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Middle Seat Always Gets the Armrest!

Middle Seat Always Gets the Armrest! (Travel Tip Tuesday)

by Jeremy B

Well, crud. You got the middle seat. Dangit! This should be fun…not! The only question now is are you going to claim your middle seat birthright? Are your fellow passengers going to honor the unwritten travel etiquette rules and let you have the armrests??

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday and today we are talking about middle seat etiquette.

Travel Tip Tuesday: The Passenger in the Middle Seat always gets the armrests. PERIOD.

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In our post Airplane Etiquette: The Unwritten Rules for Traveling on a Plane we talked about several (21 to be exact) unwritten rules on how to be more polite while traveling. One of the important unwritten rules we introduced to our readers was that the middle seat passenger on your flight always gets the armrests.


The only exception is…



None. There is no exception. 🙂

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The reason for this is simple. The person in the middle seat has drawn the short straw on the flight and as a consolation prize, the universe has decided they get the armrests.

Don’t be a d*ck and bogart the armrests. Let ’em have ’em.

Just be thankful you don’t have to sit in the middle seat this trip! And as a bonus, if you get lucky and there’s no one in the middle seat, everyone’s a winner. And if you are the poor soul stuck in the middle seat, check out our guide to surviving the middle seat (including how to avoid it!).

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Until the Next Travel Tip Tuesday…

As always, thanks for tuning in each week! We appreciate each of you stopping in – we couldn’t do it without you!

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The Middle Seat Always Gets the Armrest!

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