7 Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked on your trip - Cyber Security Travel Tips

7 Cyber Security Travel Tips: Don’t get hacked on your business trip

If you travel for work you are a target. Cyber crime continues to rise and for the business traveler you can easily become a victim if you are not paying attention.

That’s exactly why I created this list of cyber security travel tips which are designed for business travel professionals, but apply equally to anyone traveling – for work or pleasure.

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What Do I Know about Security?

As a frequent business traveler who has spent much of my career in and around the cyber security industry I can offer some unique perspectives here.

During my career I’ve had the opportunity to help design and implement cyber security solutions for some of the largest law enforcement and fire agencies in the country – all while traveling to and fro across this country.

I’ve extensively published articles on cyber security, participated in cyber security standards creation bodies, and taught cyber security to college students. I also hold a CISSP and a Masters of Science in Information Technology w/ an emphasis in Cyber Security.

What I’ve seen, heard or experienced can help you avoid getting hacked on your business trip which is exactly why I created this list of Cyber Security Travel Tips.

The Cyber Security Travel Tips

So, with all of that in mind, I offer these cyber security travel tips designed to keep you safe while traveling for work (or pleasure). This list of 7 cyber security travel tips, when followed correctly, will minimize the chances of you getting hacked while traveling.

Here’s a quick summary before we dive deeper.

  1. Turn on your local firewall for all devices
  2. Avoid risky websites
  3. Be careful w/ public wi-fi
  4. Whole disk encrypt your devices
  5. Make sure you use a security mechanism on your phone
  6. Get a screen privacy protector for your laptop
  7. Be careful what you are talking about

Cyber security travel tips #1: Turn on your local firewall for all devices

Always keep your local firewall on – especially when traveling. You must assume that the network your are connecting to is compromised. Even if the hotel or cafe employs a firewall of their own, you must assume it’s unsafe and employ your own locally.

Cyber Security Travel Tips - Turn on local firewall

Nowadays you can get firewall software for your laptop or phone. In fact, Windows has it’s own local firewall and most antivirus products these days offer something as well. Get it. Install it. Enable it.

Never turn it off!

If it blocks you from something you probably didn’t need to visit it anyways! This is probably the most important cyber security travel tip!

And by the way…I am going to assume you have antivirus installed. Not even adding it to the list because it should be as common as breathing!

Cyber security travel tips #2: Avoid risky websites

Whether you are using your work laptop or personal laptop or even your phone, be careful visiting risky sites.

Often shady websites are infected with malware that can wreak havoc on your device. SecurityWeek reported that there are 18.5 million websites with infected malware.

Yikes! Watch something on Netflix instead! And always have antivirus software installed and your local firewall on!

Cyber security travel tips #3: Be careful with public wi-fi

Wi-fi is just about ubiquitous these days and honestly that’s pretty nice! But you really have to be careful with free wifi.

Make sure the wi-fi you are connecting to at least appears legitimate, and ensure that you have your firewall turned on, antivirus software installed, and you connect via a VPN before sending any important information.



Cyber security travel tips #4: Whole disk encrypt your devices

What happens if you lose one of your devices? The last thing you want is for someone to gain access to all of your files – especially if it’s a business laptop or work phone.

Cyber Security Travel Tips #4 - Whole Disk Encrypt all Hard Drives

Use whole disk encryption to ensure your hard drives are darn near impenetrable.

Whole disk encryption cloaks your hard drive through cryptography making it difficult (although not mathematically impossible) to gain access to your drive without your user name / password, etc.

Cyber security travel tips #5: Make sure you use a security mechanism on your phone or laptop

Whether it’s a pin code for your phone or a password for your laptop make sure you have secured access to your devices. And make sure it is a strong password (and make sure it’s not on this list of the most commonly used passwords…lol!).

For your phone, use a pin code or perhaps a biometric security mechanism like fingerprint or face scan.

How to create a Strong Password by Lifehacker

The key point here is that you need to make sure that something is required to gain access to your devices. They should not be unsecured.

While we are at it, don’t share whatever it is with anyone or write it down (your password, pin, etc, are private).

Cyber security travel tips #6: Get a screen privacy protector for your laptop

Working on the plane sounds like a great idea. And if you are like me you are often on the go all day and the plane ride is first chance you have to catch up on email or put the final touches on that presentation you need to give.

I can’t tell you how many “confidential” presentations I’ve seen from people working on their laptop in the row catty corner to mine.

Or how many emails I’ve seen about sensitive stuff (don’t even get me started on the people who look at porn on planes…wth!).

Get a screen privacy protector (like below) which obscures your laptop from prying eyes while you hammer out another email or submit that quote you need to get to the customer.

Cyber security travel tips #7: Be careful what you are talking about:

I’ve overhead incredibly confidential conversations on airplanes and in coffee shops or hotel lounges. Loud talkers sharing company secrets and strategies. Whenever this occurs I either try to leave the situation or let them know I can hear them. This is just professional courtesy.

I recall one trip where the fellas in front me turned out to be my competitors. They were having a conversation about key deal they were working. I politely let them know I worked for their competitor and they probably didn’t want me to hear what they were talking about.

They were very appreciative! We were all heading to a conference and they should have known that other industry folks would be on the plane with them.

I am also sure to keep my voice down and be aware of my surroundings when having “work” conversations. This is especially important when you work for a publicly traded company.

Final Thoughts

The risks have never been greater these days, but avoiding travel is difficult and avoiding things like the internet are impossible.

By following these cyber security travel tips, you can help ensure you avoid getting hacked while you are on your business trip or vacation! If you have some great cyber security travel tips, please share them with us!

Join us on social media or leave us a comment,  below. We’d love to hear from you.

Don’t forget to check out all my travel hacks! And if you are looking for laughs, check out my business travel memes section which will have you rolling.

How to avoid getting hacked on your business trip - Cyber Security Travel Tips

How to avoid getting hacked on your business trip – Cyber Security Travel Tips

Don't Get Hacked while you Travel Tips to Stay Secure.png

Don’t Get Hacked while you Travel Tips to Stay Secure

Dont Get Hacked on your Trip - Cyber Security Travel Tips

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