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Enterprise Rebrands Rideshare Program as Commute with Enterprise; commuter program is worth looking at

Enterprise Holdings, the largest rental car company in the world, has re-branded its vanpool ridesharing program to “Commute with Enterprise.” In their press release, Enterprise, which manages the rental car… Read more »

Lyft goes public: is Lyft for Business a valid option for corporate travelers and businesses?

Ridesharing company Lyft went public today to much fanfare. With all the hullabaloo we decided to examine the capabilities of the Lyft for Business program. The question we asked ourselves was:… Read more »

Travel News: Business Travel Mobility Becomes Focus for Lyft (Interview from Skift.com)

“As ridesharing has become an indispensable mode of transportation for business travelers, providers have been tasked with making the experience more seamless for travelers. And it hasn’t always worked. With… Read more »