for travel. Follow her journey on her Discover World Places travel blog!
  • Dented Aluminium. “The Dent,” as they say, represents the places you’ve traveled, the stories you told, and the memories you’ve made (it refers to their dented aluminum suitcase). The Dent is a collection of stories, travel guides, hotel reviews, vacation planning tools, and traveling advice. Great site, still new-ish, but visually appealing with lots of promise.
  • Jessica Pascoe. An English gal living in Australia and blogging about it and all things travel.
  • Nat Wanderlust. Nat is a solo female traveler with a love of photography and vegan food.
  • Cut Lunch Adventures. Trevor and Emma are Australia-based adventurers who run a backpacking blog / hiking blog with special focus on high-altitude topics.
  • Explore More Clean Less. This sounds like the title of a blog my wife would have come up with and I love it! This new entrant on the travel blog / life blog scene documents Stephanie’s journey as a home school mom and much more.

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Rules for Being Added to the Best Travel Blogs of 2019

Some quick rules to get added to this great list of the best blogs 2019:

  1. Be a travel blog (yeah, ok, makes sense)
  2. Put out great content! To be added to a specific Best of Category, ideally your Domain Authority (DA) should be at least 25 or higher and you should be at least a “good travel blog” on your way to a “great travel blog).” But hey that’s super subjective, no? Yeah, it is. Sorry! All others, if picked will be added to the up and comers section.
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By the way, if you are looking for some laughs to accompany you on your next adventure, make sure to check out our travel memes section. Literally HUNDREDS of hilarious travel memes like the two below.

Top 10 Travel Blogs – all categories

This is a new section for us. Due to popular demand we’ve decided to add this top 10 travel blogs section and list the top 10 travel blogs across all categories. Not the top 20 travel blogs or the top 50 travel blogs…nope…just the top ten travel blogs. Enjoy:

  1. Nomadic Matt.
  2. YTravelBlog.
  3. Everywhereist.
  5. The Points Guy.
  6. Expert Vagabond.
  7. Be My Travel Muse.
  8. Diana’s Healthy Living.
  9. HandLuggageOnly.
  10. GlobeTrotterGirls.

Agree? Disagree? What did we get right? Wrong? Yell at on social media or drop us a comment.

Final Thoughts on the Best Blogs 2019 (er… travel blogs that is)

Thanks for tuning into the best travel blogs – 2019 edition! We hope you enjoyed this insanely large collection of travel blogs. Frankly, these are some of the best blogs in general – never mind travel.

Make sure to check back as we are always adding new travel blogs to our travel blog directory. And, of course, don’t forget to follow us on social media including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

By the way, if you are interested in more travel tips and travel advice, you might be like these great articles:

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Best Blogs 2019!

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  1. Jim

    Such a great list you’ve thrown together! I’m very happy to see NomadicMatt up top still as he’s always been an inspiration to me from the beginning. From doing the webinars reading his guides and doing a few of his meet ups around the globe, he never fails to inspire me to go one further

  2. Alex Trembath

    Very interesting, there are a couple here I didn’t know about so I’m checking them out. There are so many great travel blogs out there. At the moment my favourite is Adventure In You – those guys are crushing it.

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      Thanks Jane! I think most of them totally apply to both business and leisure travelers.

    1. The C Boarding Group Post author

      Yeah no doubt. Once you are invested it’s hard to make a case to switch to. My company is pressuring me to switch. And United doesn’t do status matching with Southwest. Ugh!

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    Thank you for including me in the Rising Stars! Super excited that Raulersongirlstravel was included!

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    Very cool list. I love your up and coming list. It’s hard sometimes to find new travel blogs through everything that is out there. Awesome list. Love from another travel vlogger Wolters World.

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    Great site with a LOT of information. You should also include information for people who are SKI-ing, Spending Kids Inheritance. Retired couples who travel the world and money is no object. We have sold our cars and rented out our home in downtown Boston. We live three months in a city of our choice with fantastic 2-3 bedroom apartments in ideal locations and invite all of our friends to come visit. We have been blogging about our adventures for over a year now. We started the blogs to inspire other retirees and also to be able to relive our travels in future years.

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  55. Linda Bibb

    Hey Jeremy, Very nice list; I can see you put a lot of time and thought into it. I enjoy reading others’ travel blogs; they are so inspiring. The only problem is that every time I read a story, I end up addding a new destination to my bucket list. 😀

    My husband Dan and I run a travel blog where we share our own travel itineraries and advice. But he’s a professional photographer and sometimes i go overboard with the photos, lol. We’d love to be considered for your list someday.

    Have an amazing day.

  56. Colin Simpson

    Hi, love your exhaustive travel blog directory, how long did that take!! Could I ask you to consider including the Afaranwide blog in your next guide. My wife Sue are older than most bloggers and offer the perspectives of expats, travellers and tourists. We’re Brits who live in Hong Kong following spells in Dubai and Beijing and extended stays in Saudi Arabia, the US, France and the Seychelles. Please check it out.
    Regards, Colin

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    It is too much important to get some good knowledge about the best travel blogs. From your blog, we get many valuable knowledge about this topic.

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