Avis still sucks…change my mind (another Avis Travel Rant)

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Another Avis travel vent today and a reminder of why Avis sucks so bad on so many levels. And it’s great timing, really…because I’ve been focusing on rental cars this month of April. So…good job, Avis. You managed to give me something to write / rant about. <heavy sarcasm>Much Obliged</heavy sarcasm>

So, here you go…

Another Avis $h!t Show…

While filling out my expense report this morning I remember I did not have a receipt from my Avis rental last week while in Nashville. When I returned the car that afternoon, there appeared to only be one employee actually doing check ins (despite there being about 4 employees directing traffic…brilliant planning for 5PM in the afternoon…at an airport).

Rental Car Memes - When you Have to Rent from Avis

As I occasionally do when I am running to catch a flight or if the line is long I just left the car there. Usually in about 20 minutes or so they attendant will check the car in and my receipt will be emailed to me. Usually not a big deal with most rental car companies. But, not with Avis.

Avis Rental Car Memes - Travel Memes

Apparently I never got the receipt. When I logged into my Avis profile to see if maybe it was there…there was nothing.

Avis Memes Travel Memes

I am sorry…it’s still open!? It’s been 5 days! Is it just sitting there in the garage? I dunno about you, but 5 days feels like an appropriate amount of time to check my car back in and send me receipt.

So, I called Avis (sigh….)

Specifically, I called (or tried) the Avis location at BNA Airport in Nashville. Or at least I thought I did. After spinning through their very annoying IVR system (press 1, press 3 if you want this in En…OMG!!)  I eventually got a representative (who I could barely understand – sounded like a very thick Thai accent) and some place in Avis that was clearly NOT Avis Nashville…

After giving her my info, she looked up my rental and gave me quite the shock: the rental was still open.

I’m sorry, come again!?!?! Still open?? I turned it on 5 days ago…

Rental Car Memes - when you have to rent from Avis

She told me not to worry, but that I needed to wait one more day and call back and then the receipt would be ready. Apparently the 6th day is the magic trick…

I immediately called BS…

She said I could speak to customer service (who was I speaking with now!?). I asked for a manager. She said they’d tell me the same thing.

Business Travel Meme2 Avis Sucks

So I reluctantly agreed to to let her transfer me to this mysterious OTHER customer service.

After repeating my info to the rep (I mean why would we have a system that transfers my customer information so they don’t have to ask for it again…nah…no such exists, right?) the rep told me he found the rental, closed it out and sent me the receipt. I asked him if it would show up in my profile. He said it would be emailed to me. But…why not my profile? He said email.

To be fair to Avis both of the reps I spoke with on the phone were pleasant and not rude in any way.

But…there’s a catch. He told me it’d take 4 hours to get to me. What in the holy muther of cuss words is that? How does it take 4 hours to send an email.

Check out all of our Travel Memes here. And laugh when you get Bonvoyed. Or Avis-ed? I am gonna start that maybe. 

Do little trolls transcribe it onto papyrus sheets and feed it into a punch card system which then uses 56k baud modems to contact the “World Wide Web?” via their AOL account? W. T. F. OVER.

But what could I do? I guess I will wait. The call ended and I am now awaiting my receipt.

This is classic Avis. I’ve griped about Avis time and time again on this blog. They are truly one of the worst rental car companies in business. Unfortunately, my company has chosen to partner with them so I really have no choice in the matter.

But, man, are they terrible and cases like this prove my point.

If you are listening Avis leadership (and I doubt it…) my recommendation for you is simple:

Be. Like. National. 

National has their act together. They know how to run a rental car program for business travelers. Avis? Not so much. It’s always a goat rodeo with them. If you want to learn more about National’s Rental Car program, check out my post.

Until then…Avis still sucks. And I dare you to change my mind.

Avis Sucks...change my mind.jpg

Ok…Avis rant over. I will update y’all as this goat rodeo unfolds. Who knows…maybe I can actually submit my expense report today. Anyone want to lay odds on that??

UPDATE (late Monday): Avis’ Twitter team reached out and attempted to help. The rental agreement now shows as completed (for the proper duration) in my Avis profile. However, no receipt yet. They noted it would be emailed to me (it has not yet). Nor can I access the receipt in my profile (even though the rental shows completed). Must be some solid tech they are using…

Avis’ Twitter team has been polite and helpful though, in fairness to them.Also, someone from Avis also commented on this article attempting to help resolve the issue.

UPDATE (Tuesday morning): Still no receipt. I get a different error when trying to view it in my Profile than before, but still can’t see it. Additionally, no email yet.

UPDATE (Tuesday Afternoon): No receipt and Avis Twitter team went dark on me.

UPDATE (Wed mid-day): OMG! We have a receipt. Wow…


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Oh…and one final thing. Avis. You suck…

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8 comments on “Avis still sucks…change my mind (another Avis Travel Rant)

  1. kagould17

    Yikes. Avis in U.S. must be different than Avis Canada. I got nothing but the best treatment from them during my working life. Cars always ready, free upgrades, invoices in my in box in 1 minute. Sounds like some of them may need to go for retraining or find another line of work. Allan

  2. A

    Yes, Avis SUCKS. I could not agree with you anymore. They have attempted to scam me three times (thank god for receipts and pictures), refused to provide any customer service, and generally have just sucked. Most recently, I used priceline to get a car in Florida. Of course I get Avis. Instead of giving me a standard car they upgrade me to a bright red, Ford F-150, four door, with chromed out wheels and the such (clearly they have their cars tailored to the central FL market). At 10:00 pm the F150 legit breaks down on the highway (skid plate / undercarriage fell out) and a trail of sparks were behind me. Get it towed and get another car the next day. Not only did this waste almost 1/2 of a day (being stranded on the highway in middle of no where FL at 10pm and driving an extra 30 mins each way to get a new car). Anyway, I had to pay for the tow and they tried to charge me for the repairs, alleging that I caused the piece of trash truck to fall apart on the highway. Thankfully, I got out of the repair charges (minus the $150 tow). I am beyond done with Avis. I think I would rather rent from a fly by night off airport rental or better yet, take the bus, then ever rent from Avis.

      1. The C Boarding Group Post author

        The problem is that they didn’t show the car as checked in (or so I was told). Meaning it was still an open rental (despite me physically dropping it off 5 days ago). It has since been resolved by Avis.

  3. Michael

    Also possible to go to Avis.com and type in your rental number and get receipt mailed to you instantly. Also, Avis has an app that allows you to check in your own car and get a receipt as well…the app is free.


    Haha.. The exact true words I would have as I am currently unfortunately renting from AVIS and for me it has been 12 days and no receipt..
    This is from Odense, Denmark


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