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31 Zoom Backgrounds your coworkers will be drooling over

31 Funny Zoom Backgrounds your coworkers will be drooling over [Updated]

by Jeremy B

Now that we are all working from home, the use of virtual meeting technology like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Webex, and Skype has exploded. Now, of course, we all want funny Zoom backgrounds to hide our home office! We’ve got your back! In this post we share:

Most importantly, we provide a list of Free Zoom Backgrounds…and that’s what you’re here for anyway, right?

Do you have Microsoft Teams? No worries, we explain how to change your Teams background here and give you a ton of free Teams backgrounds.

Who is Zoom?

Relative newcomer, Zoom, in particular, has been skyrocketing in growth over the past few years based on its easy to install, easy to use, and affordable video conferencing platform. It IPO’d in 2019 and experienced a fantastic year of growth, more than doubling its 2018 revenue.

Having once met CEO Eric Yuan I was awestruck by his humble yet confident demeanor. He was extremely approachable and appeared to have a laser focus on what he was trying to do with his company.

Moreover, having used their product, I can attest that Zoom is extremely easy to use (far simpler than industry leader Cisco Webex and even Skype) and pretty darn cool.

Zoom Backgrounds are Amazing

Image of 31 Zoom Backgrounds your friends and coworkers will be drooling over

More fascinating than all of that (which is pretty good in and of itself), Zoom has one of the cooler features I’ve seen lately and that is the ability to change your background to a custom image.

In other words, you can superimpose a different image of your physical background to your fellow conference attendees. Think green screen in movies here. In fact, here’s a video to demonstrate.

This feature is badass!

Oddly, this feature has become wildly popular (and arguably more important) with the massive quarantines that have sent millions of workers home to work. 

I suspect this phenomenon is due in part to two things:

  1. Many people don’t have a proper home office and might be a little embarrassed they are hunkered down in the kid’s nursery (I have an employee dealing with this right now and don’t worry I didn’t give any crap about it. These are weird times!). But, folks definitely don’t have the right setup including a good Zoom quality headset or proper lighting.
  2. People are desperate for some levity; something to take their mind off the difficult situation we are all presently in. Showing a background of a bombed out church on a staff meeting is a way to build some virtual camaraderie.

There’s a bit of a cottage industry that’s sprung up with people creating custom Zoom Backgrounds and well, we couldn’t resist.

A green screen will help

If you have a relatively solid and flat wall behind your desk you might be able to get away without having a green screen (see our guide on green screens here). However, to get the most out of your virtual background experience you really need to invest in a green screen. Fortunately, they can be purchased for relatively affordable price. Here’s a few options:

By the way, if you are looking for some funniness…consider checking out Every Single Zoom Call I am on Goes Like This.

Download Free Zoom Backgrounds

Image of various Zoom Backgrounds

Here are several custom Zoom Backgrounds we have created for you to use on your next Zoom call. The backgrounds fall into a few categories including:

  • Pandemic Related Zoom Backgrounds
  • Cool Hipster Backgrounds for Zoom / modern office Zoom Backgrounds
  • Travel Related Backgrounds for Zoom / Trave inspired Zoom Backgrounds
  • Corporate Zoom Backgrounds
  • Cityscapes
  • Nature Backgrounds for Zoom
  • Funny Zoom Backgrounds / Hilarious Zoom Backgrounds
  • Zoom Backgrounds for Kids
  • Green Screen Guide
  • New: Valentine’s Day Zoom Backgrounds
  • New: Easter Zoom Backgrounds
  • New: St Patricks Day Zoom Backgrounds
  • Inauguration Day Zoom Backgrounds


Shameless plug: if you are looking for ideas on how to lead your team remotely and even have a little fun, check out 5 Virtual Team Building Ideas to keep things light & fun while working remote

Inauguration Day Zoom Backgrounds

It’s here. After a long wait, Inauguration Day 2021 is here and while most of us won’t be in DC this time, we are tuning in remotely. Here are the best Inauguration Day Zoom Backgrounds. Express your support with a virtual Inauguration Day background for Zoom!

Inauguration Day Zoom Background 7
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 15
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 10
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 11
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 11
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 6
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 13
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 13
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 2
Image of Whitehouse to use for Inauguration Day Zoom background
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 4
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 1
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 5
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 4
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 14
Inauguration Day Zoom Background 14

Pandemic Related Zoom Backgrounds

Coronavirus Zoom Background
Coronavirus Zoom Background
Toilet Paper Zoom Background

A toilet paper Zoom background? Epic! But, I bet your boss makes you change it.

Four Seasons Landscaping Company Zoom Background

This. Is. Awesome.

Four Seasons Landscaping Company Virtual Background

Cool Zoom Backgrounds / Fake Office Zoom Backgrounds / Coffee Shop Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom

Image of a Office Space Photo Zoom Virtual Background
Image of Office Space Photo Zoom Virtual Background 1
Modern Office Zoom Background
Amazing Office Zoom Background
Coffee Shop Zoom Virtual Background 1
Coffee Shop Zoom Virtual Background 2

Coffee Shop Themed Zoom Background! You can smell the beans roasting!

a concrete wall and floor

This might be our favorite…modern concrete wall Zoom background. Badass.

a wood planks with stains
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Travel Backgrounds for Zoom / Travel Inspired Zoom Backgrounds

Beach Zoom Background

Since we can’t be at the beach right now, at least we can pretend. This free beach Zoom background is pretty fun.

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Here’s a travel inspired Zoom background: the perfect airport Zoom background:

Airport Zoom Background - Travel Inspired Zoom Background
Airport Zoom Background 2 - Travel Inspired Zoom Background

No one is traveling? Or are they? Haha! Here’s a fun Zoom background that looks like you are still on an airplane!

Free Travel Zoom Virtual Background - Greece

Greece Zoom Background – so pretty!

Free Travel Zoom Virtual Background - Greece 2

Another amazing background of the Greece Coast.

Free Travel Zoom Virtual Background - Italy 1

This Roman Coliseum Zoom Background is epic!

Free Travel Zoom Virtual Background - Italy 2

Another picturesque Italy Zoom Background.

Zoom Backgrounds for Memorial Day

Image of Several Memorial Day Zoom Backgrounds

Memorial Day is a solemn reminder of the sacrifices many of made in service of our great country. Help commemorate this important day with a Memorial Day Zoom Background from our list below.

Image of Bald Eagle over Flag
Image of field of flags in setting sun
Image of Flag over dark brown wooden planks
Image of Flag over Green Surface
Image of Poppy over Wooden Table
Image of patriotic striping on wood background
Image of Flag waving
Image flag with white background
Image of flag over slightly blurred background
Image of Flag draped over white wood planking

Zoom Backgrounds for Christmas – Pretty Christmas Themed Backgrounds for Zoom Meetings

Christmas and the holidays are a magical time. Why not spread that magic to your fellow coworkers or family members on your Zoom meetings? Here are several Free Christmas Zoom Backgrounds!

Zoom Backgrounds Christmas - Christmas Tree Zoom Background 1

Christmas Zoom Background with tree and gifts

Zoom Backgrounds Christmas - Christmas Tree Zoom Background 2

Blue Christmas Tree Background for Zoom

Zoom Backgrounds Christmas - Christmas Tree Zoom Background 3

Christmas Tree Zoom Background

Zoom Backgrounds Christmas - Outdoor Market Square

Holiday Themed Zoom Background

Zoom Backgrounds Christmas - Snowy Zoom Background 1

Pretty Winter Zoom background

Zoom Backgrounds Christmas - Snowy Zoom Background 2

Wintery Zoom Background with snow

Zoom Backgrounds Christmas - Snowy Zoom Background 3

Beautiful Winter Wonderland Zoom Background with Snow on Trees

Cityscapes for Zoom Backgrounds

a city with tall buildings and a river
NYC Zoom Background

A great view of NYC and the Freedom Tower. Who doesn’t love an NYC Zoom Background?

Chicago Zoom Background

Oh, Chicago, we love you too! Here’s an amazing Chicago Zoom background with an epic sunset.

Petra Zoom Background

Arguably one of the coolest places on the earth why not make the Rock City of Petra you newest virtual background?

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Free Zoom Nature Backgrounds

nature zoom backgrounds
nature zoom backgrounds

Wish you had a fishing rod, right? Use this Zoom background to wish for better days.

nature zoom backgrounds

We think this cool rock climbing background makes a perfect addition to another day in your home office.

nature zoom backgrounds

Funny Zoom Backgrounds

funny zoom backgrounds

A 1950’s kitchen virtual Zoom background is exactly what you need for your next Zoom call.

funny zoom backgrounds

Does every call feel like a boxing match? Here’s a boxing ring background for Zoom that might make more sense than you think.

funny zoom backgrounds

Take your next conference call from the comfort of a bar with this Zoom Bar Background.

Cubicles Zoom Virtual Background 1

Miss your cubicle? Here’s a Zoom Background with cubicles!

Cubicle Zoom Virtual Background 2

A funny cubicle themed Zoom Virtual Background!

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Cue REM: It’s the end of the world and we know it…this Zoom nuclear explosion background is epic.

prison zoom background

Does it feel like you are in jail sometimes? Use a Zoom prison background and get a few laughs from your colleagues.

Wild fire Zoom Background

Wildfire Zoom background? Why not. It is the end of the world, apparently, here in 2020. Gulp!

funny zoom backgrounds

The subtle undertones this Zoom circus background gives off is a reminder to everyone to get their conference calls under control.

funny zoom backgrounds

Why not take the conference from the comfort of grandma’s bathroom with our old bathroom Zoom background. We think this is one of the funniest Zoom backgrounds.

funny zoom backgrounds

Take your next meeting from the big office with this Zoom Boardroom Background.

Soccer arena zoom background

Take a call from a soccer stadium with this Zoom Soccer Stadium Background!

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Use this Zoom Haunted House Background to spook your coworkers!

Coffee Shop Zoom Backgrounds

Here’s a few of our favorite coffee shop Zoom backgrounds! Enjoy!

Coffee Shop Zoom Backgrounds 1
Coffee Shop Zoom Backgrounds 2
Coffee Shop Zoom Backgrounds 3
Coffee Shop Zoom Backgrounds 4

Download Free Zoom Backgrounds

You can also download these Zoom Background directly from our Google Drive here

Note: We used our paid Canva subscription to create these free Zoom Backgrounds for you to use!

To change your Zoom Background see these instructions.

Don’t have Zoom? That’s ok, here’s a few other free backgrounds in our collection:

Valentine’s Day Zoom Backgrounds

There’s nothing quite like spending Valentine’s Day away from the people you love and cherish but such is the world we live in these days. Help soften the pain by using one of our free romantic Zoom backgrounds; connect with those special people in your life with a Valentines Day Zoom background below:

Dark red background with red hearts

Free Kids Zoom Backgrounds / Zoom Backgrounds for School

Funny Zoom Backgrounds for Kids

But wait…there’s more! Haha. Anyway, here is a large collection of funny kids Zoom Backgrounds your kiddos will love. They can use them in their classroom, or when chatting with grandparents or friends. We’ve got kitten Zoom Backgrounds, Puppy Zoom Backgrounds, Lego Zoom Backgrounds (yes, even Batman!), and many more silly Zoom backgrounds for kids.

Town Zoom Background for Kids
Teddy Bear Zoom Background for Kids
Snake Zoom Background for Kids
Silly Penguin Zoom Background for Kids
Shark Zoom Background for Kids
Robot Zoom Background for Kids
Rainbow Zoom Background for Kids
Puppy Zoom Background for Kids
Rainbow Zoom Background for Kids
Lego Zoom Background for Kids
Mermaid Zoom Background for Kids
Lego Batman Zoom Background for Kids
Kitten Zoom Background for Kids 2
Kitten Zoom Background for Kids 2
Funny Teacher Zoom Background for Kids
a rocket flying in the sky
Farm Zoom Background for Kids
Chalk Board Zoom Background for Kids

Download all of our Kids Zoom Backgrounds Here

Easter Zoom Backgrounds

Can’t celebrate Easter with your family? No problem – use a free Easter Zoom background to set a fun mood. Here are several Easter Zoom Virtual Backgrounds so you can have a little fun with your family or loved ones this Easter.

St Patrick’s Day Zoom Backgrounds

Let’s hope the luck of the Irish helps with your next Zoom meeting! Celebrate this fun and zany holiday with a St Patricks Day Zoom background from our list below.

Download all Zoom Backgrounds here

Thanks, be safe and happy Zooming!

Did you find the perfect Zoom background for your next call? We hope so!

Like many of us, you are probably struggling to find your new normal. Perhaps you’ve done that and are simply bored. We’ve got your back. Here’s a ton of recent content that revolves around what’s facing us today, including working from home ideas, what to watch, things to read, and how to avoid boredom. Enjoy.

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Suzana April 2, 2020 - 1:22 pm

Please do not promote the circus. It is pure animal abuse – those animals are being abused everyday and kept in horrendous conditions. Please remove that background. Thank you.

PT Barnum May 19, 2020 - 10:06 pm

Good lord. Your covid mask is too tight. Chill out.

Andrew August 19, 2020 - 2:23 am

Many people don’t like clowns, myself included. Should we start a campaign against them or against people only pretending to be happy ?
Sure it’s not the same thing, but this counter oppression(yes it is a form of socialism and anti-democratic to prevent people from doing things unless they cause harm to other people) might cause other fears and frustrations for other people and won’t solve the real problem: Why don’t we care enough about the well-being of other people and animals, which kinda makes us sociopaths.
Wild animals may find it difficult to live in small spaces especially while travelling, this is especially true for big cats and elephants, camels are domesticated and won’t have as much stress, reptiles don’t move a lot and will prefer not having to hunt for food.
It does not mean they are abused in other ways, many years ago I did see where circus animals live and how they are treated. It is true the they have an electric fence and being zapped is not pleasant, but sadly this is needed sometimes even for farm animals also to prevent the wild ones from attacking them. Other than that the animals were in good shape, their price alone prohibits their owners from abusing them and getting one is also difficult, as is caring for a sick one.

Most people like animals and we find their company enjoyable, we just need to find a balance so they are healthy and can live a longer and healthier life than the ones in the wild.

Bob white January 19, 2021 - 6:39 am

Typical Cancel culture remark

Steve May 13, 2021 - 10:08 am

O Suzana, I am the first person in over a year, to agree with your comment. After reading the rude and belittling comments that precede mine, I only hope that you’ve had this orientation for a few years, inuring you to such crude and mean spirited people. Expressing oneself regarding the treatment of animals, by humans, especially for profit, is a sure fire way to get dumped on. Take heart, though, there are others who share your concerns. You are not alone.

Drake April 3, 2020 - 4:20 am

LOL @suzana. take a chill pill

tim May 3, 2020 - 1:19 pm

@Suzana – you have too much time on your hands

Augusto July 11, 2020 - 10:21 am

Although most people may agree on the concept that circuses CAN be abusive to animals, not all of them are, and your ham fisted way of creating awareness, by harassing people on the Internet, will have the complete opposite effect of what you’re trying to accomplish.

PT Barnum mortuus est October 24, 2022 - 9:49 am

@augusto said, ” your ham fisted way of creating awareness, by harassing people on the Internet.”

She simply stated a courteous opinion and reasonable request based upon her preference for the humane treatment of animals by not having them perform, something most circuses have now agreed to do. On the other hand, she was attacked about her “covid mask” with dismissive comments about “cancel culture” and having “too much time” so if anything, she is the one being harrassed by those who chose to cling to the past.

rodeny age 4 June 5, 2023 - 2:30 pm



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