5 Portable Travel Chargers with deep discounts right now

Deal Alert: 5 Portable Travel Chargers on sale with deep discounts. Power! We need it! We miss it. We want it. If you are like me, you have several devices you take with you on every trip. For example, I have two phones (work and personal) and two iPads (again, work and personal), plus a set of Beats Solo3 Headphones. That’s a lot of stuff to keep charged. This is why I follow the tried and true rule of travel: Always. Be. Charging.

43 Signs you might be a business traveler: a humorous look at the life of a road warrior

The life of a business traveler is definitely not sunshine and cupcakes. We spend far too many nights away from our loved ones sleeping in yet another hotel bed that’s not our own. Flitting from city to city inside of an aluminum tube each week we grind it out on the road trying to put food on our tables. So, the least we could do is laugh about it, eh?