The Best Travel Blogs for 2018

The Ultimate List of the Best Travel Blogs – 2018 Edition

Looking for more great travel blogs to follow (besides mine of course!)? Here’s is the definitive list of the Best Travel Blogs for 2018. Traveling is a passion for many, a job for others, and somewhere in between for most. As I’ve started my own journey into the world of travel blogs, I’ve been amazed, awed and inspired by some of the great travel blogs out there. I don’t really view them as competition, but rather as inspiration and I want to share some of the best ones with you.

And believe me, there’s no shortage of great travel blogs to follow on the Internet. So, I’ve culled the list down to the few I think are most interesting. I’ve arranged this list of the Best Travel Blogs by category, as noted below:

  • 3 (Overall) Best Travel Blogs. In this category, I’ve included all types of travel blog. The very best of the best travel blogs. Ranging from pleasure, to business travel to something in between, I’ve picked out the 3 Best Travel Blogs.
  • Best Business Travel Blogs. Here, we find the grinders. The road warriors. Those who travel almost every week for their day job. This is me. There are not many folks blogging about this experience, but I see my fellow business travelers every week as I head out for my next work trip.

So let’s get to it. Without any further ado, here is the ultimate list of the best travel blogs – 2018 edition.

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Best Travel Blogs – 2018 Edition

And here they are:

3 (overall) Best Travel Blogs

I have spent a LOT of time looking at travel blogs. Asking questions like how do they do cover a certain topic, or use images in their posts or what social channels seem to be working. Even what kinds of products they might be offering to their readers. During that time, I’ve discovered 3 travel blogs that everyone should be following. Here are the 3 (overall) Best Travel Blogs:

  1. Nomadic Matt. Matt, in my opinion, sets the standard for all travel blogs on the internet. He meets all the criteria: Useful content, attractive website, highly popular, and his authenticity comes through. Plus, he’s a fan of Pinky & the Brain, which honestly is all that was really needed here.
  2. YTravelBlog: I found the YTravelBlog by accident, while searching for ideas on how to structure my blog and boy am I glad I did. Their travel blog is more of a general travel blog, that’s a bit more focused on family travel blogging. Their site is clean, well organized, and they offer well written, engaging, and authentic content. My family has used their site when planning family vacations! #MustFollow.
  3. On The Grid: This is an interesting choice for the best travel blogs list, because it’s really a collection of hundreds of localized travel bloggers providing their feedback and reviews of local eateries and neighborhoods. But the content is stellar, and written from a local perspective which is always best. You need to check these guys out.

Honorable Mention: A Dangerous Business Travel Blog. Despite the name, this is NOT a business travel blog. It is, however, a wonderful collection of wonderful spun travel tales told by Amanda. They are full of vibrant pictures and an earnest voice.

Keep reading, but we’ve only just scratched the surface on the best travel blogs around.

Best Business Travel Blogs

As I noted in the intro, there are not a lot of business travel blogs out there today. I don’t know why that is, because there are certainly a lot of us business travelers out there every day. Believe me, I sit next to them every week on my Southwest flight. But here’s the list of the best business travel blogs:

  • Road Warriorette: If there are few business travel blogs, there are fewer female run business travel blogs. Yet, the Road Warriorette is just that. A serious business professional, Sarah, who runs this blog, knows what she’s talking about, and offers great tips, practical advice, and excellent dining ideas for those who spend more nights in the next Hampton Inn than they do in their own bed.
  • Business Travel Life: For my money, the Business Travel Life is the preeminent standard for Business Travel Blogs. Clean, simple site, loaded with useful practical information that every business traveler can benefit from. You need to add this business travel blog to your daily reading list.
  • Business Travel News: These guys should be the gold standard for business travel blogs and I would have named them so, if they were not SO polished. In my view, a travel blog is run by 1 or 2 people and it’s a side hustle, not the main squeeze. BTN is a great site, don’t get me wrong. SOLID advice, business travel news, ideas on points programs, etc. But it’s also a full blown business. Still, add it to your business travel blog feed.
  • (me!): I am including my new blog in this list, because, well…it’s my article. Haha! But also, there are really not that many business travel blogs. I’d like to think that my focus on topics like Travel Hacks, Travel Tips, Healthy Business Travel and of course Gifts for Business Travelers are actually useful for my fellow business travel brethren. Time will tell though. LOL!
  • Stuck at the Airport. This business travel blog is probably my favorite in terms of aesthetic appeal. Harriet Baskas has done a tremendous job with her sight. It’s like Pinterest, but a travel blog. Pretty sweet looking. It’s also, FULL of wonderful content that the business traveler can use on their daily grind.

Honorable Mention: Frequent Business Traveler: This is an established business travel blog. But it’s in need of a blog makeover. Content is solid, don’t get me wrong, but it feels like I traveled back in time and found this site via my search on Looks aside, it has wonderful, useful content, which is frankly most important.

Did I miss your business travel blog? Hit me up on Twitter and let me know!

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Other Great & Interesting Travel Bloggers you NEED to follow

Here is a fun list of interesting travel bloggers worth following. Check em out!

  • Tim Foolery. A super great name for a travel blog if you ask! Been around a long time (since 2011) and is consistently pumping out solid content. And except for the fact he’s a United guy (ugh!) he’s pretty swell. Check him out!
  • The Down Lo. Cool name and logo but better content. Lauren has a massive blog with a huge social media following and it’s justified given all of the exciting places she’s been and solid content

The Up and Comers!

The best of the NEXT. A great list of some up and coming bloggers that are blogging hard and putting out solid travel blog content.

  • Kuddel Muddel Travel. Really good photos, neat destinations and a ton of promise. Add the Kuddel Muddel to your travel blog follow list.
  • Let’s Go Somewhere Else. Interesting destinations, great photos, and vintage postcards!
  • Stay tuned for more!

And if you want to be added to the rolls, leave a comment w/ your link and I will add you! I only ask you reciprocate w/ a link! Thanks!

The Last Bits

Let’s keep this going! This is going to be a living blog post so check back often for more great content. I will be adding blogs, as a I find them, in the following categories. If you think you should be listed, hit me up!

  • Best of – Female Travel Blogs.
  • Best of – Male Travel Blogs.
  • Best of Couple or Duo Travel Blogs.
  • Best New Travel Blogs – 2018.
  • Best Family Travel Blog.

Thanks for tuning into the best travel blogs – 2018 edition! And don’t forget to check out some of the great content on THIS blog:


The Ultimate List of the Best Travel Blogs to Follow





















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I’ve selected a few of the most exciting and best new travel blogs here. Criteria? Started in 2018. They are full of promise and excitement as we get a front row seat to their travel blogging journey.

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  1. Jim

    Such a great list you’ve thrown together! I’m very happy to see NomadicMatt up top still as he’s always been an inspiration to me from the beginning. From doing the webinars reading his guides and doing a few of his meet ups around the globe, he never fails to inspire me to go one further

  2. Alex Trembath

    Very interesting, there are a couple here I didn’t know about so I’m checking them out. There are so many great travel blogs out there. At the moment my favourite is Adventure In You – those guys are crushing it.

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