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Can I Bring a Razor in my Carry On? Checked luggage?

by Jeremy B

I know why you’re here. You’ve crafted an amazing beard over the last 19 months. You’ve adopted a completely natural lifestyle including your organic shaving cream…and you’ve invested in an 800.00 straight razor and now you have a big question: can I bring a razor in my carry on? Do I have to to check it?

Not to worry, hipster. We got you covered. And you to, non-hipster. In fact, anyone curious about the rules of traveling with a razor, we got you covered.

In this article we deep dive into the specifics of bringing a razor on a plane. Specifically, we look at all the ins and outs of bringing razors with you including straight razors, electric razors, safety razors and disposable razors.

Oh, and by the way…that straight razor? Yeah, that’s a no-go on the plane (at least in your carry on anyway). More on that, below.

This is the second article in our “What can I bring on a plane” series. Be sure to read all of our newbie traveler series articles here.

So, Can I Bring a Razor in my Carry On?

So, maybe you aren’t here because you have a great hipster beard. Maybe it’s just your first time traveling and you aren’t sure what the TSA rules on razors are. In the following sections we examine the travel rules for razors including:

  • Gillette Style Razors
  • Disposable Razors
  • Straight Razors
  • Safety Razors
  • Electric Razors

We answer the burning question: can I bring a razor in my carry on or on a plane (if checked), and if so, how.

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Are Gillette razors allowed on planes (or Gillette-style, aka cartridge razors)?

Technically these kind of shaving razors are known as disposable razors but we often don’t think of them that way (see the next section). Usually, we think of the kind of razors I am referring to here by their brand name (e.g. a Gillette Razor or Dollar Shave Club Razors, Schick), but they are in fact disposable razors because you can literally dispose of the razor when it’s worn out. They also go by the rarely used moniker of cartridge razors which is super un-sexy.

Image of Razor being dipped in water plus text saying Are Gillette razors allowed on planes

These Gillette-style razors are the razors that most of use every day to shave our face or legs. And a question we often get is are Gillette razors allowed on planes?

Yes, disposable razors are allowed on planes in both your carry on and checked baggage.

The reason they are allowed is that even though they contain insanely sharp razor blades (literally that’s what they are) it’s difficult to remove them and use them. Or in other words, low risk.

Can I bring a disposable razor on a plane? (aka single use razors)

Disposable razors such as those pictured in the image below are still fairly popular and while they may not offer the smooth shave other razors do they are still widely used. Can I bring a disposable razor on a plane?

Image of a stack of disposable razors and text saying Can I bring a disposable razor on a plane

The answer is yes. Disposable razors can be both carried on to a plane in your hand luggage or checked. No issues either way.

Can I bring an straight razor on a plane?

You’ve seen Sweeney Todd, right? Insane barber slashing people with his straight razor? Yeah, maybe that tells you all you need to know about bringing a straight razor on a plane.

Image of straight razor and text saying Can I bring an straight razor on a plane

Straight razors are NOT allowed to be carried on to the plane in your hand luggage. You must check them in your checked bags or use a different style of razor for your trip.

By the way, if you are curious HOW to shave with a straight razor here’s a cool video:

Can I bring an safety razor on a plane?

If you are like me you had to look up what a safety razor even was! A safety razor has been a round a long time and offers a very affordable means of getting a clean smooth shave every day. Essentially, you are just replacing razor blades which are a fraction of the cost of some of the more high end Gillette-style razor blades.

Image of Safety Razor and text saying Can I bring a safety razor on a plane

But, given the ease of which these razor blades can be removed and their size the TSA prohibits safety razors from being brought on the plane in your carry on luggage. Like the straight razor you must check any safety razors you are traveling with.

Can I bring an electric razor on a plane?

Ah, yes, the electric razor. Tons of convenience without the mess. I gotta tell you though, for me anyway, they just don’t do the same job as a regular metal razor. That said, while I may not be interested in using electric razors, they are wildly popular and one of the most popular travel gadgets travelers bring.

But, can I bring an electric razor on a plane?

Image of man shaving face and text saying Can I bring an electric razor on a plane

The answer is an absolute yes. No issues in bringing them on your carry on or checking them, although be sure to comply with the TSA and airline policies on batteries (although I will tell you that I can’t think of a single electric razor that doesn’t or won’t comply).

What kind of razors are banned on planes?

To summarize, the following types of razors are banned from carry on luggage (although they can be stowed in your checked bags).

  • Straight Razors
  • Safety Razors

Any other style of shaving razors are allowed on planes.

Traveling with a Razor & Other Toiletries

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention some tips for traveling with toiletries, including deodorant so here’s a few to help you along your trip.

42 Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag (check price)

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Final Thoughts

Can I bring a razor in my carry on? Now you know! Hopefully I’ve answered all of your burning questions about traveling with shaving razors. Happy traveling and happy shaving…don’t cut yourself!


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