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Always Be Charging

Always Be Charging (Travel Tip Tuesday #2)

by Jeremy B

Today, we are talking about power! Yup, the frequent traveler probably has several devices that all run on batteries. Batteries that have varying levels of use, charging capacity, and charging speed. And they always run out when we need them the most and that’s why today’s Travel Tip Tuesday is so important: Always. Be. Charging.

Always Be Charging (ABC)

This Tuesday’s travel tip is a simple, but an important one. It has to do with power! If you travel much you know how fast your tech gear drains its battery. Think about how many battery-powered devices you travel with:

  • At least one cell phone (possibly two if you travel for work)
  • You probably have a computer (rarely, but maybe two if you do business travel)
  • iPad or tablet (hopefully not two)
  • Wireless headphones

From your cell phone to your laptop to your wireless headphones it seems like that battery runs out faster than ever these days!

Always Be Charging ABC
How many devices do you carry with you when you travel?

That’s why it’s critical to always be charging!

Doesn’t matter when/where. If you CAN charge you should. This means during your layovers, in your car on the way to the airport. Heck, when you jump in the shower in the morning plug that phone in!

Over the years I’ve realized that airports don’t always have readily available plugs and while newly remodeled airports usually do, they are still pretty crowded. That’s why I invested in a couple of good portable chargers that I now carry with me on all trips (or at least one of them).

The first portable charger I invested in was the PISEN 20000mAh Power Bank. This beast of a charger is massive – both in the amount of power it puts out and its physical size. It features 2 USB charging ports and holds a charge long enough to charge an iPhone 6-8 times. My only complaint about the PISEN is its size. It’s frankly a little too big for my tastes. I’ve ultimately gifted it to my kids for use on road trips, etc.

The second portable charger I invested in was the Anker PowerCore 20100. I highly recommend you invest in this charger. It’s durable, reasonably sized, and holds a long charge. You can read my full product review of the Anker PowerCore 20100 here.

The other interesting thing I tried was purchasing a new carry-on suitcase which included a power charging option. The TravelPro Crew 11 21″ Suitcase has been the single best piece of luggage I’ve ever owned. In addition to being sturdy, lightweight, durable, and well built, it also features a charging feature. You have to provide your own power bar (a small one, ideally), but when you do you can charge your gear from the convenience of wherever your suitcase is!

You can read my full product review of the TravelPro Crew 11 21″ Suitcase here.

See you next Travel Tip Tuesday for another interesting installment of travel advice

Alright, we did it. Travel Tip Tuesday #2 is in the books. Wherever the travel gods have you this week I hope you are safe and I hope you are charging!

Travel Tip Tuesday Always Be Charging
Always Be Charging - Travel Tip Tuesday No 2

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1 comment

Sara J October 19, 2021 - 11:43 am

Great reminder. I would add, always pack with the charger cord plugged in the device. I made the mistake of thinking that the hotspot/wifi/mifi cord would also fit my phone and tablet. I was travelling with two cell phones and a tablet with very low battery and no charging cords, and a fully charged hotspot! Also, consider backup cords. Those things get bent/damaged when packed or on the go, and the wire inside goes bad when you’re away from home. Finally, those hotel, airport, and airplane plugs are VERY LOOSE. There is no guarantee you will get a good charge when they keep slipping out or are malfunctioning. I have been learning this the hard way. ABC, indeed!


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