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3 Travel Items I never go anywhere without (and you probably don’t either)

3 Travel Items I never go anywhere without (and you probably don’t either)

by Jeremy B

Every single trip. Yup, there isn’t a trip that goes by where I don’t bring these three travel items with me. Sure, I bring lots of stuff with me, but these items travel with me everywhere – no exceptions.

It’s funny, right? Frequent travelers establish a routine, a certain rhythm to their travel. I’ve certainly done the same. I pack the same way, park in basically the same spots at the airport, go through the same security line (always pick the left line), unpack my suitcase when I hit the hotel room (and then iron) and so on. I always bring the same few travel items with me on every trip. I bet you do too, right? Let’s compare notes, shall we?

Wireless Headphones

Long periods of boredom at the airport or on an airplane means you are probably binge watching another episode of some Amazon Prime show (I’ve been watching the new Homeland Season 8). I never take a trip with this top travel item: a set of wireless headphones.

Today, I am using the Beats Solo 3’s which, unfortunately, are not noise canceling, but they are still pretty good headphones. They fold up nicely and provide great sound quality. You can read my review here.

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I’ve used various other headphones in the past included the extremely high-end Bose Quiet Comfort 35’s, pictured below:

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What are your favorite travel headphones? You know, the ones you can’t leave without!

Portable Charger

Always be charging! That’s a rule I follow religiously and many of you do too. One travel item I never leave home without is a portable charger. For years I used an Anker PowerCore 20100 (which I still have, but now leave at home in lieu of my new one), but I’ve since replaced it with the Anker PowerCore 2000, pictured below:

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This is a go-to travel item that has saved my bacon so many times. Maybe it’s at the airport when I can’t find a free plug, or on the plane when my phone or iPad is in it’s dying throes. Having portable power is a game changer which is why I take one with me on every trip.

My Knack Pack One-Bag-Life Backpack

I literally just packed mine again today in preparation for a quick business trip to NYC tomorrow. It’s a short trip so there was not need to bring my favorite suitcase (a TravelPro Crew 11 21″). Nope, this One-Bag-Life backpack expands for easy stowing of clothes in case you want to leave your suitcase at home.

Maybe your favorite travel item is not the Knack Bag, but I bet you have a have favorite travel backpack or travel purse you take with you on every single trip.

By the way, tomorrow we announce a special contest where readers can win their own Knack Bag. Be sure to check in tomorrow when we open our Knack Bag Contest.


How about you? Do you have your favorite travel items? The things you can’t leave home without? We want to know! Drop us a comment below, or tweet us you fav!

The 3 Travel Items I never go anywhere without (and you probably don’t either)

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DaninMCI March 1, 2020 - 2:28 am

This is more like 3 of your favorite affiliate links for travel products you like. From the headline, I thought you would have say, passport, cash, atm card, credit card, Google Fi phone, or….. We all have luggage of some type, not everyone needs the portable power bank, well unless you are on AA flying in legacy US Air planes with no power. Most of us know to take headphones and likely already have some. Sorry to be negative but I really thought this would be about something interesting.


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