Inspiring Airline CEO's, Airline Windows, Services not to tip for, bulkhead seats, and more

What you need to read today: Inspiring Airline CEO’s, Airline Windows, Services not to tip for, Cool Castles, Bulkhead Seats Suck & more

Normally we collect the best travel articles each week and share them for our readers, but there were just so many interesting articles written today we had to publish a special edition just for today. The topics we’ve curated for you include stories about the inspiring stand that former Cathay CEO took against China, Flight Attendants and Windows, Cool Castles, What not to Tip for when traveling and a new series from a Big Bang Star.

The Best Travel Articles of the Week

Here we go. Enjoy!

  1. [Our Fav of the DayBackstory Of Cathay Pacific CEO’s Resignation
  2. Can A Flight Attendant Force You To Keep Your Window Shade Open/Closed?
  3. Big Bang Theory Actress Stars in New HBO Series ‘Flight Attendant’
  4. The Hiring Process is Still Broken (7 Things I Learned During a Recent Job Search)
  6. 3 Services I NEVER Tip For When Traveling
  7. I Just Don’t See The Appeal Of Bulkhead Seats

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