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Best New Shows to Watch while NOT traveling

Best New Shows to Watch while NOT traveling (plus some deep cuts)

by Jeremy B

Quarantined? Not an airport in sight? Join the club. That’s pretty much all of us right now. In the past I’ve written about interesting shows to watch WHILE traveling, but I am re-mixing it up here and sharing some new shows to watch while…NOT traveling. After all, you’ve got to occupy all this downtime somehow, right?

In this post we highlight several shows worth watching or rewatching as the case may be. Specifically our categories include:

  • Best New Shows to Watch (the show or season came out in 2020)
  • Best Semi-New Shows to Watch (2019 shows)
  • Deep Cuts (shows or seasons that are at least 3 years old)

Reader Alert: This is important…if you don’t see your favorite show on this list, I want to know about it! I am just as bored as you are and want NEED more shows to watch so share the love, ok!?!?! 🙂

PS…did you know Amazon has a new section for movies still in Theaters? Read all about it here.

Best New Shows to Watch (while quarantined)

Best New Shows to Watch While Coronavirus

In our first section we are highlighting new shows or seasons that have debuted this year. While it’s only been 2.5 months a TON of content has come out. We’ve culled the list down to a few top suggestions of what to watch while you are not traveling.

Criteria: The show or season must have debuted within the first 3 months of 2020.

The Expanse Season 4

If you haven’t watched the Expanse yet stop what you are doing and punch yourself in the groin. That’s the equivalent of missing this amazing show. In it’s first season on the Amazon network (before it was SyFy) the cast and writers deliver another compelling visit to a world of worlds. Critics consider The Expanse to be “Game of Thrones for Space.”

Where to watch it: Amazon

Ozark Season 3

Jason Bateman. That should be all I need to write for you to tune in to this show, but I will give you a little more. Think Breaking Bad + Justified. That about sums up Ozark which is not the greatest show you will ever see, but it’s pretty darn compelling. Drugs. Hillbillies. Normal people. Good stuff. Jason takes a more dramatic turn here but his trademark humor still leaks through. Worth the watch. And the new season 3 comes out later this month.

Where to watch it: Netflix

Homeland Season #463 (or whatever season it’s on now)

Carrie and her crazy eyes are back! I think it’s actually season 8 now, but Homeland and their solid cast (including Saul Berenson) are back. After 8 seasons it’s hard not to have a show be a little tired, but so far (only a few episodes are out) it’s pretty good. Not nearly as good as past seasons, but still worth the watch. Besides, what else are you gonna do?

Where to watch it: Showtime

Better Call Saul Season 4

Let’s be clear, Breaking Bad is FAR better than Better Call Saul. That said, we all have to feed out Breaking Bad habit and the only fix is Better Call Saul. Like chopped up meth, this show gives us enough of a buzz to come back for a little more.

Now, in it’s fourth season the show has started to really escalate. Jimmy has become Saul Goodman, officially and the fun really begins. This show is currently shown on AMC so you will need to use your TV provider to watch it. But it’s good.

Where to watch it: AMC

Watchmen Season 1

This show was NOT AT ALL what I thought it was going to be. In fact, it was even a little disorienting at first. But, once I settled in and let it wash over me, it turned out to be a pretty good show and a good first season. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s worth your time. Regina King, the lead, turns in another spectacular performance (I’d watch her in just about anything).

Where to watch it: HBO

Be sure to listen to the Watchmen Podcast on BaldMove.com and you will get SO much more out of this show.

Other interesting options

There’s a LOT of TV these days and you just might be able to get through all of it during this crisis. Here’s a few other new shows or seasons worth tuning in to once you burn through the above list.

Semi-new TV Shows (or seasons) worth a rewatch (or first watch)

Semi-new TV Shows (or seasons) worth a rewatch (or first watch)

Once you burn through all of the new shows you are going to have turn back time and dig a little deeper. Here’s a few shows (or seasons) that came out last year and are worth rewatching, catching up, or starting.

Criteria: The show or season came out no earlier than 2019.

Succession Season 2

Game of Thrones for Wall Street. I may have actually just coined that term…but it’s fairly accurate. This show shows the seedy underbelly of a big family run public corporation and its utterly brilliant. Season 2 dropped last year and it’s delicious.

Where to watch it: HBO

Schitt’s Creek (all seasons)

Perhaps the second best comedy to hit the airwaves in a while, Schitt’s Creek toiled in Canadian obscurity for a few years before leaving a thermonuclear explosion in it’s path. Witty, clever and anchored by the effusive Gene Levy, this show simply must be watched.

Where to watch it: Netflix

Fleabag (all seasons)

Arguably the best comedy in recent years, Fleabag is a fourth wall breaking wild ride. The lead, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is UTTERLY hilarious and show manages to still be poignant (especially in the 2nd season). So good. So very very good.

Where to watch it: Amazon

Peaky Blinders Season 5

British crime bosses set in the 20’s and 30’s with a rocking soundtrack. Perhaps one of my favorite shows in recent years, the Pinky Blinders continues to deliver. Excellent performances all around and a clever plot with lots of gritty violence. And it has got 5 seasons which is enough to keep your occupied for at least a few days during your quarantine.

Where to watch it: Netflix

Other Interesting Options

Not to be daunted, here are some other options to consider:

Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts

Once you’ve burned through 2019 you are going to have to go deeper. Not too deep, now, but at least a few years back. Here’s a few suggestions worth considering.

Criteria: The show must not have had a new season in at least 3 years.


Who doesn’t love Jennifer Garner. Seriously, who doesn’t. Alias was her first serious foray into TV and it’s a great one. Sexy spy stuff with lots of action and enough drama for everyone to enjoy it still holds up.

Where to watch it: Amazon

The Leftovers

This show sneaks up on you. It’s not what you expect at all but it delivers emotional punch after emotional punch and causes you to think about who you are as a human and who society can be and is. It’s subject matter is somewhat apropos to today’s crisis.

Where to watch it: HBO

True Detective Season 1 (skip season 2, and then watch 3)

Season 1 is an epic piece of television. Haunting, terrifying, slow burning tension and more. The second season is a total miss, but the 3rd season comes back strong. And sure, you can watch season 2, but it will piss you off.

Where to watch it: HBO

Thanks and happy quarantining

Ok, what did we miss!? Obviously, some of this is subjective, but there are some strong entries on this list. What’s your binge list look like as you face the first few days of house arrest? Drop us a comment below or tweet us!

The Best New Shows to Watch while NOT traveling

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