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Why Serious Travelers Should Never Buy Crappy Luggage

Don’t buy crappy luggage (Travel Tip Tuesday #9)

by Jeremy B

This week’s Travel Tip Tuesday post is simple, but important: invest in good luggage; because crappy luggage gets you crappy results! It can be seductive to try to go cheap on your luggage and in some cases it’s may actually be ok to do this for a time (more on this in moment), but our position is simple: whenever possible, invest in good luggage.

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Get Good Luggage

If you plan on doing any sort of serious travel (like regular business travel or are extended vacation type travel) good quality luggage is a critical element. It’s tempting to try to go the cheap route, but, as mentioned, if you get crappy luggage you get crappy results.

Let me explain.

Cheap luggage typically does not last as long, nor will it have some of the features often important to serious travelers. I did the “cheap luggage” thing for a while – but when I switched it up to some good stuff I was introduced to a whole different world of travel. Things got easier…

For example, my less expensive luggage was thinner and got damaged easier. It was also a 2-wheel model instead of the more modern spinners that are very popular (and easier on the arms when pulling).

The cheaper model didn’t come with a garment bag (which is important for a business traveler like me) and the arm didn’t extend as far as I’d have preferred it (given that I am on the taller side).

It was ok. Just ok. And I made do.

But…when it finally bit the dust I decided to invest in some higher end luggage and after reading many reviews, purchasing (and then returning) a few options I ultimately settled on the TravelPro Crew 11 21″ for my main suitcase.

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I was now able pack a little better (more room and the right kinds of room and features – like a garment bag or built in charging ports, higher quality wheels, etc). I was able to move through the airport faster (and smarter) – with the sweet 4-wheel spinners I now use instead of 2 wheeled “leaner” models (and for the leaner fans, you can always tip a spinner onto two wheels when you need to…like when on heavy carpet where the spinners sometimes struggle). And I have the assurance that my investment was going to last a long time (so far, this Travel Pro has been cooking for a few years now!).

There are many options for luggage out there, but, for my money, anything by TravelPro is pretty legit. As noted earlier, I am personally traveling with the TravelPro Crew 11 21″ right now. And I love it.

This fine piece of luggage is incredibly well built, functional, and lightweight. It’s exactly what I need when I am traveling for work each and every week. It is a bit on the small side (which is intentionally ok for me because it forces me to pack lighter and more efficiently), so maybe the larger TravelPro Platinum Elite 22″ is for you.

If you are looking for a hard case, TravelPro has many of those.

You can read a full product review on the TravelPro Crew 11 21″ here

If TravelPro ain’t your pace, take a look at Tumi and Samsonite which both have some quality luggage choices.

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Whatever you ultimately decide, don’t be afraid to spend a little money and get something nice. Always look at some product reviews and find out what other travelers are saying before you make the leap. Think of it as an investment. And investment in smoother, more efficient travel. It will be an investment that’s well worth the extra money if you travel on any sort of regular basis.

By the way, if you are just making one or two trips (and that’s it), save the money and go with something cheaper like the AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Spinner Luggage. The advice shared in this article is really targeted at the frequent traveler.

Adios Readers…see you next Travel Tip Tuesday…

What’s your favorite piece of quality luggage? How about favorite luggage feature? Join the conversation and leave us a comment below!

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Caitlin March 9, 2020 - 4:07 am

Absolutely! I learned my lesson after I once bought a cheap unbranded suitcase in Camden Market in London…it only lasted two flights before the top ripped and it became unusable! Since then, I’ve stuck to higher-quality luggage, and now I’m very excited about all the eco-friendly ranges coming out.


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