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Space Travel Tips – A humorous look at business travel 200 years from now

Since none of us our traveling right now, I present a humorous look at Space Business Travel. Imagine for a moment it’s the year 2220, and space travel is prevalent. What will it look like? What are the gripes business travelers will face then? Will ThePointsGuy still be hawking credit cards? These questions and more are here for your reading pleasure. Enjoy and be safe wherever you are.

7 Work from Home Accessories to Maximize Productivity

Millions of Americans are now working from home, many for the first time. As we all scramble to get our home offices sorted out we are asking serious questions about what are the important work from home accessories we really need to do our jobs and maximize productivity. We’ve got you covered! Here are the 7 Best Work from Home Essentials you need to stay productive!