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10 TV Shows from 2000-2010 worth rewatching while you are NOT traveling

by Jeremy B

We are throwing it back here at the CBoardingGroup. Back to the early 00’s! Since we are all pretty much stuck at home these days we’ve been spending plenty of time in front of the TV and I suspect you have too. Here are 10 TV Shows from 2000-2010 worth re-watching!

Through a collaboration with 10 amazing travel bloggers we’ve identified 10 shows from the 1st decade of this century worth checking out during our quarantine.

The Criteria

The rules of this collaboration were simple. We asked 10 travel bloggers to pick their favorite TV show that aired at least a season sometime between 2000 and 2010. If the show started pre-2000 or ended after 2010 it could be included! Shows are not listed in order.

The List

Before we dive into the details of why you should watch each show, here’s a quick summary:

  1. Survivor
  2. Lost
  3. The Sopranos
  4. How I met your mother
  5. Arrested Development
  6. Prison Break
  7. Gilmore Girls
  8. Friends
  9. Sex and the City
  10. The O.C.

Warning: some spoilers may be present below.


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The first season of Survivor aired back in 2000, and it often pops up on lists of the best shows of the noughties. Its producers took a big risk on a concept that was completely different from anything else on television, and it became the first American reality show to actually be profitable and get good ratings.

Amazingly, the show is still going strong today, 20 years on. It’s changed quite a lot over the years, though. So much so that in recent seasons the players can often be heard comparing “old school” and “new school” styles of play. Re-watching old seasons really shows just how true this is.

And with Season 40 “Winners at War” currently underway, now is the perfect time to go back and refresh your memory of how this season’s players won their original season. Survivor is available for streaming on Amazon Prime or watch new seasons on CBS.


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Are you looking for a binge-worthy sci-fi TV drama while you can’t travel? Do you like to be kept at the edge of your seat as you go from episode to episode, season to season? I recommend to you, one of my favorite shows of all-time, Lost.

An American TV series that aired from 2004 to 2010, Lost has a total of 6 seasons and 121 episodes, enough to keep you occupied during quarantine or even hibernation. The show follows the story of a group of survivors from a plane crash on a mysterious island. Unlike the typical stuck-on-an-island show, viewers will soon find out that it is much more than that.

As the series goes on, secrets of the island are revealed along with the hidden motives of the survivors. Forces of supernatural, plots twists, and other “did-that-just-happen” moments, this American classic TV drama will keep you occupied when you can’t travel!

The Sopranos

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The Sopranos is an American crime drama centering around an Italian-American crime boss named Tony Soprano and his DiMeo crime family based out in New Jersey.

Like many mafioso stories The Sopranos continues to age like a fine Italian wine with an added swig of nostalgia for the time it was created, the characters involved, and the late and great James Gandolfini.

In total there are 6 seasons of The Sopranos, including 86 episodes, and 3.6 days of straight back-to-back binging. Meaning, that’s a good chunk of isolation hours sorted before finally reliving one of the most contentious series endings before Game of Thrones stormed away with that unwanted crown.

It is definitely a must-watch series for first-timers and with the upcoming prequel this year (The Many Saints of Newark) it is also the perfect time for a recap.

How I Met Your Mother

There are so many incredible televisions shows that premiered from 2000-2010. One such show is How I Met Your Mother. I’ll admit that I didn’t watch this show until a few years ago. I was a huge fan of Friends and couldn’t bear the thought of replacing it with another show that so many others raved about. I finally took the plunge and became addicted.

I’m actually rewatching How I Met Your Mother all over again as we speak and it’s even better the second time around. I personally love this show because it’s relatable to everyone. The characters in the show feel like your best friends and you don’t feel so alone no matter what you’re going through in life. Also, the show is incredibly funny that it will turn your bad day around.

There are so many times where I’ve come home stressed from work and I instantly feel relaxed after watching an episode. Lastly, How I Met Your Mother is awesome because of the many life lessons you learn from it.

The show taught me that your true friends will always be there for you regardless of where you’re at in life and that everyone finds their special someone no matter how many misadventures it takes to find them.

Arrested Development

One of my favorite shows to re-watch is Arrested Development. It’s perfect for people looking for a quirky comedy that is absurd while still being relatable on a certain leve. It’s one of the few shows that isn’t too dated (although there are a few nods to events that happened in the 2000’s.).

The jokes crack me up and each time I watch it, I pick up on more nuances and details in the background I didn’t catch the first time. The episodes are short so it’s easy to binge watch the entire series in a matter of days. Or, you can watch them one at a time without worrying about forgetting the plot.

I watched an old episode on a flight a few months ago and was surprised that I cracked up just as much as the first time I watched it. They recently rebooted it on Netflix, so you can watch the previous seasons on Netflix in addition to the most recent ones.

Prison Break

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Whilst we’re all cooped up inside climbing the walls with cabin fever, what better way to distract yourself than watching Lincoln and Michael breaking out of Fox River State Penitentiary! With a new season released in 2017, there’s now five seasons of Prison Break to indulge in, full of twists and turns as the brothers’ struggle to get out of a sequence of sticky situations. Follow the prisoners from America to the depths of the Panamanian jungle and war strewn Yemen.

Prison Break is one of those TV shows that will have you gasping with surprise at the ingenuity of Scofield’s escape plans and your heart racing at some near escapes. As the story develops you’ll develop some shocking favourite characters that’ll leave you reaching for the remote ready to start the next episode, beware Prison Break is bingeable! You can catch all five series of Prison Break on Amazon Prime now.

Gilmore Girls

Lorelai and Rory aka the Gilmore Girls is the story of a spunky once-upon-a-time teenage mom and her daughter Rory who live in the fictional town of Star Hollows. Lorelai, who originally was from a wealthy family, ran away from her home on discovering she was pregnant. She starts working at The Independence Inn to raise Rory on her own.

Their lives change when Rory, who is an excellent student, gets the opportunity to attend a private school that would help her get into the college of her dreams. The drawback? The fee is astronomical and something that the duo cannot afford. Lorelai decides to approach her parents for the money and they surprisingly agree on the condition that Rory and Lorelai would have weekly dinners with them. These dinners are often the centre of a lot of family drama and sometimes humour.

The characters of this show are eccentric and definitely relatable. Another central character in this show is the gruff Luke and his homely Luke’s Diner that serves delicious, scrumptious meals to the mother and daughter duo. Luke is also secretly in love with the clueless Lorelai which adds a little bit of drama to the show.

The show has a set of quirky side characters and over the top festivals that the town celebrates with much gusto.  What I personally love about the show is the beautiful friendship that Lorelai and Rory share and the strong relationships they build with those around them. The snappy dialogues, clever storytelling and colourful characters are what makes the show binge worthy! You can watch this show on Netflix and you will definitely enjoy it 🙂


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Friends have been one of the longest-running comedy shows in the history of American television. It gives you a thoroughly enjoyable experience. It fills with the best guest stars, reoccurring characters, and the funniest jokes.

Everyone in this series does what they like to do, and more importantly, how they want to do it. Though it’s weird/different, they don’t care. It gives you an opportunity to imagine and live that life with your friends and who that say “I’ll be there for you” and mean it.

When I watched it the first time it was fun, laughter, and romance. But the second time I started internalizing and found the reason why people watch this again and again. Their happy ending is the best happy ending anyone can ever ask for. The show may have ended but the legacy will always remain.

Sex and the City

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  • Submitted by: My Adventures Across The World
  • Aired: 1998 -2004
  • Watch it here: Amazon

Sex and the City has to be one of the most legendary TV shows of the years 2000. Set in New York, it’s a show about life, love, friendship between four women, very different one from the other yet very good friends.

The main character, Carrie Bradshaw, played by actress Sarah Jessica Parker, is the one with the most unstable love life – in love with a certain Mr Big but jumping from one relationship to the other while waiting for Mr Big to finally come to her. 

This is a show worth watching over and over – to the point that you will learn the lines by heart. The setting – the fabulous city of New York; the costumes – don’t lie and said you never dreamt to have a pair of Laboutin shoes to yourself!; the romance – the everyday struggle of a woman in her late 30s to find real love; the sarcasm: all of this is enough to entertain you over and over. The show can be watched on HBO and Amazon.

The O.C.

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Cast yourself back to getting immersed in all of that Californian teenage drama that The OC is so damn good at! The OC is the perfect show to rewatch in this time of isolation as it will definitely keep your mind off the current world situation. Focus in on Ryan Atwood getting himself into fistfights and romance with Marissa Cooper, Seth Cohen being his geeky self, and the issues of the upper-class housewives of the Orange County.

Back in 2003 The OC hit the screen and went on for a solid four seasons, and each season has over 20 episodes! This means that it is definitely a series which you won’t be able to binge watch in one day, rather a challenge for yourself in this strange time period. A chance for you to achieve and show your commitment to finishing all 92 episodes! It’s the little wins that count right?

If teenage drama and romance always finds a way of sucking you in and being your guilty pleasure you will not regret watching The OC. All four seasons are available on Amazon Prime so get your PJ’s on and get comfy!

Thanks and Stay Safe

How’s your quarantining going? Keeping busy? Once you’ve blown through the 10 shows we listed above here’s a few more ideas:

PS…did you know Amazon now has a section in Prime Video specifically for movies that are still in theaters? Read about Amazon Prime Cinema here.

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