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Travel Deal of the Day: Many Anker Products (incl a portable charger) on Sale

Amazon is featuring several different Anker products on sale today in the deals section of their site. Anker is known for providing multiple power related products including portable power chargers… Read more »

10 Practical Tips to Survive the Airplane Middle Seat

We’ve all been there. You glance at your boarding pass and realize you are in the airplane middle seat. Gasp! The horror! A chill runs down your spine. You know you… Read more »

Travel Deal of the Day: Cutest Kid Friendly Hand Sanitizers for Travel you will ever see

Today’s travel deal of the day is a new arrival on Amazon. This very clever and super cute set of Kid Friendly Hand Sanitizers is just what the Doctor (er…my… Read more »

Traveling with a gun – 14 Practical Tips to safely travel with a firearm

Traveling with a gun is fairly straightforward. Whether traveling to hunt or simply traveling with a firearm for personal protection there are certain steps you need to take to safely travel… Read more »

Travel Tip Tuesday #19: Staying Connected is Important (to your loved ones!)

In our final Travel Tip Tuesday of the month we are bringing a healthy travel tip that has to do with mental and emotional health and specifically the value of… Read more »

Taco Bell Hotels, A$$h0le Travelers, Gifts for Father’s Day, Meth Addict Passengers and more! (Best Travel Articles of the Week)

Taco Bell Hotels, A$$h0le Travelers, Gifts for Father’s Day, Meth Addict Passengers, Dirty Hotel Rooms, Road Trips are Better than Flights and more! These are the best travel articles of… Read more »

Travel Deal of the Day: Travelambo Front Pocket RFID Wallet (insanely good savings)

This sale is perfectly timed for the upcoming Father’s Day. Amazon has the Travelambo Front Pocket RFID blocking wallet on sale today for a crazy good price with discounts ranging… Read more »

Destinations: Best Mexican Restaurant in Sacramento (and best Carnitas in the World)

Here’s where to find the best carnitas in Sacramento (and the best Mexican food in Sacramento, too!). I love Mexican food. I pretty much live in THE mecca for Mexican… Read more »