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It's going to be a hot one this summer and there's no better time to stock up on a few backyard water toys than now. We've assembled a list of the 21 best backyard water toys just in time for your summer staycation.

21 Fun Backyard Water Toys your kids will love this summer

by Jeremy B

It’s going to be a hot one this summer and there’s no better time to stock up on a few backyard water toys than now. We’ve assembled a list of the 21 best backyard water toys just in time for your summer staycation.

The backyard staycation promises to be a popular option in what is proving, thus far, to be a challenging year. However, with a little creativity, a good attitude, and a yard full of new toys, you and the family can make this summer a memorable one.

Backyard Water Toys – the perfect solution to a stay-at-home summer

It's going to be a hot one this summer and there's no better time to stock up on a few backyard water toys than now. We've assembled a list of the 21 best backyard water toys just in time for your summer staycation.

There’s no need to let your kids get bored this summer. Get ’em out back and having fun. Once they’ve tired of traditional backyard toys, it’s time to get wet. It’s going to be a hot one this year, and getting wet is one of the most fun ways to cool off.

If you can’t afford an in-ground pool (and who can these days, right?) stock up on a few affordable backyard water toys and let the fun begin.

We’ve built, arguably, the largest list of backyard water toys with over 21 water toys you can play in your yard while keeping cool. This list is focused on water toys you can play in your backyard and largely excludes pool toys.

We’ve included new backyard water toys, some classic backyard water toys (like the Slip n Slide!), and even a few DIY backyard water toys.

Sprinkle & Splash Play

The Sprinkle and Splash play mat is an affordable and fun addition to your backyard. This backyard water toy is loads of fun for the little ones. Simply hook up the hose and let the fun begin. Whether it’s the splash mat shown below or a similar model, a splash mat is an easy addition to a backyard patio or otherwise small area.

Ages: Best suited for toddlers

Where to buy: Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, buy buy Baby

Trampoline Sprinkler

The trampoline may be the best overall toy for a backyard you can invest in, but during the summer months it can get a little toasty. With a trampoline sprinkler attachment, you can amp up your summer bouncing with some water fun. There are a variety of trampoline sprinkler attachments for sale (including the one below) for various sizes of trampolines. Be sure to find one that works for your trampoline.

Ages: 6+

Where to buy: Amazon, NewEgg, eBay

Slip n Slide

The Slip n Slide is as iconic as hot dogs and s’mores. Although it has a tendency to destroy a patch of grass it’s almost certainly worth the fun it brings. Hours and hours of fun can be had on your Slip n Slide – even for the adults!

Ages: 5+

Where to buy: Amazon, Target, Kohls, Dicks Sporting Goods

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21 Super Fun Backyard Water Toys for the hot summer

Super Sized Water Slide – 75 Foot Long and totally epic!

If you want to take your Slip n Slide experience to the next level go big with this 75-foot mega water slide. Yes, you read that right – 75 feet! This is how Americans do things…bigger and badder…lol! Find a big hill, crank on the hose, and let the fun begin!

For best results, you will need to hook an oscillating sprinkler up to your host to ensure you get enough coverage on the plastic. Pro tip: if you are looking to save money, just buy a giant tarp. 🙂

Ages: 5+

Where to buy: Amazon, eBay

Above Ground Pool

Dropping $50k on an in-ground pool isn’t an option for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you can get your hands on an above ground pool. Pools are still one of the best backyard water toys for a summer you can go for. If you have space, it’s still worth the money – and most are exponentially cheaper than an in-ground pool. Your kids will thank you later!

Ages: see mfr instructions

Where to buy: Amazon, Target, NewEgg

Squirt Guns Galore!

The squirt gun may be the most beloved backyard toy of all time. We don’t need to explain this one too much. You know what they are, you know you want them, just get ’em. Here are a few interesting options:

Where to buy squirt guns: Amazon, Target, Home Depot

Water Balloons

Apart from squirt guns, the water balloon may be the most beloved and simple backyard water toy of all time. Even just reading the words probably takes you back to a time when you stood over a bucket that was slowly being filled one water balloon at a time as you struggled to fill them on the hose spigot in the backyard. It was worth every minute because bouncing that water balloon off your brother’s back was so very satisfying.

Fortunately, water balloon filling technology has improved! Be sure to get an arsenal of water balloons to ride of the summer!

Where to buy: Amazon, Target, Kohls, Michaels

Inflatable Bouncer Pool Slide Combo

This entry on our list of fun backyard water toys may be our favorite. If we were 8 years old we’d be in 7th heaven over this way-too-cool combination bouncy house and water park. Your kids will have endless hours of fun with this toy!

Ages: 3-10 yrs

Where to buy: Amazon, Wayfair

Inflatable Palm Tree Sprinkler

This toy is silly simple fun. Hook up a hose to this inflatable palm tree and let the giggles begin. This water toy stands 61″ high which makes it good for kids of all ages. Water sprays out of the top of the tree and the kids will love every minute of it.

Ages: 3+

Where to buy: Amazon, NewEgg, Wayfair, eBay

Water Balloon Launcher

Interested in launching water balloons across your neighborhood? Like 7 houses down? A water balloon launcher is an outdoor water toy for older kids. It’s hard to beat the experience of watching a water balloon launch a hundred feet in the air!

Ages: 10+

Where to buy: Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, Staples

Baseball Water Slide

Where was this toy when we were kids? This mashup of baseball and water is guaranteed to be a good time with your kids. A 14 x 14 foot diamond that closely resembles a Slip n Slide sprays water while the kids slide into each base. Includes a plastic ball and bat.

Ages: 5+

Where to buy: Amazon, eBay, Academy Sports Outdoors,

Water Rocket Kit

Who says you have to get wet? You can use water to launch your rocket up to 90 feet in the air. Yep, you read that right, 90 feet! Teach your kids a little science this summer using water and water pressure to shoot for the moon.

Where to buy: Amazon, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, eBay

Giant Inflatable Water Ball

These giant water-filled balls are a blast to roll on, lay on, and jump on. Made from puncture-resistant material they can take a beating. Put them on your trampoline to try to something new, or just goof off on them on your lawn. They are a fun and creative toy that will help you mix it up a little bit in your backyard this summer.

Where to buy: Amazon, eBay

Splash Bombs (Water Balloon Alternatives)

Ever get tired of filling up water balloons only to have to clean up bits of broken balloons around your yards? With Slash Bombs you don’t have any of that mess. Simply soak the ball in water and it absorbs the water giving you an easy, mess-free water grenade to launch at your big sister.

Where to buy: Amazon, Target

Dunk Tankperfect backyard water toy for a party

A fixture of carnivals and school field days, the Dunk Tank is the perfect backyard water accessory to help you go a little bigger this year. Stick dad under the tank and watch him get soaked while your kids squeal in delight.

Where to buy: Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay

Giant Inflatable Rainbow Water Sprinkler

This giant inflatable rainbow sprinkler is another fun addition to your backyard. Standing just shy of 4 feet its better suited for younger kids. Hook a hose up and let the silliness unfold. You can also float in your pool!

Where to buy: Amazon, Target, Wayfair

Wiggling Water Sprinkler

This kid’s water toy is basically a hose with holes in it and to be honest, you could DIY one of these yourself pretty easily. That said, if that’s not your cup of tea, then the Wiggling Water Sprinkler is an easy and affordable water toy your kids will love. Plus you can water your grass while they are playing, so that’s a bonus.

Ages: 5+

Where to buy: Amazon

Sand & Water Tablea thinking man’s backyard water toy

The sand and water table toy is perfect for your patio area. Fill one side with soft sand and the other with water and let your toddlers learn, play, and make a mess. These are guaranteed fun and perfect if you don’t have a big backyard or prefer to keep the mess a little smaller.

Ages: 3+

Where to buy: Amazon, Wal-Mart, Wayfair

Little Tikes Splash Face

A tug of war that ends with the loser getting splashed in the face? Sign us up! This fun toy is guaranteed to be the source of a few friendly arguments, a whole lot of fun, and definitely some wet hair. If you have competitive kids this game will get them wet and feed their competition bug.

Ages: 4-12

Where to buy: Amazon, Target, Nordstoms, Bed Bath and Beyond, Wayfair

Backyard Waterpark

The industrious moms and dads among us could build one of these pretty easily. Just use some PVC pipe, drill a few holes, and add a hose attachment. If you aren’t up for that, this backyard waterpark is the complete package – just assemble and let the fun begin.

Ages: 2+

Where to buy: Amazon, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Overstock

If you want to DIY this sort of toy, that’s easy too. My 9-year-old and I built this floating kids car wash for our pool. PVC pipe, drilled holes, some pool noodles, and a garden hose and hours of fun in the pool!

Backyard Water Toys - easy to make and find

Splash Blobz Splat Mat

The Splash Blobz is a soft mat that not only fills with water but also sprays a little water so the kids can jump and wriggle while getting wet. Good for toddler-aged children.

Ages: 3+

Where to buy: Amazon, Target, Kohls

Summary of fun backyard water toys

Here’s a quick summarized list of the 21 backyard toys kids will love:

  1. Sprinkle & Splash Play
  2. Trampoline Sprinkler
  3. Slip n Slide
  4. Super Sized Water Mat!
  5. Above Ground Pool
  6. Squirt Guns
  7. Water Balloons
  8. Inflatable Bouncer Pool Slide Combo
  9. Inflatable Palm Tree Sprinkler
  10. Water Balloon Launcher
  11. Baseball Water Slide
  12. Water Rocket Kit
  13. Giant Inflatable Water Ball
  14. Splash Bombs (Water Balloon Alternatives)
  15. Dunk Tank
  16. Giant Inflatable Rainbow Water Sprinkler
  17. Banzai Wiggling Water Sprinkler
  18. Sand & Water Table
  19. Little Tikes Splash Face
  20. Backyard Waterpark
  21. Splash Blobz Splat Mat

Cheap Options for Backyard Water Toys

Don’t have a ton of extra money to spend? No worries. You can easily transform your backyard into a water wonderland on the cheap. The real cheap!

For example, you can literally just hook a lawn sprinkler up to a hose and your kids will still have a blast.

You can go even cheaper by just letting your kids play with a hose and a bucket on the back porch. You’d be surprised how much fun a kid can have with just a hose!

DIY Backyard Water Toys

Speaking of do-it-yourself backyard water toys, for the handy and enthusiastic there’s no limit to the creativity you can employ in creating your own backyard water toys! All you need is some PVC pipe and some creativity. For example, the video below shows a dad making a “kids carwash” using PVC pipe, a hose, and pool noodles. We love this idea and it’s easy to do!

You can also hook a hose up to a playset slide and turn you playset into a backyard water park.

Be Safe, Enjoy the Summer, and Use those Backyard Water Toys!

We hope you found something to make your staycation a little more exciting and wet this summer. Few of us may be traveling anywhere this summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a great time. Make your summer memorable by going all-in on your backyard and getting creative with the backyard water toys kids will love!

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