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Is the travel thermometer the new must-have travel gadget? We've identified several top travel thermometers designed specifically for traveling. While there isn't much travel right now, we can rest assured that travel will start picking up, over time and perhaps, at some point, return to normal.

Best Travel Thermometers: Find a Top Travel-Sized Thermometer

by Jeremy B

Is the travel thermometer the new must-have travel gadget? We’ve identified several top travel thermometers designed specifically for traveling. While there isn’t much travel right now, we can rest assured that travel will start picking up, over time and perhaps, at some point, return to normal.

Do I need travel with a Thermometer?

A key indicator a traveler might be infected with COVID-19 is if they are running a fever. Some airlines are starting to require passenger temperature checks before traveling. For example, Frontier Airlines announced they are now requiring temperature scans for passengers. Anyone running a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher will not be allowed on the plane. Frontier follows fellow North American airline, Air Canada who has implemented a similar policy.

Some folks in the travel industry suggest that the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) should implement temperature screening as part of the security process. Although the TSA has not formally announced a policy yet, we fully believe they will do so – at least temporarily. The White House is even pushing for this very thing, suggesting that the CDC take this role at major airports.

Best Travel Thermometers How to Find a Top Travel-Sized Thermometer

Finally, a variety of other places, including some hotels, corporations, even stores are starting to require temp checks before visitors can enter. These new health-related travel requirements also extend to face coverings which are now being required by many airlines.

Do you need to travel with a thermometer? Maybe. Over time, we suspect that any actual need to do so will wane (especially when/if a vaccine becomes available. Traveling with a thermometer isn’t necessarily a bad idea, though. For example, if you are feeling crummy in your hotel room, having a thermometer handy might not be a bad idea.

Besides, how much fun is it going to be to to start zapping your fellow airplane passengers with your thermometer? That guy sitting in the middle seat who’s nose is running. Zap! Let the in-flight incident ensue. Haha….yeah, not so much.

Whether you want to travel with a thermometer or not is up to you, but in the event you do want to, we’ve identified a few of the best travel thermometers or, as you will find out for most of them, which thermometers have a travel case for them.

Best Travel Thermometers

A thermometer, by definition, is usually pretty small to begin with, and thus relatively easy to travel with. This means that, in a pinch, pretty much any thermometer you have around the house you could travel with. However, for the frequent flyers out there, we generally like to segregate our home life from our travel life and usually create our special travel kits.

You may also wish to ensure that your thermometer doesn’t get damaged when you travel.

It turns out there are actually travel sized thermometers. Although, not that many. In most cases, because the thermometer is so small and compact to begin with all you really need to do is buy a separate hard case. For some reason, nearly all thermometers do NOT come with a case included, which is complete silliness.

We’ve identified a few options, plus offered some general suggestions about digital thermometers if you want to travel with one of those now. Where possible, we’ve tried to you give multiple locations to procure the item so you can the best price.

Hassle-Free Forehead Travel-Sized Thermometer Strips (Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, eBay)

This travel-sized thermometer is interesting in that it’s extremely compact. Sure, it’s probably a little clunky to use, but you can’t beat it’s compact size. To use, remove from pack, and place on forehead. These are washable so you can reuse them too.

See a similar model here.

Braun Thermoscan 7 + a Travel Case (Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart)

Unfortunately you have to buy the Braun Thermoscan 7 and it’s travel case separately (that’s true for most thermometer’s oddly). That’s silly, but the case is perfect if you need to travel with this very high quality thermometer. The Braun Thermoscan 7 is a well regarded digital thermometer. It’s well reviewed, accurate, and easy to use. If you have some money to spend, you can’t go wrong this model. Plus, with the case, it will travel well.

This case is semi-waterproof, hard shelled and features a mesh pocket to store a charging cable when not using.

Case Size: 16cm x 9cm x 5cm

iHealth Forehead Thermometer + Travel Case (Amazon, eBay)

The iHealth Forehead Thermometer is a top selling device that is highly regarded. You can purchase a separate travel case to make traveling with it much easier.

The Fitsand hard case is compact and hard-shelled making it both easy to toss in your travel bag but also durable so it doesn’t get smashed. Additionally, it’s also waterproof so if you drop in the toilet of your hotel room you won’t ruin your digital thermometer. Finally, the interior is made from anti-static material to reduce the chance of electromagnetic discharge which, although unlikely, could damage your thermometer.

Buy a “regular” thermometer with a generic case

Another option to consider is simply buying a standard thermometer (like the one pictured above) and then getting a special thermometer travel case. Here’s a few options that fit most standard sized traditional thermometers:

Additional Options for Travel Thermometers

Here are several other options for both travel case and corresponding thermometer:


Agedate Forehead Thermometer for Travel

FR201 Medical Forehead Thermometer

Can I bring a digital thermometer on a plane?

Traveling with a thermometer isn’t hard, but some travelers have specific questions about what’s allowed / not allowed such as:

  • Can I bring a thermometer through TSA?
  • Can I bring a digital thermometer on a plane?
  • Is thermometer allowed in carry on?
  • Can I check a thermometer in my luggage?
  • Can I bring a glass thermometer on a plane?

The answer to all of these questions, is yes. You can travel with a thermometer, including check it in your luggage or carry it on. The TSA considers thermometers an approved item in the TSA check points as well. It’s worth noting, however, that some digital thermometers look a litle like a gun so it’s entirely possible the TSA might pull your bag aside and rifle through it…just to make sure.

Thanks & Travel Safe

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