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Crazy Travelers: Woman smashes boyfriend on head with laptop for looking at other women

In a now viral video two travelers were involved in an altercation on a recent flight that got violent. Apparently the dispute started when the boyfriend was caught checking out… Read more »

Still have money leftover from Prime Day? Don’t worry there’s plenty of great travel gear still on sale

If you missed Amazon’s Prime Day or maybe you didn’t quite find the perfect travel accessory or piece of travel gear don’t worry. Amazon still has several great deals on… Read more »

Your last chance to score Prime Day deals on Travel Gear is here (and there are still lots of goodies!)

In the waning hours of Amazon’s Prime Day 2 there are still many good travel deals (including the unique Trtl Travel Pillow!) to be had. If you’ve been holding out… Read more »

Best Prime Day Deals for Travel Electronics incl Bose, Beats, Anker, Apple, GoPro and more!

Travel Electronics. We can’t get enough of ’em. And because the deals are so hot today we’ve dedicated an entire post just to them! Here are are the best Amazon… Read more »

Liberal vs. Conservative travel, Airline Seat Classes, Blind Flyers & things Flight Attendants Hate (Best Travel Articles of the Week)

Alright, travel peeps, here are the best travel articles we found this week. And this week it’s articles like: Liberal vs. Conservative travel, Airline Seat Classes, Blind Flyers & things Flight… Read more »

Travel Tip Tuesday #25: Stow your bags, get out of the aisle and take your seat already!

Today’s Travel Tip Tuesday is more for the novice traveler than the seasoned pro (who already employs this behavior). No, for the novice traveler (be it business or pleasure traveler)… Read more »

Marriott gets Bonvoyed as DC sues Marriott for deceptive resort fees (Travel News)

In a surprise announcement today, the Washington, DC Attorney General Karl Racine has sued Marriott for deceptive resort fees claiming that Marriott has violated consumer protection laws. The AG notes:… Read more »

C’Mon Amazon Prime Day, get here already…until then, here’s a few tasty travel deals to tide you over

Our credit cards are ready, our internet connection upgraded, buying hand is all loosened up and ready to go. We just need that darn Prime Day to get here! Come… Read more »

Women’s World Cup memes – travel style (On the ultimate business trip the US National Team takes care of business!)

We are huge soccer fans here at the So, it’s only fitting that we join in the chorus of congratulatory notes that the United States Women’s National Team is… Read more »