New Marriott Bonvoy Promotion to let members bid to stay on Mercedes F1 Yacht in Monaco

Marriott has one heck of a promotion going on for racing fans. Today, Marriott announced an expansion of their Formula 1 racing partnership with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team where arguably the best F1 driver in the world, Lewis Hamilton, races.

Already an Mercedes-AMG F1 sponsor, Marriott’s partnership expansion comes on the heels of their re-branded rewards program, Bonvoy and is no doubt part of the overall marketing campaign designed to woo nervous members reeling from the impacts of the dramatic and eventful cyber attack.


Under this partnership, Marriott Bonvoy Members will have the opportunity to use their Bonvoy points to bid on unique F1 fan activities like:

  • Spending the night on the Mercedes-AMG Petronos yacht duyring the famous Monaco Grand Prix – arguably the most famous and exotic Formula 1 race.
  • Have Lewis Hamilton chauffeur you to the event on race day
  • Ride (as a passenger) around the Grand Prix track in a high-performance Mercedes
  • Participate in a pit stop challenge (details unclear)

The announcement further notes that these are just some of the experiences Marriott Bonvoy members will have the opportunity to take part in. Others include: “…behind the scenes access with the team over Grands Prix weekends for the ultimate fan selfie, where drivers, media and celebrities hang out, visits to the team garage, and prime viewing venues and other experiences at races throughout the season.”

Karin Timpone, Global Marketing Officer for Marriott notes: “Our marketing partnership with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team will give Marriott Bonvoy members, many of whom are fans of the team, the opportunity to pursue their passion for the sport.”

Other details about partnership include the following:

  • Partnership is for 7 years
  • Bonvoy will become the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team’s official hotel loyalty program
  • The Ritz-Carlton is the team’s official hotel partner
  • Logos for Bonvoy and the Ritz will appear on driver’s racing suits

Now, when Hamilton edges another driver off the track, they too can claim they’ve been “BONVOYED!”

Hotel Memes - Marriott Memes I got Bonvoyed

Hotel Memes - When you get bonvoyed Marriott

Readers can view the entire Formula 1 / Bonvoy press release here.


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