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These are the Coronavirus Memes you need to survive the travel ban

These are the Coronavirus Memes you need to survive the travel ban

by Jeremy B

Bored yet? Miss that airplane? Yeah, me too. Some of y’all need to Netflix and chill (and stop buying toilet paper). We are in some weird times right now, that’s for sure and since laughter is often some of the best medicine we’ve thrown together some Coronavirus Memes with a travel angle. Because. That’s. What. We. Do. #Merica.

You need some Coronavirus Memes…we can help with that

Ok, let’s do this. Here are several mostly-travel-related memes about this annoying pandemic. Don’t take yourself or these memes too seriously…k?

Quarantined at home instead of London Meme

This is kind of my favorite one because it hits home. We were planning on visiting London for the first time literally last week. Nope…let’s stay home. <sigh>

3 Days into my Coronavirus Quarantine

There will be no urine drinking on this quarantine, let’s get that straight!

Coronavirus Memes - my travel plans destroyed

The coronavirus jacked up some travel plans didn’t it? Wow.

Coronavirus Memes - elite travelers

One of the first things I saw travelers tweeting about was their precious status. Feels like that may be kind of a low priority right now…?

Coronavirus Memes - survey says

MFrs still traveling out there.

Covid-19 Memes - Every Travel Blogger RN

We’ve kept our virus coverage to a minimum leaving the heavy lifting to the experts and really just dropping some humorous stuff (this article) OR a suggestions on what to do when you can’t travel. That’s about it…

Covid 19 Memes disrupt my travel plans


See No One Cares your trip is canceled meme

This one makes me laugh because while it does suck that our trips are canceled, it’s not like there’s some important going on right now. So, yes…relax. But feel free to whine a little bit. Just don’t expect too much sympathy.

credit card memes about covid 19

It’s a little fun to poke at the credit card sellers (heck I sell them…although not that hard and not that many). There is even a cottage industry of other bloggers who hate on credit card bloggers pretty heavily which seems like a bit of an overreaction. Still kinda fun to zing ’em a bit. #justjoking #chillout

Coronavirus Memes - idiots everywhere

This pretty much captures most of our communities right now…

Dissapointed Flight Attendant Memes

I feel sorry for the flight attendants and other related travel staff. To be working now is kinda sucky, although getting a paycheck is nice too. Still pretty crappy all around.

Grumpy Cat Doesn't Like Covid 19

I’m not mad. Trust me.

Hard to Swallow Covid 19 Memes

It is a bit hard to swallow, but life goes on.

Non Essential Travel Should Cease Meme

Shocking news…who saw that coming.

Passenger Sneezes On Plane COVID Memes

Whoa! Pump the brakes there fellow passenger.

Sad Keanu Memes about Covid 19

Even Keanu is sad because he’s got nowhere to go.

a woman with blindfolded eyes sitting in a boat with children

Seriously, who is traveling still. Stop it.

That's none of my business meme about coronavirus

Like I said, stop it. #FlattenTheCurve

Total Douchebag Elite Travelers Meme

I don’t get it…why y’all bent out of shape about this. Literally not the most important thing in the world right now.

Travel Deals right now

There are some pretty good deals right now…and there’s ABOUT to be some amazing deals.

More Memes if you aren’t memed out yet

Thanks and seriously, be safe out there

This was all in good fun! Hope you got a small respite from the chaos that is unfolding before our eyes. Be safe out there!

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