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Who are the best blogs to follow for tips on working remotely? Just starting you or your team's journey into the remote working realm? Here are the best remote work blogs to help you find your way.

Best Remote Work Blogs: who to follow for WFH tips & advice

by Jeremy B

Who are the best blogs to follow for tips on working remotely? Just starting you or your team’s journey into the remote working realm? Here are the best remote work blogs to help you find your way.

Millions of people now work remotely thanks to the coronavirus. While remote work was becoming more popular each year this pandemic shattered any remaining opposition. Entire companies moved thousands and thousands employees to a remote work model seemingly overnight.

Some predict that remote work is here to stay. Many companies, including Google and Facebook, are letting their employees work from home for many months – some even permanently.

It’s not just big Silicon Valley tech companies either. Small companies are getting into the mix too as reported by NPR. Nationwide Insurance of Columbus, Ohio is doing the same thing too and employees are raving about it.

Nationwide CEO Kirt Walker says it’s been a popular decision at the company. “Overwhelming. Hundreds of emails and cards and letters and phone calls. ‘Thank you for doing this.’ So I think we got it right,” he says.

NPR.org – Permanent Work from Home is Coming

A major, once in a lifetime shift is underway and we are all living in it.

Working Remotely is both easy and hard

But, and it’s a bit but, working from home (which used to be called telecommuting) is something that many people and companies were really not ready for.

Image of woman working remotely with baby on lap

Millions of employees were thrust into this new modality and while we all adapted pretty quickly it was not without its fits and starts – on both the employee and employer side of things.

While 67% of companies now have plans for some form of widespread and permanent work from home workforce, the reality is that the transition can be jarring for both company and employee.

From company policy on remote employees, to work from home perks, to ensuring your video and chat tech stacks are adequate, and more, there is a lot to consider to really do remote work right.

On the employee side of the house, there’s ensuring your have a good workspace where you live, to finding the right gadgets and accessories for maximum WFH productivity, to dealing with the chaos of barking dogs and summer breaks for kids.


It’s a lot. Fortunately, there are folks here to help. We’ve assembled a list of the top remote work blogs to help employees and employers find their way in the brave, fun, radically different world many of us are living in now.

Best Remote Work Blogs: who to follow for the best tips on working remotely

Image of woman working remotely from home

Our list of the best remote work blogs highlight some of the top thinkers in this space from both an employee perspective as well as an employer’s point of view. This list of the best telecommuting blogs can be used by an employee struggling to find their new normal as they are suddenly thrust into a new normal. Equally, a company looking to normalize and implement a more widespread work from home policy can find value in our list of remote work bloggers.

But let’s be clear about things:

  • What this is not: this is not a list of blogs that will teach you how to side hustle while working from home. Sure, that’s a thing too, but that’s not what this list is about. Yes, some of the blogs below touch on this subject, but that’s the not the primary focus area for the remote work blogs and bloggers we highlight below.
  • What this is: this list is really about highlighting blogs that cover remote work in a corporate environment and all of ins and outs of that universe.

Let’s dig in.


Remote Work is firstly a resource for companies looking to do more with their work force. However, their blog offers plenty of valuable content that is useful to the employee looking to get more out of their remote work experience.

This site also shares job postings for remote workers.

Remote Work Hub

Remote Work Hub is a site focused on employees and their remote work lifestyle. Chock full of tips, tricks, advice and yes, even job postings, the site is an excellent resource for remote workers. One piece that’s particular interesting helps people figure out if remote work is NOT for them.


Medium is a blogging and media platform. The site covers a ton of topics and areas and anyone can start writing on it for free (and even paid a little bit too). What we like about Medium is that the subject of remote work is very popular and is covered from a wide variety of angles and by big publications and small writers.

Skip the Drive

Aside from the clever name, Skip the Drive is a remote work / work from home blog that is loaded with useful resources. From negotiating tips, to job ideas, tips on being more successful in a remote work position, and much more, Skip the Drive is definitely a blog you should add to your regular reading list.


Fellow BoardingArea.com member Coworkaholic’s blog has talking about remote work since its inception. Founder Mike’s spin, however, is centered around working remotely through the use of coworking locations. Excellent content on this blog with lots of advice for coworking, remote working, digital nomads, and travel. He also reviews a variety of coworking locations which gives readers valuable insight in evaluating potential coworking sites.

Looking for more remote work resources? Consider us!

In the early days of the pandemic we could sense that a seismic shift was taking place before our eyes. As a primarily business travel themed blog we realized that biz travel wasn’t going to be as popular as it once was. So, we pivoted a bit.

More like added some new topic areas, really.

As a long time business traveler we’ve worked for companies where we were 100% remote – even though it involved significant travel. This is a topic we actually know quite a bit about. We also opened the doors for a few guest posts and had some great submissions.

Here’s a few of our pieces:

Wow, that was more than we realized! Apparently we’ve been busy! What else are we going to do, right? It’s not like we are traveling right now!

Final thoughts on the Best Work from Home Blogs

Working remotely doesn’t have to be terrible experience. In fact, it can be one of the most rewarding parts of your career if you know what you are doing and if you work for a company that understands how to pull this off.

And that’s really the trick, isn’t it? You need both parties to be on board with this whole “work from home” idea, right?

Good luck out there wherever you are Zooming from!

By the way, do you like reading blogs? Be sure to check out our list of the Best Travel Blogs to follow here.

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Remote working is becoming a new source of anxiety, even though there are many advantages in remote working still some problems like procrastination, lack of self-discipline etc are definitely affecting our daily work.
I will surely implement these tips in my daily work.
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